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Airplane mode is toggled when sim is installed

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New member
Apr 19, 2019
Holden, LA
When I install sin in a sm-975u note 10+ us version, the airplane toggle lites up halfway dim and no cell service icon is where the signal level is normally the screen has been changed and the boards seem to be correctly matching. When I got the phone it was Google locked I paid an ebay company to fix and seems they did fix frp. The phone had Verizon icons I sold it to a friend he put a at&t sim and the phone didn't work so I put a verizon sim in and no luck. I did a imie on byop on verizon and swappa phone is good to go


New member
Feb 16, 2019

i'm facing same issue and don't know how to solve .
The sim card is no problem because i try it with another phone,its work normally


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