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ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

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Jul 11, 2013
July update has been uploaded. The navbar gone portion might be have needed updated because the services.jar did change. Pixel launcher also updated.
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Try changing out this folder (unzip it) in your systemuibase folder. Delete the old one and replace. Then try stock base again.
What I noticed with the color base is that the clock on the lock screen is dark instead of white, making it harder to see. I prefer the color choices with the quick tiles the color base provides, will try the standard base later. Thank you

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    Any plans for a January update?
    January update has been uploaded.
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    The purpose of this installer is to generate for you a custom module that you can flash in Magisk Manager. It will have all the mods that you have selected from the installer menu. You need root and of course you need to be attached to your PC. On first installation of systemui base, a pop-up asking to give ADB shell root permission will show. Please do so.

    Custom clocks (date, etc) and internet speed indicators do not change colors due to light-dark background colors like the statusbar icons do.

    The developer of Active edge gave me permission to use his base so that people would not have to make a choice between his and my mods. All credit for this goes to him. You must delete the active edge sense module and use one of my active edge modules. If it doesn't say active edge then it isn't active edge sense compatible. If there is an issue with edge sense after flashing, do not contact edge sense op with issues. He does not troubleshoot modified versions of his mod (and neither do I).

    I'm also including my Pixel Launcher mod. Also a ADB Installer. You can change app drawer background-text color (separately for light mode and dark mode), remove weather from Launcher. Change the number of hot seat icons on home page (and size) as well as change the number of columns in the app drawer.

    ADB Installer Instructions-Root is required

    1. Flash one of the SystemUI Bases First. They provide the necessary smali files and public ID's for everything to work.
    2. FLASH ALL THE MODS YOU WANT. ONCE YOU DONE WITH EVERYTHING, FLASH THE "COMPLETE INSTALLATION" Option. This will create a Magisk Manager flashable zip in a folder on your sdcard called ozop. Flash that to install your selection of mods.

    Root required
    1. Unzip ADB Mods Installer Files.zip on your PC
    2. Run TulsadiverModsInstaller.bat (Give ADB Shell Root Permissions. If missed on first opportunity, turn on in magisk manager, superuser)
    3. ADB debugging Enabled
    4. Flash one of the SystemUI Bases First. They provide the necessary smali files and public ID's for everything to work
    5. Go through the other options selecting what all mods you want. It is generally best to start at the top and work your way down.
    6. Once finished with selections, run "Complete Installation" at the bottom. This will generate your mymagisk.zip module in a folder called "ozop" on your sdcard.

    List of MODS Available
    Clock Format and Position Mods
    Internet Traffic Speed Single Indicator (changes from upload-download) otherwise signals are over/under
    Choose Traffic Speed Indicator Up-Down Icon Colors (default is white)
    Navbar Height Options
    Navbar Swap
    Remove NavBar
    3 Minit Battery
    Battery Bar Mod
    One percent custom battery Mods-Several to choose from
    One percent custom battery Text-only-Several to choose from
    Colored Statusbar-Navbar Icons
    Choose number of QS columns 3-7
    Colored Statusbar Icons
    Remove Carrier Text Options
    Smaller LTE Icon
    Fonts (including Lockscreen clock)
    Change QS pulldown circle color
    Change Status bar Data Icon to a "cell tower" looking icon (see below)
    Change QS data icon to a cell tower icon

    Note Added a couple of wifi and data signal options.
    WiFi 1 and Cell Tower 1
    WiFi 2 Cell Tower 2
    WiFi 3 data 3

    Includes a batch (.bat), and powershell installers, one for windows, one for linux. Big thanks to @wrongway213 for doing all the testing
    and helping with the linux powershell installer.

    Android 12 comes with a more narrow brightness-volume bar option.



    This is aSystemUI mod and might not be compatible with any other SystemUI Mods you may have installed.

    Android 12
    Uploaded 1-8-22


    Android 11
    Uploaded 7-9-21

    If I helped, hit the Thanks Button!
    Feeling generous, send me a beer!


    Android 10
    ADB Module maker uploaded 8-6-20

    Zip Installer Instead of ADB Module maker
    Unzip zip into a folder on your internal sdcard. The folder name cannot have spaces in it.
    Boot TWRP, find your folder. Install base first. Install the mods you want, then flash complete installation zip. Reboot.

    TWRP zip Installer


    Pixel Launcher Mod
    Start by picking a base. Bases come with, or without, a search bar and Hotseat heights The larger number of rows you pick, the lower your hotseat drops on your home screen. If your hotseat comes out too low, try again with a higher base.

    Remove Search Bar
    App Drawer background color (Light and Dark Mode)
    App Drawer Text Color or remove (Light and Dark Mode)
    Home screen App Text Color
    Smart-screen Text color
    App Icon Sizes 45-50-56 dip (56 is stock)
    Columns (5-6-7)
    Rows (5 through 11)

    Android 12
    ADB Pixel launcher Uploaded 12-18-21


    Android 11
    ADB Pixel Launcher Installer uploaded 7-9-21


    Android 10
    ADB Pixel Launcher Installer uploaded 6-18-20
    Current mod still working on February patch.
    March update has been uploaded.
    December update has been uploaded.
    December update appears to work on January update.