AirDroid v3.0.4.2 Beta Releases “Nearby” and “Friends”


Jul 14, 2014
AirDroid’s going to have a major update with something new to expect! Be our beta testers to find out what features are added to AirDroid!

What to expect in AirDroid v3.0.4.2 Beta?

We added “Nearby” and “Friend” features in the beta version.

What’s “Nearby”?

“Nearby” is a new feature added in File Transfer. It’s quite powerful, which by scanning, it will discover nearby devices that use AirDroid on the same network.

How’s that useful?

Suppose you are using AirDroid in an office, transferring files to your colleagues will be super fast and easy! Or, you are using AirDroid in a study seminar, you want to share something to your classmates. You are at home with some friends or family, you can use AirDroid “Nearby” to send them photos!

What’s more, “Nearby” feature is available on Windows/Mac client and android device. This means you can send files to anyone in the neighborhood from you computer, or from your mobile!

What’s “Friends”?

“Friends” is an extended feature for “Nearby”. If you have sent files to a “Nearby” user, you may want to add he/she as a friend, so that you can send files even when he/she is not around you.

You can add a friend via email invitation or directly from a nearby device.

How to be a Beta Tester?

Step 1. Join this Google+ community:

Step 2. Click “BECOME A TESTER” on the following page:

Step 3. Install beta version:
If you’ve already installed AirDroid from Google Play before, you’ll receive the latest beta version through app update automatically. You can also visit the AirDroid Google Play page ( on your phone to manually install or update to the beta version when it’s available.

#Your Feedback
How do you think of the new features? Is there anything broken? Or, any other important things are missing from the latest update? Though we might not be able to individually respond to every feedback, we do read all of them, and they have been the most important source for guiding AirDroid to the next level.

You can provide us your feedback via the feedback form in Win/Mac client (at the bottom left corner, recommended), by emailing us at [email protected], or simply discussing in this Google+ community.
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