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About Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505

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Nov 30, 2013
Had this phone for over a year, and after various random crashes decided to try replacing the stock rom (updated) too a custom rom so it don't have all the junk samsung hardwired to the device.
What I found was knox and the bootloader are LOCKED.
Knox keep track of any warranty hack attempts for example if you go into recovery mode ya see on screen in white in small print Knox warranty = 0x0. if u hacked phone unsuccessfully it will read 0x1. so if u took phone back to samsung they would refuse to fix it.
So I tried towelroot and kingroot and both failed after various searches on net found out the bootloader is locked and you cannot install a custom rom with this locked or root the device.

My question, has any of you lot found a way around this without disturbing the knox warranty value. Or how to bypass the bootloader ???