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[ Again Update ] [ Tipo Dual(Single) ] ViPER4Android (V4A) Audio Effects

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Mar 30, 2015
No real change?

Sorry to bump such an old thread.

First, I have to thank you for undertaking such a task. I really appreciate, as we all do. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. I managed to install everything, and did what you said in the double-check section and sure enough everything seemed fine. I even rebooted it an extra time. After that, I opened the ViPER4Android FX app. I got no error messages. Going through and meddling with the options seemed to make no difference to me really. I was using headphones and configured everything in Headset tab. Even afterwards, toggling the master power on the FX didn't seem to make a huge difference. The bass, obviously is much clearer and more powerful. Individual effects the Field Surround, Reverb, no matter what, it didn't really seem to be working. What could be happening?

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    ViPER4Android (V4A) Audio Effects
    The original post : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223

    Convolver effect now supported for Sony Xperia Tipo Dual ( Single )

    Test on :
    Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
    Stock Rom
    Unlocked Bootloader


    Instruction :

    1. Install V4AManager.apk
    2. Open V4A Manager, select "Install/Update", then choose ARMv5TE , allow root access.
    3. You can uninstall V4AManager.apk if you want.(Will not affect uninstall process)
    4. Install ViPER4Android_FX.apk.
    5. In app killers, data cleaners or autostart managers, add ViPER4Android FX to white-list.
    6. Use system app manager to clean data of ViPER4Android FX.
    7. Extract IR samples to sdcard//ViPER4Android/Kernel/ ( put .IRS here ) *
    8. If you do not have the folder make one .
    8. Reboot.
    9. Open ViPER4Android FX and start adjusting effects.
    The effects will work on all places including third-party players,games(except Voice calling)

    * On the SD Card not the ext_SD Card

    Uninstall :

    1. Uninstall ViPER4Android FX.
    2. Install V4AManager.apk.
    3. Open V4A Manager, select "Uninstall/Restore".
    4. Uninstall V4AManager.apk and reboot device.

    Double Check Installation Successful :

    1. Use any Explorer with root access.
    2. Go to /system/lib/soundfx/
    3. Check whether libv4a_fx_ics.so exists.
    4. Remove libviper4android_ics.so (if exists)

    Download :

    Screen Shot :

    The IRS Contain :
    Sony Walkman IRS
    HTC Beats
    Dolby Surround Sound
    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Sound Files
    and more

    Update :

    View attachment ViPER4Android_FX.apk

    With this update you will no need to install anything cuz now all in one .

    Intsallation Note :
    1. Use the V4AManage to uninstall the driver then uninstall the V4AManage and the V4A app
    2. Restart
    3. Now install the new app
    4. It will ask for root access grant , Install the Driver ( The App will ask you to install 3 times you only need to install 1 time )
    5. Restart
    6. Enjoy

    If I help Press Thanks . :)
    hey i want to ask something, when i want to install xHifi? what cpu should i choose? tegra 2 or xortexax with neon? coz there's no armv5te in the xhifi app

    Tegra 2 :)
    If I help press thanks .