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Aidens Rom S905X (V8) on WeChip V8 Plus not booting

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Jul 26, 2021
Hello there! Ive got problem with boot of my device or/and problem with USB Burning Tool.

First of all ive tried few hours to put right image to my device. When i tried with S905W but got problems with Uboot in USB Burning Tool ("0x32030201]Uboot/Get result/DiskInitial error". But i tried S905X and it went well but only when i uncheck erase flash and boot sections. That was the only way to finish burning correctly. And of course its not working and hanging on Aidens Rom Logo (i was w8ing more than 5 mins).

When i check "erase flash and boot" sections ive got those mostly
[0x10105002]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Read initialize status/USB Control setup error
[0x00101004]Erase bootloader/Lowper/Identify/Error result

And yes ive done the Mask Rom thing :/

Pls help