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Adding Tethering to Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 w/o SIM Card

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New member
Jun 18, 2021
I'm a newbie and discovered this forum on my adventure to add a certain functionality to my tab.
I've got the Galaxy tab pro 10.1 or also known as SM-T900. It comes with Wifi only, so no SIM card.

However, I would like to activate Hotspot or Tethering or Access Point or whatever ...

I found some other threads on that issue but there is always some smartass saying "when no SIM card there is no usage of having your own wireless network."

Sure there is:
I got 2 Wifi security cams and would like them to connect to the tab, without the need for a seperate mobile AP or router. Therefore I would need to span my own WLAN.

So far I rooted the device following the instructions from this thread
which worked fine

I also tried to modify the build.prop file according to
Which didnt work. I do know its for a different device but I just gave it a try since I coulndt find anything better.

When installing dedicated apps for enabling tethering it always ends up in a system message asking to insert sim card.

Is there anyone who knows a workaround? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,