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Jan 18, 2010
Adguard free works just fine for me, I only see some ads within 1 or two apps, but they are inert, do not do anything even clicking them, and, there are web pages that refuse opening because they detect the ad blocker, but I can live ok with this
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Apr 30, 2011
Blokada works pretty good. Tried Samsung disconnect (Galaxy store). A bit pricy and recently started giving up on some ads..

Blokada works great for ad blocking. You will need to find it on the internet, as it is not in any store. The down side it is a VPN based app, even if you do not use the VPN portion of it.

XDA Labs has Blokada.


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Oct 12, 2015
Unfortunately Adhell 3 stopped working completely, there's nobody able to give a solution for it, samsung is not giving away developer keys anymore. Luckily I found a good DNS service that has good customization, it's free and works for different devices. I hope someone else can give it a shot and his thoughts, I'm satisfied with it for now. Battery drain, if present, it's negligible and you don't even need to download an app or anything.
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Apr 9, 2010
I used to use Adfree on my rooted Android 9 devices and it works perfectly. It removes add and place holders as well. Unfortunately, I seems not working on Android 10.


Nov 30, 2015


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Jan 25, 2007
Southern CA
block ad without any software
setting> Connection> More Connection Setting> click on Private DNS > Click Private DNS Provider Hostnane and write down .save and restart mobile
Just remember it will give you hard time on flights connecting to WiFi. So on flights put it back to none.. (I used to fly a lot)
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Dec 16, 2012
I have tested Adhell, AdLock, Blokada, Adaway, DNS66 plus a couple of others. But, Adguard works flawlessly irrespective "Free or Pro."
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    block ad without any software
    setting> Connection> More Connection Setting> click on Private DNS > Click Private DNS Provider Hostnane and write down .save and restart mobile
    I'm a developer myself and a tech enthusiast, and I don't mind spending $$$s on things I like.

    My reviews are based on four factors.
    1. Strength of adblocking,
    2. Security
    3. Price
    4. Ease of disabling adblocking.

    The reason why I need to disable adblocking from time to time is because of some redirection links don't play well with adblocking. And some other situations where I need to click on an ad.

    1. Adguard Pro: In my opinion, the paid version of adguard does the best adblocking via the VPN it creates. It also works with socks5 proxy if you want to use a secondary vpn like PIA. This is exactly my preferred setup, I paid for a lifetime subscription for this for $12 for 2 mobile and 2 computer license. Yes, I did get a good deal at that point. It is also very easy on battery and I highly recommend this if $$$s are not a problem.

    1. Strength of adblocking: Perfect (can add custom lists if more blocking is needed)
    2. Security: adblocking is done locally on your phone so highly secure. Your request URLs and data isn't going out to a remote dns server.
    3. Price: expensive
    4. Ease of disabling adblocking: easy, just from a dropdown in notifications.

    Now let's come to adguard DNS or pihole as a DNS server option. Adguard DNS blocks all ads for me. You can use it either directly by entering it in the settings (I dont like this option though because if you temporarily want to disable adblocking, its pain in the butt.) I like using the DNS servers using a simulated VPN app for DNS changers. There are quite a few available on play store. My favorite one is :

    Adguard DNS via DNS changer:

    1. Strength of adblocking: high, but not customizable, whatever they offer as blocking you gotta live with it. However, note that they are pretty good with blocking ads. I never felt any problem.
    2. Security: all requests go out to a remote DNS server, which either allows the request or blocks it. So not secure at all.
    3. Price: free
    4. Ease of disabling adblocking: easy with a DNS changer software.

    PiHole via DNS changer:

    1. Strength of adblocking: High, you get super high control over ad blocking.
    2. Security: The DNS server is at your home so its secure. Your data won't go out to any other company.
    3. Price: Needs an always on server running at home. People usually get a raspberry pi for this. If you need adblocking outside of your home, you'll also need a dynamic DNS service or a static IP address, which can be expensive. But you get what you pay for. You can do a lot more with this setup if you are a tech enthusiast like me.
    4. Ease of setting it up and disabling adblocking: You need to be technically fairly comfortable with linux to set it up. There are some simple scripts and guides online though. Disabling is easy though.
    I use Private DNS (Settings -> More connection settings -> Private DNS) and does a pretty good job.
    You tube Vanced is also helpful to get rid of youtube ads.
    I wish adhell would come back!

    If you don't mind a little de-compiling of another app that has a working KNOX key and hacking that together with the Adhell still can :highfive:
    I got app from Note 8 days called Disconnect Pro from Samsung Store and it works with KNOX so its system level ad blocking and it works fine with Note 10+

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