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Nov 28, 2014
Adfree Android broke my Sims Mobile Data

Adfree broke my sim cards mobile data. Other Sims work but the one I used the Adfree wit, when I installed and updated the Adfree android, broke. Help me fix my sim card.


Dec 2, 2014
0 is messed up after adfree update

I am not belive that can be possible.

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Hi, I have used Adfree for a while and thanks for the good work.
However, recently after an adfree update, is messed up, the neat quotes table disappears and the layout of the web page is scrambled up.
I have white-listed/authenticated but it did not help.

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Dec 1, 2011
New Delhi
The newest version of Adfree Android direct download

Android ad blocking app

Their site where you can find updates, since google play prohibits ad blocking apps now.. work for me

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But this is different from the one I used to use. It was bird in it's logo. Did they changed their logo...???????

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