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Apr 20, 2022
thanks for your work, the permission tab has no longer support after API level 30, (as Knox docs sad). Maybe adb debug permission can be used instead of this deprecated API, although this permission needs to be reactivated after every reboot, like rikka.appops.


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Apr 20, 2022
Hello, it is working fine in my galaxy 22 ultra. Thank you for sharing. How can I increase the domain rules to a higher number? I know that it sounds unnecessary but I would like to test a higher number. Thanks again.

Hello, it is working fine in my galaxy 22 ultra. Thank you for sharing. How can I increase the domain rules to a higher number? I know that it sounds unnecessary but I would like to test a higher number. Thanks again.
Decompile and modify the “.line 42”,in the .apk/class.dex/com/fusionjack/adhell3/tasks/DomainRxTaskFactory/,the hexadecimal number “0xc350” limited to 50 000,modify the next line code “if-le v1, :cond_4b” to “if-gez v1, :cond_4b”, After modification, there is no limit.

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    Very unfortunate about samsungs policy changes indeed, tried getting a partner account but was rejected... Might give it another try with some extended information (now as the bare basics, hoped it would be a semi-automatic thing but seems they actually properly check).

    Using Adguard premium in the meantime, but adhell would be my preferred choice. Unfortunately no valid license anymore so too bad...

    Let's try a quick reality check about basic blocking of ads and tracking servers on unlocked Samsung phones. A lot depends on your actual needs and mostly paranoia level, but it's a lot easier than often assumed.

    - If you have a functional adhell, do nothing and keep using it. Nobody can predict the future, but when your key expires, you'll have other options. Just relax and have a pleasant day.

    - No adhell but you're on Pie? Set your Private DNS to "". Just relax and have a pleasant day.

    - No adhell and still on Nougat or Oreo? Grab Intra and set the DNS to "". Just relax and have a pleasant day.

    - Want more control over what you block? Use a VPN such as VPN Hosts which supports wildcards and local hosts file. Just relax and have a pleasant day.

    - Don't like any of those? Grab any DNS server or VPN that strikes your fancy but please use your own judgement about what actually works for you, not what someone online somewhere (myself included) says you should do.

    Those are not formal recommendations or endorsements of any specific product or approach, merely a realistic assessment of simple alternatives with a minimal amount of confusing technobabble.

    For most users, any of the above options will be more than sufficient and chances are you won't notice any actual difference in battery use or speed. Try them for yourself, it's easy! ;)
    Adhell 3.1.x – KNOX AdBlocker for Samsung Galaxy devices and Package Disabler
    . Adhell is a Samsung Knox based application which can Block system-wide Ads, trackers, analytics from applications without root. It has more functionalities than just Ad-Blocker including Package Disabler, Mobile Restricter, App Permissions controller


    • Pre-Activated KNOX ELM Licence (Must be renewed every 3 months, and can be generated from url below)
    • Domain Limit Size Increase (50,000)
    • Disable Apps Enabled by default
    • Apps Component Enabled by default
    ADHell v3.1.1 - Download
    The APK provided my cease to function at any time, due to the restrictions put in place by Samsung Knox key validation and not due to the fault of my own doing.
    I hold zero responsibility for the use of this app in any liable circumstance.
    *Unknown Apps must be enabled to install third-party APK files.

    If you don't wish to use the above download you may compile your own APK from the source below

    Error: 102
    This appears due to the Licence being activated more than six times with the same package name while using a developer ELM key and not a commercial partner unlimited use ELM key (Samsung KNOX restriction not the App)
    You have a couple of options -
    • Change the ELM Key pre-installed by opening the app and going to the settings menu of the Adhell3 then scroll to the bottom of the menu and you will find the button to change the key to your own Knox ELM you generated.
    • Use an APK editor to make a change to the installed package name so that it is unique which should allow the pre-installed key to activate (ask others how to do that, but this might bypass the six activation limit under the same package name)
    • Compile your own version of Adhell3, instructions to do so are below.
    Please note as of this time if you don't already have a Knox ELM key generated from some previous use of Knox API applications you will have to wait as ELM key generations have been removed from SEAP for non-partner developers until further notice.

    How to compile your own version of Adhell3
    1. First grab the KNOX SDK and LIB you want the Knox SDK 3.3 (API level 28) & supportlib.jar (Dec 17/18, for older devices)
    2. Get yourself a new KNOX ELM Key from here, It should look something like this.
    3. Grab the Adhell3 Scripts from here, and follow the instructions which are clearly written for your operating system. (Note: you may need to type
      adhell3.cmd setup
      under windows 10)
    4. When you are done you should be left with a folder looking like this which has your built APK package file ready to be moved to your device for install.
      If you struggle to understand how to modify the app before compile I have a ready to go you can use as a base, just be sure to place the file where the instructions say and to add your OWN KEY in the

      An example file could look like this -

    Compiled from Sources -
    Fusion Jack- Adhell 3 GitLab Source
    Generate Samsung ELM KNOX Licence Key - SIGN IN FIRST then click the link and it should take you right to it.
    Folks, I see LOTS of misinformation in this thread. I strongly suggest that you look at the "official" AdHell3 GitLab repo and associated discordapp support area. At the very least, check the README on GItLab.

    Compiling: AdHell's current dev has provided convenient scripts for Windows/MacOS/Linux that make creating/updating your own copy a trivial matter. You can also use Android Studio or git, but the scripts are probably by far the easiest approach for most casual users.

    Using precompiled APKs: Your only choice if you don't have access to a computer, but tread very carefully. You MUST change the package ID (with APK Editor?) and understand which buid and options whoever created that APK was using. This should be only a last resort. Compiling is a lot safer, easier and faster than you might think (updating and installing to a new build only takes seconds on most computers).

    The Knox key: Read the instructions carefully. Create/use a Samsung developer acount, revoke any previous keys you may have, and get a new EDU key (it's 128 bytes long). If you can't create a key or your key is rejected, that simply means you made a mistake. Re-read the instructions and try again. Your Samsung developer account can use any email address and is unrelated to your "real" Samsung user account. After 90 days, your key will expire. Revoke it or switch to a new dev account, then get a new EDU key for another 90 days, no need to change your AdHell settings besides entering the new key when prompted.

    Remember, AdHell is basically a tool to configure the Knox firewall included with our Samsung devices (not just S10). Pick the correct block lists and settings for your personal needs, and once that's done you don't even need to run AdHell at all, not even in background, until you need to change something.
    I confirm that is a legitimate new version that works with kpe key and not only for partners. Anyway I would represent the question as quoted because I have the same issue. Is there any way to make it working?

    I know to. But how make this to work ?

    This again?? Please quit blindly spreading misinformation and repeating unsubstanciated rumors here. Check your sources!

    It's not a new version, merely ongoing code tweaks. If you'll simply look at the adhell3 repo, you'll see that the current source for build 3.2.309 is freely available, ready for YOU to compile and use with YOUR partner-issued ELM or KPE key. You don't have to "make it work", it "works" just fine with a legitimate key. Any other use, if any, would be illegal and clearly not appropriate for XDA.

    Anybody who signs up as a Samsung developer (free) can compile the source for personal use. Anybody who is a licensed B2B Partner can create a suitable key for use with adhell3. Everybody else should forget about adhell and simply use one of the many alternatives for domain blocking, apps/components disabling, etc. .

    I sincerely wish I had never gotten involved with making adhell, SABS, and adhell3 available back before Samsung fixed the key loophole. Mea culpa!
    I got mine to work. With NotifyRDS after I had a grey screen with EMM with leaving take media out checked.
    Here are my complete steps that I did which finally worked.

    1. Install NotifyRDS app.
    2. Launch Notify and enable admin as requested and get Knox key (all three green).
    3. from resents clear it
    4. enable secure folder from settings, you need some security, I did pattern.
    5. add NotifyRDS to secure folder and launch from and fully enable and get Knox key as before.
    6. clear it from resents again
    7. Remove admin app and uninstall NotifyRDS from normal system
    8. open secure folder and try to remove NotifyRDS (fails, blocked by security policy even with admin removed)
    9. in secure folder hit three dots, settings/more/uninstall, UNCHECK the default "take media out of secure folder". (I think this was the key for me.)
    10. Install adhell from #686 above.
    11. without opening it, enable it in device admin apps
    12. Loaded without issue.

    My favorite use of Adhell is the ability to disable services and receivers without disabling an app. So Google Play Services and Samsung apps can be limited without the issues disabling might cause. Such as not start at boot.

    Does anybody have safe services , receivers, activities list that you can share with the rest of us?