about adreno 220 real world perfomance 2nd only to mali 400?

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Jan 8, 2012
in sgs 2 review http://www.anandtech.com/show/4686/samsung-galaxy-s-2-international-review-the-best-redefined/ the adreno 220 fall short compared to ulp geforce and the sgx 540 in omap 4430 on benchmark

if you look at the fill rate table chart the adreno 220 is the weakest while the mali 400 on sgs 2 is the fastest. this lead me to think why the exynos chipset always got the same special FX on gameloft games like the ipad 2 version

but actually in real world perfomance the adreno 220 got the same special effect on gameloft games(NOVA 3 , MC 3) like the mali and can run it fast on QHD resolution witrh playable speed

my lg optimus 2x overclocked (cpu.gpu)with the best kernel + rom cant run nova 3 full effect with playable speed even with reduced texture on wvga resolution

on the other hand i dont have any information if the omap 4430 can run gameloft game with fx turned on in playable speed,so maybe someone can share any info?