AC8257 base unit - new Firmware + MCU update with Android 11 & Android Auto wireless

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Mar 23, 2023
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Sep 29, 2013
Hello! I just bought an Alps Ac8257_demo
From digital iQ can you tell me I have the latest firmware for my Mcu


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Apr 5, 2023
The vertical screen I used has somehow turned into a horizontal screen. Can you help me?


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Apr 6, 2023

please help, maybe someone will have an idea.

I have a radio:

AC8257 – 8Core – ROM 64GB – LPDDR4 – 4GB – 1024x600

Android 10


I tried to install system updates from the post

You can find this wonderfull new firmware here (dated : 20220513), along with the MCU update :

30/06/2022 09:40

B200 wifi 1024x600 2022.05.13
02/06/2022 10:37


and unfortunately it was not possible to detect this update from USB (made according to the video, unfortunately, in my options it is not possible to select the update, it only looks for it after selecting the update option and resetting the device)

I changed the UMC to the one that came with this firmware:


Unfortunately, after this operation, my FM RADIO stopped working, I tried to change the options, unfortunately, nothing helped until changing the MCU to another mcu_202211111001BD2-1157.upd. After this operation, the FM radio started working properly.

I found another update on another forum:

Link to the forum

>>> Link to the forum <<<

Firmware 8257 4+64 WIFI na 2021.08.05 ATCUPG

This software was installed without any problems via USB, only that it is still Android 10.

My question is, does anyone have an idea why this software was installed without any problems via USB and the others and this thread does not start at all on my radio?

He would still ask for advice because according to the seller, it supports the internet with 3g / 4g donge, unfortunately, after installing the USB dongle, it activates and there is no internet, is it necessary to set some options?

My donge is HUAWEI E3372 LTE USB Stick
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Apr 7, 2023
I want to update my Junsun v1 pro Ac8257. Who knows to help me?


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Feb 20, 2021
Realme GT 2 Pro
I want to update my Junsun v1 pro Ac8257. Who knows to help me?
Thread 'Junsun V1 Pro (MTK8259/MTK8257) - firmware'

Unzip both files and put them on an USB stick. Use an old one with small capacity (<32 GB). If the head unit is up and running the new fw should get detected automatically.

Don't miss to try AppSwitcher after your update.


Nov 6, 2022
thanks. Have you tested this new firmware? What's new does it introduce?
I installed it on my system, it's identical to the @vz_commo uploaded, except 3 things i noticed

  1. It has a newer version of the MCU (never been really sure what this does exactly)
  2. The wireless android auto and carplay sometimes doesn't connect because of bluetooth not connecting. It works 8/10 times
  3. There's no option to change the boot logo, not sure why



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Apr 23, 2023
Hi everyone,
im looking latest firmware and MCU update for my android head unit

This is my current firmware:

Android version: 10
Hardware Information: AC8257 - 8 Core - ROM 64 GB - LPDDR4 - 4 GB - 1024x600
Kernel Version: 4.9.117+ #38 Thu Apr 29 15:15:04 CST 2021
OS Version: KC1G0101-P01 - 0 - - 20210429
MCU Version: STM32 - 20210510-11-BD2-57

Please link :)


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    ve just bought a stereo from eBay, it looks like ive been sold a second hand unit which is another story that I am taking up with them at the moment. Is there anywhere I can get a manual for this stereo from any where please?

    I know it is fake android, its running 9 instead of the advertised 12. Maybe I can get a new rom installed?

    These are the system details shown....

    WhatsApp Image 2023-08-26 at 13.02.19.jpeg
    It looks identical (firmware and software versions) to my HU which is 8257_Demo based.
    There should be an app installed with a digital version of the manual, maybe the app name is "Guide" but i'm not sure.
    It contains the connection diagrams and sone basic information about the software.
    If you are looking for the password: 8888 for the Factory menu and 0000 for the Original Car menu (the canbus brand and mode selection).
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    After struggling hard to find how to update my unit (what doesn't seems possible with USB key in my case ; only with a MicroSD card), I finaly did it.
    This new system is Android 11 based, and allow to connect to Android Auto wireless, sounds good uh?

    My unit is AC8257 based, and has 8 core, 64 GB ROM, 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM @ 1024x600, but the upload also contains 800x600 & 1280x720px, there is .BAT files that make easyier to pick up the good Android_scatter file.

    Here is where I come from first :


    And here is where I am now :


    Below, a picture of the app/system that detect that my phone is close by and ready to pair with Android Auto. I first had to connect it with wire to show him the way. It now seems automatic.


    You can find this wonderfull new firmware here (dated : 20220513), along with the MCU update :

    30/06/2022 09:40

    B200 wifi 1024x600 2022.05.13
    02/06/2022 10:37


    I hope this will help :)
    I want to be able to use android auto wireless.
    how can I do it?
    Open Wireless Qlink app and Re-pair your phone to the head unit
    Thank you very much!!

    I want to ask you one more thing.
    how do i download and install zlink?
    the system i bought has PhoneLink installed.
    you cannot install Zlink as they dont have the license for it, you can install it and pay for it if you wish but the phonelink app works well, you can force it ti work by going to settings-general-Carplay
    and if you want android auto wireless you can open wireless Qlink
    hi I will take screen shots step by step and upload it with description is it ok
    Hi please follow this video for installing MTK drivers and flashtool first thanks
    you mean if it has a 4G sim card slot?
    yes, from the version i see it is just WIFI so go ahead and update