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I just wanted to share a neat link that allows you to type in anything you want to see an AI generated picture of.

For instance, If you wanted to see "A Computer Eating Lunch"

You can add that into the prompt, and the AI will show you pictures of what it thinks you asked.

I thought the AI's idea was much more clever than my idea of a little computer monster

I also asked it to show me "A cat snuggling a robot" and it gave me these Monstrosities XD

Zeroes and ones raining on cats

Cat farting around the metaverse XD

metaverse cat eating sushi


Mario Cat

This "mario cat" is legit scary haha

Actually typing in "scary cat" brought up these
a cat hissing with huge teeth in the dark with a glowing background

lock keys falling out of dark sky

Maybe this will help someone with some ideas or at least give someone a good laugh XD
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I guess I overlooked this when I first played with the tool, but they have a pdf up about the technology. It is 105 pages! It outlines the "Stable Diffusion" technology and better ways to optimize your searches. As well as some interesting terminology

From the first page:
"Stable Diffusion is an open-source text-to-image AI model that can generate amazing images from given texts in seconds. The model was trained on images in the LAION-5B dataset. It was developed by CompVis, Stability AI and RunwayML. All research artifacts from Stability AI are intended to be open sourced. This prompt book is brought to you by OpenArt, a platform and community dedicated to AI-native content and written by members from the community. Should you have any concerns or questions. You can reach us on our Discord server."
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Feb 4, 2017
My annotation:

The way apps like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and DALL-E work is repeatedly criticized. Because in order to train artificial intelligence, masses of data sets must first be collected - and these are often protected by copyright. However, the artists or photographers who took these pictures have not been compensated for doing so. Proponents of AI technology often counter the accusations by saying that human art is always inspired by existing art.

Images are not the only thing that AI can create in this way, however. ChatGPT - a chatbot from the company OpenAI, which is able to produce almost human-looking texts after reading millions of data records - recently caused a furor.


A profile picture painted by an artificial intelligence: that's what the app Lensa promises. Behind it is the AI model Stable Diffusion - and a dubious understanding of data protection.
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@Oswald Boelcke Okay I have to say, it really made my day to see your duck in a Santa hat!!! Haha! and @woodman in a santa hat too!! XD This is incredible. You guys are too funny and clever. ❤️

As a sidenote, I will never get over the randomness of the first comment on the thread "danny devito rubbing sunscreen on his rgb keyboard." That was so oddly specific and yet Hilarious. XD

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I had to time capsule these pics because I laughed entirely too hard. Hahahaha!!! Oh wow you guys go all out. Love IT!
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