How To Guide Add more features to OneUI 5 Beta, RayOS ROM or stock ROOTED OneUI ROM!

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Oct 20, 2017
In this tutorial I will show you how to add more features to OneUI ROMs (preferably latest RayOS ROM)!

Note: I assume you know how to edit system files via a root explorer and know the permissions for files and folders.

So let's get started!

1- DailyBoard:
This is a feature exclusive on Galaxy Tab series that we are going to get on our device, what is does it shows some info when the phone is charging:​
First put the permission file: to /system/etc/permissions​
and then put latest apk to /system/app/DailyBoard (a folder you should create in /system/app) and finally add line <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DAILYBOARD>TA</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DAILYBOARD> to /system/etc/floating_feature.xml.​
2- Japan "Galaxy" boot animation:
This is a Exclusive Samsung boot animation that is very clean... it shows only the word Galaxy with a nice animation:​
To do it simply install unpack then copy the three files to /system/media.​
3- AirCommad:
The SPen feature we all know about, note: you will need launch it first from a root app also called AirCommand found on your app drawer and wait for the magic to happen:​
Simply download and unpack each folder to its location from the folder given (priv-app to priv-app and etc/permissions to etc/permissions).​
4- Wifi Security Detection:
What it does is that it detects the security of the connected wifi network:​
Download this apk then paste it to /system/priv-app/TencentWifiSecurity (a folder you should create in /system/priv-app).​
5- S22 ringtones and wallpapers (video wallpapers included)
Because why not have the latest stuff from Samsung:​
Just replace the apk file found in /system/priv-app/wallpaper-res/wallpaper-res.apk and for the ringtone replace /system/media/audio/ringtones/SoundThemes/Galaxy/Over_the_Horizon.ogg with the new one
6- Unlock all single take modes:
Single take mode has many features that Samsung hides from us A series users:​
open /system/cameradata/camera-feature.xml and file the lines under <!-- Single take lite features-->
and change any that has false value to true for example change <local name="SUPPORT_SINGLE_TAKE_REWIND_VIDEOS" value="false" /> to <local name="SUPPORT_SINGLE_TAKE_REWIND_VIDEOS" value="true" />.
7- Bixby Touch
A weird Bixby App I found, I don't know if it even works 100%, but if you want to give it try go ahead:
First add the apk to /system/priv-app/BixbyTouch (a folder you should create) then add to /system/etc/permissions, after that add this line <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_SUPPORT_BIXBY_TOUCH>TRUE</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_SUPPORT_BIXBY_TOUCH> to /system/etc/floating_features.xml.
8- Samsung Dex on phone screen
You can use Dex on your device screen locally without need of external screen just like in Galaxy Tab S series:
Add "standalone" to the line in (RayOS S21 FE port) /system/etc/floating_features.xml <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DEX_MODE>dual,wireless,dexforpc</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DEX_MODE> so it becomes <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DEX_MODE>dual,wireless,dexforpc,standalone</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_COMMON_CONFIG_DEX_MODE> and then after applying change go to dex you will see extra option in three dot menu click it and toggle Dex and BOOM! Samsung Dex powering on in your phone's screen.​
9- Taskbar (from tablets and foldables)
You can get the Taskbar feature from fold and tablet devices on your A52 running OneUI 5 beta by adding this: <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_TASKBAR>TRUE</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_LAUNCHER_SUPPORT_TASKBAR> your floating_features.xml.
10- Object Eraser Features
You can get Object Eraser with its features on your phone by adding to /system/app/GalleryShadowEraser, to /system/app/GalleryReflectionEraser and to /system/app/GalleryObjectEraser, then replace your /system/priv-app/PhotoEdtor_Mid/PhotoEdtor_Mid.apk with this:, and then you will get Object Eraser in your photo editor as you would get on a flagship.​
This is not it... I will add more features to this guide when I have the time and discover new features so keep and eye on this thread, I keep it updated.

I hope you find this guide useful and enjoy these features and mods!

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Dec 5, 2009
Does anyone have links to the files? I am looking for the air command ones in particular......they are on Google drive and although I have asked for permission to access the files but haven't been granted access. Thanks

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