About CM14/AOSP 7.0 Builds.

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Oct 3, 2014
So, i saw many comments about asking about Nougat, features and stuff... that maybe could be solved all that questions in a thread. If this is pointless, just i'll ask an admin to clean this up... but the point of this thread is solve so common questions about the newer builds of nougat.

This build is stable?
The build is very stable, but not at the point of MM. There's some less battery performance but after all: that builds are in an alpha/beta stage, so... this things could happen. But after all, it works smoothly.

Nice rom, but when you can update it? When you'll fix the bugs?
Everybody's just love when there's an update date or release date, we know it. But please, don't ask ETA. It may annoy the developer, and after all, we're human and we have things happening in real life, so maybe the real life business take over the dev's time to make changes and test it. Be patient, please

There will be a fix for video recording?
The dev's (at this date) are working on it. The known workaround that could be useful is: You can use Cameringo Lite to solve it.

CM14 ONLY: There's CMTE? Can i use themes? X feature doesn't work, what's happening?
By now, the CM people it's working and rebasing their work on the new nougat AOSP. Maybe in october (or when they have it ready) they'll implement slowly all those features. And if some feature doesn't work on the CM14 version, please, remember: that's an alpha build and CM team is working to make it work. By now it doesn't seems to work but, it's an alpha build, that thing could happen.
If you want to theme your device, you could try substratum by now.

This doesn't work on X device, please help
Reporting issues are more useful to devs if you log it. If you have an USB, search in google how to install ADB and use logcat. If you can use the device, you can install catlog, record the log and replicate the issue. After that, copy or upload the log and send it to the dev.

Hope this helps!