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    I found something interesting and that you might not know or imagine, but there was a time when I couldnt use my phone outdoors. Every time I tried to write my password the ghost touch appeared And all those things we face. And its related to autobright system when in places with a lot of sun interfering. When I deactivated autobrightness the problem disappeared when I tried to use the phone on the street. Dont know if its a coincidence, but you might try. Looks like the screen cant handle high brightness for a long time
    And here i was thinking that it was my phone only which gets this ghost touch when brightness meter is increased, when a rom is flashed, it starts in recovery damn that is a nightmare. My phone is rooted and unlocked so hesitating to visit service center, any suggestions?
    If you don't wanna mess up anything then flash the stock firmware, relock the bootloader and visit the service centre. And if u wanna try out for yourself then then there's one thing I believe might work out, I haven't done this myself but I think this CAN solve the issue, try covering the digitiser with any insulating film/tape.
    Again I would highly recommend you to relock the bootloader and visit service centre.
    And do update your progress here, that would surely help others

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