Advanced Launcher - Now with more sweets [Version 2.1 - 25.09]

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Jul 24, 2009
Hi folks,

I have even more customized the Launcher.apk from rogro82.

I implemented some functionality to create folders in the launcher and to move apps from the launcher into these folders.

As the result the "main menu" should be more clear and controllable.

I'm confused by myself. So here's the description: u17 ist still the old version for cupcake releases. There is a standalone and a replacement. Both are for cupcake based builds.
Then there ist v2.0.1. It's the new version. It's for donut based builds. And it's currently only the replacement version, standalone will come.

So don't use v2.0.1 on cupcake based builds (like cyanogen's 4.0.4 stable) and don't use u17 or u17_replacement on donut based builds (like the cyanogen experimental branch).


- In the app tray launcher give the possibility to group apps and folders so that they are divided by a thin line with the group name
- Fast up the icon loading even more
- More customization options

Installation (Standalone Version)
Just install the AdvancedLauncher as every other app - It's a "real" home replacement now.

Installation (Replacement Version)
- Plug your USB cable into the phone and your computer
- Make a backup of your original launcher: "adb pull /system/app/Launcher.apk LauncherBAK.apk"
- Remount the /system filesystem: "adb remount"
- Unzip the advanced launcher "unzip"
- Push the advanced launcher "adb push AdvancedLauncher_replacement.apk /system/app/Launcher.apk"
- Remove the odex file "adb rm /system/app/Launcher.odex"
- Reboot your phone.

Reverting the installation after making a backup (Replacement Version)
- Remount the /system file system: "adb remount"
- Push your backup: "adb push LauncherBAK.apk /system/app/Launcher.apk"
- Reboot your phone.

Misc things
- Themed Version from overground - Thanks a lot and keep this work up ^^ [v2.1 replacement][Hero-Themed]
- Themed Version for XROM also from overground [v2.1 replacement]


v2.1 - 25.09
- Readded the standalone version
- Added possibility to disable titles for desktop icons
- Some more I forgot about

v2.0.1 - 16.09
- Fixed hiding from tray launcher

v2.0 - 16.09
- Changed the version numbering xD
- Rebased on Donut
- Added Home-Screen-Full-Bug-Fix (xD) from xidominicanoix
- Back button now closes the submenus
- Added the sensless possibility to configure the count of columns of the tray launcher
- Added the sensless possibility to disable the app names in the tray launcher (if disabled, only the icons are shown)

This works on the CM experimental branches ^^ - Well, it should...
Only the replacement version for this time, sorry about that. The standalone will come soon.

Update 17 - 02.09
It's just a very small update.
- Fixed the shortcut-delete-bug when pushing the replacement version
- Added the possibility to add custom wallpapers for our themers :)
So there's no need to upgrade for all those who has update 16 installed :)

Update whatever xD
- Added replacement version from u16. Testet on cm4.0.4

Update 16 - 31.08
- Fixed "drop-beside-folder" crash
- Added possibility for backup/restore of settings/submenu data
- For all themers: Resigning and installing should now work, sorry for that.

If you can't install or anything please post logcats of the process :) Thank you all.

Update 15 - 30.08
Warning: This version is the first which is a "real" home replacement. This means it can be installed like any other app and you can choose between the original launcher and the advanced launcher. This also means the package name has changed which causes your configuration data to be invalid.
You can "import" you configuration data by copying it into the new folder:
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/shared_prefs/
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/databases/
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/databases/
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/databases/
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/databases/
cp /data/data/ /data/data/com.irrenhaus.advancedlauncher/databases/launcher.db

- Fixed the "cannot-add"-bug
- Fixed the "same-name"-bug
- Removed submenu settings
- Submenu handling is now done fully by drag and drop (Drop a folder from the launcher into the delete zone to delete it. In the menu there is a create submenu button. Long press close button of a submenu to rename it.)
- Added choice dialog when dropping an app icon from the launcher or a submenu onto the delete zone (Default action [hide, mvoe to main menu] or uninstall) so the apps can be uninstalled easier
- Added the possibility to create shortcuts to the submenus onto the home screen
- Hiding & Unhiding apps is now faster
- A few other things I can't remember

Update 14 - 24.08
- Well, no bug fixes, sry. u14 is u13 - but on CM 4.0.2 :)

Update 13 - 14.08
- Fixed the "'" bug
- The only times when the app list is reloaded now is the startup and when you quit the settings dialog, so when you move apps using drag and drop the list is immediately updated. The whole thing is faster now.

The source can be found at my git repository

Have fun with it :)


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Nov 14, 2007
nicee i really like where this is going. having ability for folders within the drawer and putting apps within those folders is AWESOME! subscribed. can we hope for one to come to the jac hero roms? haha


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May 18, 2009
La, Cali!!!
with this launcher are we able to choice how many screens we want? If so what needs to happen to get this to Hero so we can have only 3 screens while using Touch?


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Jan 28, 2009
Wow, this will be very useful when done. I hope this gets into a nice theme too.


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Mar 3, 2009
Fort Worth
I would like to have something like this with the other launcher that can hide the icons. Best of both worlds, being able to hide stuff completely (ie widget icons) but also manage the apps you dont want hidden.

Good work


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Feb 10, 2009
advanced features

Looks really good so far!

I think if you could add a feature that popped up a context menu when you pick up an icon and drop it. (like dxtop) Its way more convenient and 90% of the reason that I use dxtop. Uninstalling programs and finding them in the market takes a tenth of the time.

Please consider trying it, IMO, It would put this launcher over the top!


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Aug 25, 2008
Amazing. I've been waiting for exactly this since day one of apps2sd. I cant wait till its ready. I'd love to beta test for you if your looking. otherwise, i'll just have the wait patiently.


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May 25, 2009
Very nice idea! I would love to hide all the useless crap in my main menu :) Like the themes and icon packs I have installed... or the default apps that I never use (google chat, amazon MP3, email, netcounter, Terminal, twidgit (it's a widget...), voice dialer, voice search :) )

Any way I can port this to Magic's cyanogen 3.6.8? :)


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Jul 24, 2009
Well, the Launcher is based on the one out of the repositories from cyanogen. This launcher is the one from rogro82 with my patch to close folders when an app is started out of it.

At this point I just have customized it more so thanks to rogro82 you can completely hide apps AND create subfolders.

I really don't know on which mods it will run 'cause I ever used cyanogen's...

But when its ready, we will know for shure ;)


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May 25, 2008
Very nice idea! I would love to hide all the useless crap in my main menu :) Like the themes and icon packs I have installed... or the default apps that I never use (google chat, amazon MP3, email, netcounter, Terminal, twidgit (it's a widget...), voice dialer, voice search :) )

Any way I can port this to Magic's cyanogen 3.6.8? :)

you never use Terminal!! wow, also u can delete amazon mp3, remount system as read/write and rm the amazon.apk from /system/app folder i wouldnt do that for email or google chat though


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May 1, 2008
Im also going to pull your code, so that we are on the same level again... Are you working on other features at the moment?

Im thinking about a setting to show the active homescreen number.

Too bad we cant use one thread so that this board doesnt get flooded with changes and will get hard to keep up with by users. Maybe we should setup a "shared" thread and use something like a google project to have a shared base. I dont know how you think about this.
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May 19, 2009
Hi, i think your job is all we was wating :D, folders into menu! It's fast.

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