(Advanced) Transfering SMS Messages from Nokia to HTC P3300 (or any other WM5 device)

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Apr 26, 2007
What do you need:
1. Windows XP + ActiveSync + Nokia PC Suite
2. DJ SMS Copier on your WM5 phone
3. PHP interpretator (for Windows or Linux)
4. A tiny php script to do it for you

1. On your PC - Connect your Nokia phone & copy all messages from your phone via Nokia PC Suite to a local folder on your harddrive. It will create many files ending with extension .VMG - those are your SMS messages ofc.
2. On your phone - Run DJ SMS Copier and make an example export of your current SMS messages to your Storage Card (named MySMS for example). DJ SMS Copier will create directory named "MySMS.DJB.D" on your Storage Card.
3. Run the php script (preferably on Linux, never tested it on Windows) with param the directory where your Nokia messages are stored. (example "php -f db_sms /home/wm/SMS"). The script will create subdirectory "Out" (like "/home/wm/SMS/Out"). Those messages are converted ones, ready to be imported with DJ SMS Copier.
4. Use ActiveSync to browse your phone and make a subdirectory under "MySMS.DJB.D" (on Storage Card), name it "Imported" or w/e. Place the converted files there.
5. Use the Import button in DJ SMS Copier, select the "MySMS" backup and click "Yes" on cleanup dialog

There you have all your SMS messages on your WM5 phone :)

1. The script error rate in convertion is like 2-3 per 100 messages
2. The messages receiving time is converted too. Tho it gives 2 hours difference for SMS messages sent/received more than 2 years ago


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Apr 26, 2007
Download the attached file from this post. The one in the original post is malfunctioning
The ZIP contains 2 files
db_sms.php -The php script
cont.txt - Your contacts. The syntax is "+some_phone_number|name_of_the_contact". The "|" sign is the delimiter

You can export your contacts with any tool (including MS Outlook) and fill the cont.txt file. The script reads it so it will recognize your contact names and fill them in the converted SMS messages. Without it you will have just plain phone numbers in the messages.


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Apr 26, 2007
thanks for the howto!

i have a problem with my sms... i can´t find my own sms folders (nokia n73 with symbian) and with the pc suite i can only exprt to csv...

whats wrong?


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Nov 25, 2008
Hi, i've tried with this script under windows xp with php 5.2.6 but no output folder is created in my sms folder, so i guess something is not working...

Any updates about this? I would appreciate a lot your help, since i've moved from nokia e65 to htc diamond and i don't want to loose some special sms...