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Active 2 watchface questions

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New member
Sep 9, 2020
I just recently bought my active 2 and I love it. I got BP and ECG working (thanks to the community) and now I'm just working on making it my dream watch. But I've hit a roadblock.

Here's my problem: I LOVE the digital dashboard watchface, I just have a few minor problems that I want to fix. I want to add a date along with the day so It says 4/18, and change the color to blue to match my band. The problem is, well, doing it. I've tried looking into remaking the watch face but nothing I've found is capable of it. Facer and watchmaker don't seem to have the necessary features but maybe I missed them and the watch studio is so ****ty, it doesn't have half of the features that the apps have. I thought about possibly importing the watchface to the studio to edit it but I don't think I can get the watchface file.

If anyone has any solutions, I would be glad to hear any ideas OR if someone can make this dream watchface, I will pay you a "commission". Here is a picture of the watchface in question