accessing settings in vw polo 2019


New member
Feb 2, 2021

I own vw polo 2019 with an android head unit, with a launcher installed by the dealer.
it hides a lot of apps including settings.
about a year ago I was able to somehow download play store and install some apps, but after an update the play store and the apps Ive downloaded are gone (idk if deleted or just hidden because of the launcher).
now, I heard there is a way to access the web browser via the Waze app (if anyone has a different way I’ll be glad), and install the store again.
but my problem starts here - I no longer have data connection in my car, meaning I need to connect it to hotspot, but since I can’t access the settings app, I can’t do it.
I don’t know much about android since I have an iPhone, so is there anyone who knows how to access settings, and install play store again? and better - change the launcher so I will not have to do it all the time?