Question Adaptive brightness on GSI?

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Mar 17, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A53
My concern is adaptive brightness not working on GSI ROM (not even one)

I have LineageOS 19.1 and adaptive brightness ain't working (had Pixel Experience and AOSP, but doesn't work either).

I have also tried "force alternative backlight scale" - that only enables brightness to be changed

I have read and found the one way about overlays' /vendor/overlay stuff, but overlay is already there, folder permissions are 755 and APK permissions are 644. And mo matter how much reboots or termux commands still nothing... Also found treble-overlay-samsung-galaxy-a53.apk in root files but that one also doesn't seem to solve the problem.

Night Light works perfectly, still don't get why adaptive ain't working.

I've seen people on GSI roms on this forum, so help would mean a lot.


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Nov 30, 2022
Same problem here. I heard that overlay require root so I didn't try it since I dont want to root my device.
Any help would be appreciated


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Oct 17, 2009
If its the same as my other Samsung phone and if I remember correctly then its due to the adaptive brightness being custom implemented for Samsung's official rom that isn't compatible with unofficial roms. Something like that.

Either way, its just how it seems to be with custom roms. You can set low brightness if you want it and less battery usage and if low brightness is offered.

Since I'm not working on the rom, I could be wrong for this phone. But, since you bring up its not working here, it seems like its probably it.