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Sep 11, 2020
Hello all, I have been trying multiple different avenues to achieve the best quality video or raw video streams and would like to share what I have found and open up a discussion for anything that could lead to kernel/magisk/isp pipeline mods that could benefit us all. Here are some apps and resources that I have found to be the best. The max encoding bitrate that I can achieve with avc/hevc is around 160mbps regardless.

Very good video app, can change api in app settings, paid app, but you can find mod version easily.

Superb advanced settings, alot of features and tweaks, everyone should have this cam. Bayer and dng capabilities

Newest GCAM can give 100mbps video bitrate but I prefer other apps due to lack of settings but good for the average user

Raw video and camera capture, still in testing phase but works ridiculously good, this is one of my favorite apps, and has alot more potential

Some questions I have are that would increasing frame buffer allow for higher video Bitstream bandwidth?

Also why or how is Qualcomm Spectra 380 shutter lag limited to 30hz and could this possibly be modified?

Could the Video Front End pixel clock or other settings be modified to achieve better quality?

Would gstreamer be good for something like this? Hence these links..

Here is a link for snapdragon 845, not for sure if it works the same..

If anyone has any suggestions or info I appreciate it and thank you


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