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Jan 23, 2017
Only if you want bugs fixed, improvements, etc.

I ran into the rebooting Note 8 issue. SM-N950U, T-Mobile variant (GSM), Android 7.1.1, Knox 5.9/2.9.

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Requesting additional features/functions:
On each of the Permissions and Package Disabled tabs, a Search field would be helpful.

DAMN ! bro I thought I was the only one.

Not only that- I had to disable the app for ads-to make inbox,playstore and other items work properly.


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Sep 8, 2017
I've had iOS for the last four years. I don't have Textra, and I haven't donated to any adhell devs atm. It does not yet work on the note 8, and I've been back on android for less than 24 hours.

yes the app can be uninstalled, I think the issue was that it wouldn't remove itself from
the Knox admin apps but it's good now.


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Sep 6, 2010
Did you donate? Did you also donate to the original Dev?

Also a question about the app itself...can it be uninstalled? So someone say there was an issue.
No issue at all. Just use the button within the app to disable and uninstall

Edit: or remove it from the list of device administrator; then a standard uninstall should work (I didn't try that, though)


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Sep 2, 2013
I've been using adhell for a while now but I am getting quite annoyed with an issue I have been having lately. I browse YouTube on Chrome using the desktop view, rather than using the YouTube app. Other than using a modified YouTube apk you cannot block ads on it, and in my opinion the YouTube app is inferior to the desktop website. I also don't browse YouTube using the mobile website because videos will always play in 360p (and can't be changed to play in HD) but ads however are always blocked, but it would be ridiculous for anyone to watch videos in such low quality.
Anyway on the desktop website some ads do not get blocked by adhell, such as the ads at the start of the video and some ads mid video. Does anyone know how this could possible be fixed? Like a custom hosts website that I can add to adhell or custom url links I need to add to the blacklist to block these ads?

You have been having lately? It is well known that AdHell and other ad blockers don't block YouTube ads.


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Sep 6, 2010
I've done it. Also restart, but the urls are blocked:(
I tried myself with If I put it like written on the white list, is is still blocked. However, writing just without the www, then the url is nit blocked any longer. Weird. Not sure if this is intended behavior.


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Jun 20, 2017
You have been having lately? It is well known that AdHell and other ad blockers don't block YouTube ads.
If you read my post properly you would see I specifically stated that I'm not using the YouTube app, because everyone already knows it's only the app which the ads don't get blocked on. I'm using the desktop website on Chrome where ads should be getting blocked but about 50% of the time they don't which means the AdHell blacklist is lacking.


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Mar 23, 2010
What do we do when our licence won't activate?

I have a note 8. I got the knox key but it starts with klm. It says it won't work if it starts with that. Tried the backwards compatible key but still nothing.

What do I do?


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Oct 22, 2010
Hong Kong
Hi, is there a way to give fake permissions? As of now, if you block a certain permission, and the app asks for that one, it will immediately crash. Is there a way to give fake information (an empty or 1 contact in a contact list, etc)?
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    AdHell 2

    *** Disclamer
    I first want to note that the original developer did not help me in any way with this, he did not provide me with the code (it was found from public forks from his Github), nor guidance on modifying the app. I do not want to cause him any further inconvenience or trouble with his job.
    I simply forked the code and made some minor changes, so majority credit goes to the original dev, but as he is now dissociated from the project any other developers (including some of the contributors from the first version) are welcome to help continue. I take no responsibility for any issues this app may cause with your device.

    Hi everyone, since Adhell was removed from the Play Store and the code was taken down from Github, I (not the original developer) got a copy of the publicly available code and made some changes to remove dependence on the original developer's server and removed the subscription on the new permissions feature. It was a very quick and dirty edit, but it was just to ensure the app still works once the original developer takes down everything related from his website, which the app relies on.
    The way this app works was to utilize Samsung's Knox framework which included a Firewall feature that allowed ads to be blocked. The additional features such package disabling and permission blocking were also done through Knox. In order to make a Knox compatible app, a license has to be used, and the only way to get one is from Samsung unfortunately. It is fairly easy to get a "development" key from Samsung which lasts for 1-3 months (I believe) and so I have modified the app to require each user to enter their own key. I know this is not ideal, but it will keep working like this, and it reduces threat of Samsung revoking the license and disabling the app entirely for everyone. If any developer wants to help me rework the app, please let me know, help is definitely appreciated, and my code is still open source and available on Github. I'm a broke college student with very little time to work on this, and am by no means a professional dev, so I apologize in advance for slow updates and probably little in the way of additional features. I will do my best to keep it working.

    Installation instructions
    So to procure your own "developer" license, you need to go to this link, and either register for a Samsung account or sign into your own, and then enroll as a developer. After that proceed to this link and generate a Knox Standard SDK Enterprise license key with a generic "key alias" (I recommend something like "testing", not something like "adhell", just in case). Copy over the key to your device somehow (email, Join, Pushbullet, etc.) as it is pretty long. When you open up the new Adhell 2 app, you will see a popup asking you to enable device admin access, enter a key, and then enable license, do the three steps in that order. If the key is not entered correctly, the license will not activate.

    This link will randomize the package name to stop Samsung from blocking the app. Every 2 minutes you can rebuild the app, but please only do this if the current version stop working.

    Current changelog: -- 8/27/17
    [note] -- Made all features free
    [changed] -- Changed app to rely on user supplied Knox license

    If anyone wants to donate, it is very much appreciated, and here is a PayPal link - this will go towards funding my college tuition which is too damn expensive.
    The app will be free and I will not be re-enabling the subscription or making any features premium.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AdHell 2, Device Specific App for the Samsung Galaxy S8

    FiendFyre, Raymonf
    Source Code:

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 2.2.0
    Beta Release Date: 2017-11-27

    Created 2017-08-27
    Last Updated 2017-11-27
    Maybe you give simple instruction, for correctly build unique personal app on local user machine in Android SDK?

    Manually building a debug APK using Android Studio:
    1. **First installation only: Turn off and delete / uninstall AdHell.
    2. On your phone, enable USB Debugging in Settings --> Developer Options
    3. Open my GitHub page:
    4. On the right-hand size, select Clone or Download
    5. Choose Download ZIP
    6. Once the download has completed, extract the zip file
    7. Download and install Android Studio (
    8. Open Android Studio
    9. Select Open an existing Android Studio project
    10. Navigate to your extracted zip file
    11. Select Adhell2-master and press OK
    12. At this point you may need to install SDK / build tools. Follow the onscreen instructions to do so.
    13. Wait until Gradle Build Running finishes (visible at the bottom).
    14. On the left-hand side, select the Gradle Scripts drop down
    15. Double click Build.Gradle (Module:app)
    16. Locate: applicationId "com.fiendfyre.AdHell” and change the digits after AdHell to a random sequence (e.g. “com.fiendfyre.AdHell14342”)
    17. You will see an alert at the top stating that Gradle files have changed. Click Sync Now.
    18. Wait for the Gradle Build process to finish
    19. Connect your phone VIA USB
    20. Press the Play button (triangle) at the top right
    21. Your phone should be visible – Select it and press OK.
    You may need to press allow on your phone at some point, too!

    Adhell2 should then be installed and launched. Enable Admin and activate it as you normally would.

    ** Remember what you set as your applicationId. If you set your unique numbers the same each time, there will be no need to uninstall AdHell… It will simply install the newer APK over the old one.
    Easy (temporary) fix for the recent adblocking issues with Adhell

    I hope this helps everyone who is experiencing the recently surfaced issue with Adhell ad blocking in Chrome. Read on if you have recently started seeing ads in Chrome, while Firefox and other apps are unaffected and blocked.

    The cause of the issue is Chrome itself (not Adhell). It appears that Chrome has a built-in DNS client. Under certain conditions related to the accessibility of certain Google servers, Chrome bypasses the OS DNS client and starts using its own asynchronous DNS client. Thus, even if we are pushing our own hosts file using one of Knox APIs, Chrome (and only Chrome) will retain the ability to resolve the ad servers IPs.

    The current (temporary) fix for that is as follows:

    1. Go to chrome://flags
    2. Search for "dns"
    3. Set the "Async DNS" option to "Disabled". Close tab.
    4. Go to chrome://net-internals
    5. Select the DNS tab, and tap on "Clear Cache"
    6. Restart Chrome

    Voila - Chrome will fall back to the OS DNS client, and ad blocking will be back to normal.

    This is a temporary fix, as undoubtedly our friends at Google will remove the async DNS flag eventually. After all, why even bother to build in a horrible, insecure feature like this other than to fight hosts-based ad blockers? The long-term fix would be to block any and all DNS queries (UDP or TCP port 53) made by Chrome app directly. It really should not be doing that.

    I am contemplating a complete switch to Firefox after this fiasco.
    OK. I have used a script to build 50 unique AdHell2 APKs and then uploaded them to a free web host (excuse the weird domain name – their choice, not mine).

    The page will provide you with a random download link for one of the 50 APKs.

    I could not think of a quicker or simpler solution. As each APK takes between one and two minutes to build and an eternity to upload on my 1Mbps upstream, 50 is as many as my patience will allow for now.

    OP had a good solution in place, but this is simply a temporary measure until he is able to resolve the site issues.

    Edit: Expect slow download speeds.
    I have credited you in a comment on your files and in a comment to the specific commit. How do I also credit you correctly on github? Can't find any option to add contributors or collaborators.
    Thanks, man :)

    If I'm honest, I'm not sure. I'm relatively new to Github myself :silly:

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    Download Adhell 2

    100 unique APKs generated and uploaded to:

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