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Jan 20, 2022
Hi guys, so to sumarize it based on previous conversations the 1.73.3 version is no longer "resolution specific" and is the same for all screen variations? If so where do i find *ota file? I could find only *zip file on the XY site.


Apr 7, 2008
Is there anything that can be done for the sound quality? I've downloaded the DSP from post #742, tried high-level output into an amp, line-level/rca output to an AudioControl LC1 line driver and into a Sony XMS400D amp, but can't seem to drive the speakers (PowerBass OE65C-FD) in my Ford Fusion, even at max volume. I also tried the OEM speakers, with no luck.

I've tried adjusting the DSP (any low freq's above 0 cause distortion), I've tried entering the Factory settings menu and lowering the Amp setting from 100 to 75 as suggested in another post. FWIW, every preset in the DSP app sound terrible, I have to create a USER 1 custom and cut the low frequencies significantly.

I've tried plugging in a USB DAC, in hopes that I could go from the USB DAC to my amp chain, but even though I see a headphone icon in the status bar on the top of the screen, it does not output audio to the USB DAC

Everything leads to two scenarios, either the volume is too low, or the signal is heavily distorted.

The H/U that I have is this one; T500 - "Tesla" in a 2014 Ford Fusion (Mondeo), AIDA shows up as a YT5760B/ac8257 "Android 11" with XY Audio 1.71 AC8259.

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Jul 10, 2021
Hallo allerseits. Ich habe schon überall gesucht aber nichts brauchbares gefunden.
Ich kann die Entwickleroptionen auf meinem System nicht finden. "Musik-App im Hintergrund weiterlaufen lassen" Ich kann die Einstellungen nicht finden... oder kann ich sie auf meiner neuen Software installieren? Wenn ja, welche. Hier sind die Bilder. Und hier habe ich sie gekauft.


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Apr 30, 2016
Hallo allerseits. Ich habe schon überall gesucht aber nichts brauchbares gefunden.
Ich kann die Entwickleroptionen auf meinem System nicht finden. "Musik-App im Hintergrund weiterlaufen lassen" Ich kann die Einstellungen nicht finden... oder kann ich sie auf meiner neuen Software installieren? Wenn ja, welche. Hier sind die Bilder. Und hier habe ich sie gekauft.

You have AC8257 Bosion. It seems to use same processor as this thread (AC8257) However, head unit firmware is completely different. Here is thread on Russian website 4pda

Head units on ac8257 Bosion processor, Eunavi - 4PDA

Anyway, this 4pda thread seems to be the largest discussion on your head unit. Might ask your music audio question there. I tried making an account on 4pda before but registration security check required understanding Russian. I did not so could not register and ask questions.


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May 15, 2022
Decided to look into why no LTE in US on this HU. Cell modem is EU and Asia friendly but not US. Maybe more restrictive US regulation/licensing to modem Chinese modem provider?

Engineering menu shows both SIM slots supports LTE band 1,3,5,7,8,34,38,39,40,41

TMobile US supports on 41 (got it from Sprint) and its for 5G and supplement LTE in some areas
ATT support 5 and transitioning it from 3G to LTE
Verizon supports 5 and transiting it from 2G/3G to LTE

Pretty limiting. Tried 4 SIMs

- TMobile SIM with service shows E
- ATT SIM with service shows 3G
- Sprint and Verizion without service shows nothing.

I've read some android phones can unlock more LTE bands but requires root and mod firmware for the modem.

LTE frequency bands - Wikipedia
T-Mobile Coverage Map, LTE & 5G Bands, best MVNOs - BestPhonePlans
AT&T Coverage Map, LTE & 5G Bands, best MVNOs - BestPhonePlans
Verizon Coverage Map, LTE & 5G Bands, best MVNOs - BestPhonePlans
how did you make the band code show up. what is the android code. thanks in advance


Apr 7, 2008
FWIW, I use a Verizon sim for LTE on my H/U in California. I drove out to Arizona and had LTE for 90% of the drive.

Same bands selected in USB Settings -> Engineering Mode (hold down) -> Telephony -> Band Mode -> SIM2.


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Apr 30, 2016
FWIW, I use a Verizon sim for LTE on my H/U in California. I drove out to Arizona and had LTE for 90% of the drive.

Same bands selected in USB Settings -> Engineering Mode (hold down) -> Telephony -> Band Mode -> SIM2.

Thanks, I guess Verizon & AT&T band 5 is probably only hope. Both transitioning from 2/3G to LTE. TMobile has no hope. HU cell radio lacks band 2,4 which are common for all US carriers.
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Apr 7, 2008
Thanks, I guess Verizon & AT&T band 5 is probably only hope. Both transitioning from 2/3G to LTE. TMobile has no hope. HU cell radio lacks band 2,4 which are common for all US carriers.
Confirmed. I'm on Band 5. MCC 311-480 codes out to US VZW

Which is a bummer since the documentation states it should support the following in US...
AT&T700 b c17FDD2011/9/12014/3/1 (via CA)[267] [depends on CMA-Region][A 1][A 3] Network upgrade to support band 12 and 17 by Sep 2015.[244][268] Carrier aggregation of 15 MHz (CA_4A_17A). (Cat.4)
AT&T1700 a b c4FDD2011/9/12014/3/1 (via CA)[267][268] [depends on CMA/EA-Region][B 6][B 5][B 1][239] Carrier aggregation of 15 MHz (CA_4A_17A). (Cat.4)
AT&T1700 d4FDD2011/9/12014/3/1 (via CA)[267][268] [REAG #3, 5, 7][B 2][239] Carrier aggregation of 15 MHz (CA_4A_17A). (Cat.4)
AT&T1700 e4FDD2011/9/12014/3/1 (via CA)[267][268] [REAG #5, 6, 7][B 3][239] Carrier aggregation of 15 MHz (CA_4A_17A). (Cat.4)
AT&T19002FDD2013/12/1[269][270] [depends on BTA/MTA-Region] Additional network to deliver more bandwidth.
T-Mobile700 a12FDDJul 2014 (?)[311][312][313][314] [depends on EA-Region][A 2][241][315]
T-Mobile1700 d4FDD2013/3/12014/10/1[316][317][318] [REAG #1, 2, 4, 6][B 2][239]
T-Mobile1700 e4FDD2013/3/12014/10/1[316][317][318] [REAG #1, 2, 3, 4, 8][B 3][239][319][320]
T-Mobile1700 f4FDD2013/3/12014/10/1[316][317][318] [REAG #5, 6, 8][B 4][239]
T-Mobile19002FDDJul 2014 (?)[311][314][321] [depends on BTA/MTA-Region]
Verizon700 c13FDD2010/12/12014/5/1 (via CA)10 MHz [327][328][329] [REAG #1 to 8][A 4][241][330] Carrier aggregation of 20 MHz (CA_4A_13A). (Cat.4)
Verizon1700 f4FDD2013/10/12014/5/1 (via CA)[328][329][331] [REAG #1, 2, 3, 4][B 4][239] Carrier aggregation of 20 MHz (CA_4A_13A). (Cat.4)
Verizon19002FDD2014/12/1[332][333] [depends on BTA/MTA-Region]


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Apr 30, 2016
E Does this unit not have a guide line for the rear camera? I didn't find these settings :/

HU provides 2 reverse backing up guideline. I believe most camera itself also does as well so there are potentially 3 options (my camera didn't come with backup lines) Some camera have a wire that can be cut to eliminate its backup lines. Some cameras provide auto curving guidelines based on optical image detection.

To turn on HU's backing up gudelines lines, go to Factory Settings->CanBus Parameter Settings

Note this is the latest menu under 1.73.3. I recall these settings were not under CanBus Parameter Settings (was called something else like Parameter Settings on earlier firmwares)

OPTION 1 : Select Backing Track Settings and select Back Tracking Open. This provide a thinner line that is vertically adjustable (need to have Reverse Color Settings closed, if not, touching screen will bringup backup camera color/brightness adjustment menu)

OPTION 2 : Select Reverse lay the auxiliary line and select Open. This provides a thicker line that is unadjustable manually. I would guess this line can auto turn with front wheels IF Canbus is connected and receives steering angle (I don't have it connected so can't be sure)

See attached pics.


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Apr 30, 2016
Hello. There are several problems.

Bass is very strong.

RDS names are wrong.

Is it possible to fix?

Recent firmware releases messed up bass setting. Read post #731, #738 and #742. Latest FW 1.73.3 is fixed (but 1.73.3 will factory erase your data, see note on link in my signature). If you don't have the buggy FW, then adjust bass with various settings in DSP app.

RDS seems correct for me but takes awhile to show in radio app. Also text are layout of radio station and song name are packed tightly and doesn't look very nice. No alternative radio app exist for this HU radio chip.


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Jun 7, 2016
I have the 1.73.3 update.

I did every update as it came out.

DSP excessive bass problem persists after version 1.67.

My RDS problem was there in every version.

For example, "POWER TURK", "JOY TURK" should be written, but TRUK is written instead of TURK.

Dec 3, 2017
A HU fornece 2 diretrizes de backup reverso. Eu acredito que a maioria das câmeras em si também funciona, então existem potencialmente 3 opções (minha câmera não veio com linhas de backup) Algumas câmeras têm um fio que pode ser cortado para eliminar suas linhas de backup. Algumas câmeras fornecem diretrizes de curva automática com base na detecção de imagem óptica.

Para ativar as linhas de diretrizes de backup do HU, vá para Configurações de fábrica-> Configurações de parâmetro CanBus

Observe que este é o menu mais recente em 1.73.3. Lembro que essas configurações não estavam em Configurações de parâmetro CanBus (foi chamado de outra coisa como Configurações de parâmetro em firmwares anteriores)

OPÇÃO 1: Selecione Backing Track Settings e selecione Back Tracking Open. Isso fornece uma linha mais fina que é ajustável verticalmente (é necessário ter as configurações de cor reversa fechadas, caso contrário, a tela de toque exibirá o menu de ajuste de cor/brilho da câmera de backup)

OPÇÃO 2 : Selecione Inverter coloque a linha auxiliar e selecione Abrir. Isso fornece uma linha mais grossa que não pode ser ajustada manualmente. Eu acho que esta linha pode virar automaticamente com as rodas dianteiras SE o Canbus estiver conectado e receber o ângulo de direção (eu não o tenho conectado, então não posso ter certeza)

Veja fotos em anexo.
O Thanks for the reply, unfortunately my settings are not the same as the pictures you put, I'm also on the latest version 1.73.3. lines do not appear changing settings.


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Jun 27, 2022
Hi hello!

I have recently bought and install one of these android MCU, this is the data shown in the system config menu (I think that I have the lastest versions but i dont know why car audio version appears with a "J").


In overall I think that the HU performs well, runs quite fluid and it connects very fast with my phone via BT or carplay.

I have some doubs with the sound/dsp, I now that the sound quality is going to be poor but I think that It comes very bad equalized, can anyone share how do you have your dsp settings?

Thanks in advance!
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Jun 27, 2022
Late Feb release of an xyauto UI is pretty good. Has maps (I use with google maps app with offline maps), radio, HU music player, a fixed app launch icon pane (left vertical) and a user changeable app launch icon pane (lower bottom) all on one screen.

Generally quite nice. google maps has voice input search, auto dark mode at night while navigating (none navigation mode unfortunately stays in day mode) map will be always north up while driving without navigation route.

View attachment 5601801View attachment 5605177View attachment 5605179

patch file link Note this seems to be for 1024x600 screen only. Didn't see it in other resolution folders.

Mode switching is a bit mysterious (I have a steering wheel button programmed to switch modes). In the old default UI, mode switch with switch between currently running apps. Seems to do nothing on this UI while being displayed.

This launcher provide everything I use so no need to fiddle with the HU much. Just power on the car and drive. The useful features are

- FM radio (wife listens to this and its her car)

- Maps always displayed and track your position smoothly (Seen other launchers with map. Position only update every second or so, very jerky display). Google maps fixed to north up unless navigating. Voice input destination via mic icon on google maps search bar. Maps always in bright color mode (quite bright at night but area is not entire screen) Navigation will auto change to dark mode at night.

- BT works if setup to auto pair. Incoming calls pops up on screen. Can voice command out going calls with iPhone easily. Just say "siri call xxx" with iPhone mic able to hear you. iPhone looks up your contact and dials while connecting to HU's BT for speaker/mic sound.

- Music player will play all music files in the system/USB stick.

- Color choices are nice. Colorful but background is dim for night time use. Only issue is google maps none navigation mode display stays bright. Other nav software might handle this better.

- Google maps generally likes portrait displays like a phone. This horizontal smaller window sometimes hide the next driving intersection change behind the green direction box on top. Not too big of a problem.

- Left column icons are not changeable. Bottom row is user changeable.

I have been reading your messages and contributions in this post and in your web page so thank you, it helped me a lot!

I would be interested on installing this launcher in my HU, I have downloaded ("gongban_YT57xx_SplitScreen-ui17-v1.73_42e18e94_ota.tar.gz") but i dont know how has to be installed because is not a "normal" apk, needs to be installed as an update or something like that?.

If I want to get back how can be uninstalled or changed?

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    Via OTA file, or anything else?
    Yes, the OTA file, ifnyou start update via usb, it will lead you to that screen
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    Installed 7/16/22 release of 1.73.3 for 2-4G models. Quick summary

    - Did not wipe out user data/installed apps installing over 5/24/22 1.73.3. Don't know about installing over older firmware (if anyone try, please report back)

    - Didn't see any change although I didn't look extensively.

    - DSP set to DTS with super strong bass. Setting to Rock was fine for me.
    Is it wiping user data as 1.73.3?

    Just installed 1.73.6 on 5760B 1024*600, didn't wipe user data.

    Actually, I forgot and left 1.73.3 (don't recall if it was 5/24 or 7/25 version) on the USB stick w/1.73.6 and 1.73.3 got installed which wiped my user data. But then I installed 1.73.6 over this without wiping user data.

    Biggest change I notice is just the 2x boot up pop sound is gone. So maybe xyauto have more orderly sound hardware initialization now :)
    Hi to everyone,

    Unfortunately, I factory reset my Head Unit and what I didn't know is that some files would be missed. For example, I lost IGO app (it doesn't really matter for me) but also, I suspect that I lost the mic config presets.

    What I mean is that if I go to the android mic setting as described on #251 post (the same as following the steps on this youtube video Internal mic volume too low in Android Head Unit (Fix) ) the fields are completely blank/empty and I cannot set up any value:


    The deal is that the mic works but is a totally mess (like it would not have any gain on it) and it doesn't make any difference if I connect a external mic via B1/B2 connector (MIC-/MIC+ pins) on my Head Unit.

    So, I would like to give it one more chance and try to update de HU and figure out If the problem is related to software or is a hardware one.

    Here's is my HU config, and pretty much my questions are:


    • Is it recommended to backup the actual files? If so, Where could I find the way to properly do it? (I didn't find any info in the google document )

    • Right now my HU has a 1.70 version. Which version should I upgrade to? It seems that this is the available ones + the latest V1.73.3 located on another directory

    • What's the difference between:

    I dont understand what does "ui1" mean...

    If you have any questions, be free to reply me.

    Have a nice day

    First note this thread is mainly 5260B rather than 7260B. So just beware since most of us don't test on 7260B. However, xyauto firmware seems quite similar. But since we don't have any documentation from xyauto, don't really know how well the firmware will run or if brick HU due to subtle differences.

    on file name with ui1. For 5260B, sometime xyauto include it in the name and sometime they don't. UI1 referred to the default launcher that came with the HU. Even the firmware without UI1 came with UI1 launcher so not really sure what is the significance to include or exclude it from file name.

    For 7260B 1.73, xyauto server include 2 sets ( google translation from Chinese is Prospect and Proview 1.1 ) no idea what is the difference.

    On Mic, I've read internal built-in mic is very poor. I've had good results with external mic.
    Hi! I have YT5760B head unit, so I'm only guessing that you should install one of these updates.

    I think that you have tesla-style display 600 x 1024 so you should go with "portrait screen", but the resolution in the update file sound like landscape and not horizontal
    1. 7250--7260
    2. 7260L
    3. ‎ Android 10.0 ‎
    4. ‎ Portrait screen ‎
    5. ‎ foreign language ‎
    6. 1024x768
    7. UI1_V1.70_zlink
    8. 电脑升级包
    This update is either for the landscape display 1024 x 600 or it just works on any display
    1. 7250--7260
    2. 7260L
    3. ‎ Android 10.0 ‎
    4. ‎ Landscape screen ‎
    5. ‎ Base package ‎
    6. ‎ foreign language ‎
    7. UI_V1.72
    8. ‎ Treasure Vision ‎

    This is my device, Its not tesla style screen actually. But the strange thing is that, the sticker at the back says it is YT9214 but Droid Info app says its YT7260L . I am sure its YT7260L

    I am now downloading file.

    I will try once I go back home :)
    Via OTA file, or anything else?
    Yes, the OTA file, ifnyou start update via usb, it will lead you to that screen
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    I have recorder a video with the YT5760B system upgrade. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. In the attached ZIP file you can find the video.
    I have this hissing sound too, did you found what causes it?
    I didn't. I would like to install some low-pass filters on each wire to speaker, but I don't know what exact filter it should be.

    @videojo I believe that you did some amplifier upgrade. Did you have a similar audio issue?

    I have attached a recording of this strange sound - increase your volume level to 100% to hear it. At the end of the recording there is quite break when this sound disappears before next song starts.
    I have updated firmware to the latest version 1.71.
    • Setting up car's clock finally works with Mazda 6 GH
    • Annoying sound in the background did not disappear
    • DSP profiles work better since 1.70

    The above one with "ota" in the name of the file is the right one to copy onto a USB stick and to update the head unit. Usually, the second file is to update the firmware via PC
    Yes, I have installed 1.66. I do not have any issues with volume. RDS started to work from time to time. Wi-Fi hotspot with Headunit Reloaded app still crashes.
    I have taken the plunge to update to v1.66 without backing up the old ROM, big risk of turning the head unit into a brick but luckily everything turned out fine.

    My observations on the latest ROM:
    1. Android settings now report the OS as android 10.0 instead of 9.1, no idea if this is really true.
    2. New ROM did not erase the old settings and programs, but I could not login to my Google account. I had to restore to factory settings and setup everything from scratch.
    3. Split screen can be enabled in factory settings, same as my older ROM.
    4. Volume problem is still there, but seems not as bad as previous ROM. At least now I can set DSP to BBE mode and tune my Poweramp turning DVC off. Previously I had to use DVC so that I can tune to the EQ curve I want without encountering the volume problem, but with DVC I had to turn the master volume higher, which sounds ridiculously loud when I switch to Spotify or radio.
    5. Google Assistant asking to set as default still remains.

    Another tip for those who want to use Google Assistant to make a phone call, you need to go to developer options and find the minimum text width, which is set to 600 by default, and change it to something slightly smaller like 592. This will make the OS think it's a phone rather than tablet, otherwise Google Assistant will say "I don't know how to do that yet" when you ask to make a phone call.