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Advice on new phone

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New member
Oct 23, 2021
Hi my phone is up for renewal and I enjoy photography any advice on which phone has the best camera.
I find it hard keeping up with all this new tech lol.
Your Thought's please,


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
I like Notes. I had a N10+ 512/12gb Snapdragon for 2 years that's still running on Pie. It looks and runs like new, one replacement battery.
Supports up to a 1tb SD card and works seamlessly with a V30 rated card.

The display while limited to 60hz is still one of the best out there. Drop dead gorgeous and it's color rendering exceeds both of the newest Samsung flagships. Excellent for viewing photos with ICC calibration for separate app color profiles.

The cam is still very good and Android 10/UI 2 bumped up it's capabilities. The phone is a workhorse and very well built. Get a good case and it's good to go. It's 7mm profile, about 200gm weight makes it feel smaller than it is even in a case.

I simple wasn't satisfied with Samsung's offerings (no SD card slot and many issues) and think Android 11/12 are horrible.
So... got a new N10+ 256/12gb Snapdragon running on Android 10 for $800 3 weeks ago.
I simply love these phones. After configuration they run flawlessly with almost no maintenance.
My current Pie load is over 1.5 years old, still fast and stable. That was my solution...🤣