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After flashing custom rom, my Motorola One Action has bluetooth problems

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Hello everyone, hope all is well today. Here is my issue, anytime I flash a custom rom to my Motorola One Action (XT2013-4) everything will work fine, except for my Bluetooth. While, it will connect, when trying to play music via Bluetooth via my portable Bluetooth speaker and my Samsung Galaxy Buds + earbuds, the only sound I will get is either a god awful static like noise or silence and the track will act like it is buffering within the Pandora app. I've tried a couple Magisk modules with no luck. I am usually pretty good at figuring stuff like this out, but this one has me stumped, which causes me to get annoyed and revert back to the stock rom with root, but I'd really like to upgrade to a version of 11.

If anyone can help me out with a fix, I'd be forever grateful,
Thank yall and have a great day.