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After patching the .tar.md5 file and flashing, phone only detects 16 GB of storage, instead of 32 GB

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Device: Samsung Galaxy A10 (A105F/DS A105FDDU6BUD2) 2+32GB
Android version: Android 10
Magisk version: 23.0 (23000) (Lastest)

Problem: After patching the files, when flashing with Odin (BT + AP + CP + CSC) the device only detects 16 GB instead of 32 GB
Tried: Reflasing, using a PIT file.

I decided to save the patching logs, if you can see somethin' there.


  • magisk_install_log_2021-07-25T004050Z.log
    4.7 KB · Views: 4
Maybe related to what's mentioned in the installation instructions here:
I did everything to the letter, following the instructions, as I already mentioned, I flashed the system with everything (BL + AP + CP + CSC), not only AP, so it seems strange to me, that same day I decided to restore the stock rom and storage returned to normal. (It detects 32 GB again on the stock, but 16 on the patched rom, even following the same procedure like i was flashing stock)
Also i used odin3 3.14.1, if that helps