[AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T)

Which tweak do you use or prefer?

  • GhostPepper

    Votes: 314 21.7%
  • HawkTail

    Votes: 50 3.5%
  • HawkPepper

    Votes: 142 9.8%
  • Kestrel

    Votes: 21 1.5%
  • FairPark

    Votes: 130 9.0%
  • Fusion_B_Delta

    Votes: 53 3.7%
  • Fusion_Speed

    Votes: 56 3.9%
  • Cold_Fusion

    Votes: 25 1.7%
  • Shotgun

    Votes: 83 5.7%
  • Project Zhana

    Votes: 687 47.5%

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Aug 2, 2011
OnePlus 7 Pro
@Asiier this is what I'm getting
Current profile: ' '
Also lot of command lines with text saying "PERMISSION DENIED"
Device OnePlus 3
ROM 5.0.8 OxygenOS
Android version: 8.0.0

Any help???


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May 24, 2016
Error in terminal

I have OnePlus 3 with latest OOS 5.0.8 after Successfully flashing AKT and entering AKT in terminal it says

OnePlus3 :/ $ su
OnePlus3 :/ # AKT
/system/bin/sh: AKT: not found
127|OnePlus3 :/ #

what to do???????
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Oct 23, 2010
Should I keep this folder? Vendor/etc/perf.
I deleted it but akt profile weird CPU freqs and load.Also when run akt trough the app,the app got service running in the background.Does akt have magisk module?
Since the beginning I didn't modify that folder, so I don't know the answer to your question.
I used the apk files in the past. I didn't notice any significant battery usage even the app is still running.

Another way to use the profiles is to use Ex Kernel Manager, with combination of supported Kernel such as Ex Kernel or Boeffla (other Kernel may also works well).

These profiles have been built in the Ex Kernel Manager, so that you can apply it directly. See photos attached.


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Apr 10, 2017
Hi everybody! I am more or less new in this forum and my attention was captured by this thread. It seems to me very interesting and I decided to try out these kernel tweaks.
I have a OnePlus 3T, rom LineageOS 16 and the kernel is the "default" LOS kernel that come along with the rom.
I selected the Project X.A.N.A Balanced profile and I was wondering where can I saw if the tweaks have been applied (and with the correct values). I already have EX Kernel Manager app.
Can somebody help me please?

Thank you
These are not made for pie. You should not be using them for pie. There were a bunch of kernel changes in pie.
I'm using AKT at LOS 16 (Pie) from the very beginning, didn't know that this isn't compatible somehow. Works fine, no issues, I'm still getting lower battery usage, CPU cores frequencies changes differently than at stock settings (are lower in much shorter time after last touch, which is also visible at CPU statistics in apps like ElementalX).
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Sep 14, 2007

I'm on the latest stock One Plus Rom.
I flashed the latest ATK 1.6 with TWRP.

I restared, opened a terminal, go to SU and granted SU.
I type : AKT

Result : AKT is not found :(

Any idea ?


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    [AKT] Advanced Kernel Tweaks v1.6 FINAL | Insane Battery & Performance(SD820/1|OP3/T)

    Please read it!

    We ( @patalao and me) have decided to create a new thread since the @op from the thread we were using seems to be inactive, so doing this will give us more freedom for editing the main post and providing you guys with more information.
    I also need to thanks all the awesome people that have made this possible, therefore thanks to @soniCron and @Alcolawl for being the creators of the original guide and all the fantastic tweaks that you have made.
    Thanks to @flar2 for his great app (EXKM) and his kernel and to @patalao for his superb tweaks and all the help he has provided me.

    All that you are about to read is based on THIS THREAD so go there and thanks @soniCron for it.
    I'll go ahead and copy and paste some of the firsts paragraphs so those who don't know what this all is about can understand a bit.

    I'm about to tell you how to get buttery smooth, lag-free performance with insanely good battery life, using an old school governor featured in practically every kernel... This tweak is applicable to every phone with any ROM or kernel--stock or custom--that provides the Interactive Governor.
    Yeah, yeah... everyone promises good battery with great performance, but who actually delivers? Maybe it isn't as smooth as you want, or maybe it requires something your kernel or ROM don't support. Or maybe the battery life promises just aren't what you expected. There's always some awful compromise. Not here!
    This isn't a guide to get 36 hour battery life... provided you never use your phone. That's deep sleep optimization, which is lovely and all, but what good is the phone if you can never use it?! And with the new Marshmallow Doze feature, this strategy is becoming a thing of the past. What I'm talking about is 7-14 hour screen on, actual hands-on usage times! Without compromising anything, you can get 7-8 hour screen on usage with regular, no-compromise usage habits: daytime visible screen brightness, both radios on, sync on, network location on, all the regular usage features, the whole kit and kaboodle... all smooth as a baby's butt and snappy as a Slim Jim! (Up to 14+ hours if you can stand minimum brightness and WiFi-only with a custom ROM and other stuff turned off! And this is with stock voltages and full frequency range--you'll likely get even more if you choose to optimize those as well!)

    However, it should be noted that this does not apply to gaming, heavy camera use, etc. Anything that is an automatic battery killer in and of itself. There's nothing that can be done about anything that forces the phone to utilize its maximum resources all the time. But you should know that by now. Further, this guide is about optimizing the CPU as much as possible. It does not cover things like eliminating wakelocks so your phone sleeps well, removing unnecessary and battery draining stock apps, keeping your screen brightness down*, and all that stuff that's been covered in other posts ad infinitum. Those optimizations are up to you.

    If you really want to know the principles of this tweaks, please go to this thread since there everything is really well explained and I know you guys just want to apply the tweak and forget about everything behind it, so just keep scrolling!
    • Voltages and Frequencies:
    So recently I have been investigating about the Voltages of our device (since that is a really useful information to know) before that we only have the Nominal frequencies (If you don't know what I am talking about go ahead and read @soniCron thread because I won't explain it) we could develop some tweaks with that, but we were pretty much making blind shots, guessing and hoping that all will be right. Well, now that we have all this information we can optimize our tweaks even more so expect new updates and rework for the current tweaks and of course new ones.

    I have made a little spreadsheet with the Nominal and Efficient frequencies for you guys, so you can take a look and maybe modify our tweaks to your needs, since, all of them have been tested by @patalao, our tester and me, which involves that are tested without usage and not yours.


    No much to say about frequencies so we move right away to the voltages


    We have more to talk about this, as you can see OverClocking have NO down points since it will consume the same voltage as the maximum stock clock speed and it will give use more performance. UPDATE: It's true that the voltage it's the same, but there is some downpoint which are explained in this posts. Here and here Thanks to @bedalus for pointing itn out!
    Notice that the voltages on CM ROMs are higher that on OOS and that the values were shown there are from OOS. We are already working on a flashable zip or script for modifying those values since cannot be modified anyway else.

    On the Snapdragon 820 (Our chipset) things have changed a lot from the previous chipsets like the 808 (Nexus 5X) and 810 (Nexus 6P). Now we are back to the Quad-Core, which is good, more cores= more battery consumption but we continue with the Little.BIG set up, where we have a Little Cluster (really efficient and fast) and a Big Cluster (slow but good for heavy loads). On previous chipsets, the Little kernel was really good on low-mid clock speeds and the Big cluster was really good on high frequencies and bad on low. Well, this is still true, but not we don't have such difference than before. Our Little cluster is going to be "the main thing" as it was before, but now the Big cluster has a really low consumption on lower frequencies so can be really good for sustained loads which only demand low~mid clock speeds as well it will be used as a quick burst for help the Little cluster to not reach High freq here it's not that efficient anymore.
    • How this affect your device (ROM/KERNEL)
    You might NOT get the same results as me or other, it will depend mainly on your usage, secondly on the kernel and finally on the ROM that you currently using.
    Not all the tweaks work the same way for certain kernel, what I mean with this is that the battery life/performance might be better running X kernel with X tweak, but the same tweak applied to another kernel might not be that good at all
    Wait what? What you want to tell me is that some kernel is better than other, right?
    Yes and No, Some kernel is better than other but also, some kernel perform better with certain tweaks as can be seen in the following screenshots (This test have been performed using AnTuTu tester with a clean install of last RR + the Kernel, nothing else. I know is a benchmark and the perfect thing whole be a real life test but that takes days, so If somebody wants to do it, I'll post the results)
    Disclaimer:: This is just a profile (tweaks) for the interactive governor. If you experience any unexpected fc, reboots, massive stuttering/lagging, etc, this profile isn't most likely not responsible for that.

    • What About Touchboost?
    Since I've noticed that a lot of people was asking about Thouchboost, I decided to add this little explanation from @soniCron

    " Touchboost is a nifty feature in a lot of kernels (including stock on Nexus 5X) that jumps up the frequency so that you experience minimal lag. However, with all the above settings, touchboost is usually detrimental to the efficiency of the device!
    We generally want to keep the CPU on the lowest possible frequency as much as possible, and touchboost interferes with that. Further, because we've set up the maximal and minimal efficient clock rates, as well as burst processing from the 2nd CPU core, we don't need touchboost!
    If your kernel allows you to shut it off, try to do so and see if the responsiveness of your device is acceptable. On the OP3 (and pretty much all the devices), touchboost adds no perceptual performance gain and only hurts efficiency and battery life. If your kernel doesn't allow you to turn off touchboost, try another one.
    Your battery life will thank you! "

    With all that been said, you shouldn't confuse Touchboost with CPU Boost and more specifically Input boost. Both are used to boost the clock speed of our device whenever we touch the touchscreen, so we don't suffer any lags.
    The difference is that Input boost can be configured and Touchboost cannot, making it a really inefficient.
    • MY DEVICE LAGS!!! WHY?!?!
    First of all, it's a "normal" thing, as I have stated before, all these tweaks have been done for fit my usage or certain usage which is most likely not the same as yours. Because this, when the are put on a certain scenario the might stutter or lag just a bit (If you are experimenting huge lags, you have done something wrong)
    And yes, this can be fixed. We have a couple of ways of fixing it:
    • First of all, Check If the tweaks have been applied correctly
    • Our first one is modifying the Input boost (not touchboost) most of our tweaks have an already established Input boost clock speeds and time, you can incise does too a bit. For example, we have 960(Mhz) for all the CPU at 40ms you could bump it up to ~1036(Mhz) and 42ms, don't modify too much this values since it will potentially increase your battery drain.
    • Our second tool for fixing lags is min_sample_time , my recommendation is to increase the value by 5000 each time till you no longer suffer any stutter or lag.
    • Try another tweak, for example;
      If you are using Project X.A.N.A Battery, try using Balanced option...
    Still having lag?
    • Get rid of unnecessary (background-)apps
    • Try a different IO-Scheduler
    • Try another profile

    My phone still uses too much battery
    • First of all, Check If the tweaks have been applied correctly
    • Make sure that you have disabled touchboost.
    • Set brightness to a lower level.
    • Use a dark / black theme
    • Don't play games all day
    • Try other tweak, for example;
      If you are using Project Zhana Balanced, try using Battery option...



    I'll keep this post updated with new information, so make sure to subscribe to it.:D:good:
    I'd like to release my AKT Profiles App [v1.6.0] [ROOT]

    Thankyou to all involved in AKT and all the slack channel for helping me test and improve the app.
    What started as just some experimentation with tasker, evolved into a complete app.

    APP is compatible with the OP3 & OP3T only. May work on other devices but no support is given.

    - Complete standalone app (No need to flash AKT, or run any commands in terminal)
    - All profiles included in the AKT script are included in this.
    - The app will auto apply your chosen profile on each reboot and notify you that its been reapplied (If Selected on Sidemenu, ON by default)
    - No need to delete profiles if you want to switch, just apply new profile and it will overwrite the previous.
    - Option to revert back to stock settings (On Sidemenu)
    - Shows you the current applied profile (On Sidemenu)
    - Added Dark Theme option (On Sidemenu)

    Download AKT Profiles APP 1.6.0

    1. Download and Install the app
    2. Pick which catagory of profile you want
    3. Select a profile. A popup telling you the profile is being applied will popup.
    4. Wait patiently for the Profile applied Popup (Shows output)
    5. Pick if you want to apply on boot, or show notification.
    6. Your good to go :)

    Changelog v1.6.0
    • Magisk finally fully supported, no need for a work around anymore
    • Updates on all Zhana and X.A.N.A Profile (4.3)
    • Updates on Burnout and Fusion Reborn
    • Now the zip and app shares directories. Which means if both zip and app installed, the app will apply the profile chosen in either on boot.
    • Some minor fixes and corrections

    Changelog v1.4
    • Now Supported OP3T / SD821
    • Updates on all Profiles for 3T / SD821 (Except for Nameless)
    • Updates on X.A.N.A *beta* and Burnout
    • Dark Theme option added (On Sidemenu)

    Changelog v1.3
    • Complete redesign
    • Added Sidemenu with selectable options (Button top left or swipe from the left)
    • Options to turn on and off 'Apply on boot' and 'Boot up notification' (ON by defualt)
    • Profiles updated to match AKT Profiles 1.3 Zip
    • New profile added (Fusion Conservative)

    Changelog v1.2.2
    • Added current applied profile on homescreen
    • Under the hood changes to improve how things are done

    Changelog v1.2.1
    • Removed the 'sleep' commands from the script (Significantly faster at applying the profiles)
    • Added an option to revert to stock settings (3 Dot menu, top right of homescreen, requires reboot)
    • Increased the time the Applied popup stays open (More time to check the output)

    Thanks again to @Asiier @patalao @Senthil360 @Mostafa Wael for there fantasic work on AKT and all the profiles.
    Advanced Kernel Tweaks
    ~ [A·K·T] ~
    All-in-one Project

    Guys... it's finally done after several months, thousands of line of code and a bunch of beta tests. A·K·T is done and ready to use!!!

    But before any further talking, I have to thanks all the people that have made this possible.
    Starting with @Senthil360 for working with me on all the coding stuff as well as creating his Nameless Profiles
    @Mostafa Wael and @patalao for their fantastic tweaks and helpfulness all along this process
    And to all the testers on the official Slack Channel, they are the absolute best and I wish I could name them all as they also deserve their recognition
    Without of them, this project couldn't have been possible.

    And now, let's get right into the news!!!​

    What is AKT and this All-in-One Project?
    I'll leave the mic to my buddy @Mostafa Wael and let him explain it:

    Mostafa Wael said:
    Bearing in mind the noticeable expansion in everyone's profiles, be it to aim for different targets or to improve upon the former profile, the number of profiles done by each of us has extraordinarily increased, resulting in multiple profiles in each category with all of them reaching what they aim for in their own ways.
    Since we are all not the same, meaning people can get different results even if they are using the same profile for the same purpose, not to mention that we have moved far away from just tweaking governor settings to almost tweaking every other aspect of the kernel settings, be it HMP scheduling, LMK min free values, I/O scheduler settings and advanced options or other global settings, depending on the Android version installed and the kernel's max frequencies, we decided to make it easier for you (and us) and compile all the scripts in an all-in-one seamless script, making use of the fairly simple command line interface found in Terminal Emulator app, categorizing all the profiles respectively, with a very neat interface layout to make it much easier and more simple to select your profile. This has been worked on for an awful lot of time, and we faced an even more awful lot of issues while debugging and creating this tool.
    This has been one of the biggest achievements for all of us, if not the biggest. Introducing Advanced Kernel Tweaks, or rather for short... AKT

    How to install:
    A flashable zip to be flashed via recovery, which installs scripts of the latest iterations of most profiles (some legacy profiles had to be eliminated for more convenience) and a master script that takes control of all the installed scripts and applies your desired profile at will as soon as you recall it via Terminal Emulator app and get guided by the on-screen instructions.
    So to wrap it up:
    1- Download the latest AKT_Profile_vX.x.zip file
    2- Reboot into TWRP recovery and flash the .zip file
    3- After you boot up the phone, leave it to settle for a minute
    4- Open up your favorite Terminal Emulator app
    5- Grant it superuser permissions by typing in "su" without the quotes
    6- After superuser permissions are granted, type in "AKT" without the quotes (yes capitalized)
    7- Follow the on-screen instructions and information, don't worry they are very intuitive and easily understandable
    8- Profit!​
    P.S. AKT displays the already applied profile name if there are any, furthermore, AKT has an option to revert back to stock kernel settings.
    And as a gift for the New Year, we are coupling AKT with 3 new iterations of Burnout_PR, X.A.N.A & Zhana and Fusion! Make sure to check out the main post for Xana and Fusion and Burnout for the updated description/changelog for the new profiles.
    Happy times everyone!

    We will update (ASAP) those posts with the all the needed explanation, changelogs for the profiles and the further updates, not this post!

    This means the rest of the profiles and the old updates will be EOL. This doesn't mean you cannot longer use them, only that we won't be giving further updates to as them as we though this new set of profiles are better than the past ones and therefore, we should be centering our attention on them


    ** Initial Release ** v1.0 Stable

    This will be used for the changes done to the script itself, not the profiles.
    If you want to check the changes on the profiles visit their post that can be found right above.

    ** Update to v1.2 **

    #Now supporting su.d
    #Bug correction
    #Updates on FusionB/P and Project Zhana & X.A.N.A
    *for more details on them visit their posts*

    ** Update to v1.3 **

    #Bug correction
    *Target_loads won't apply If you were UnderClock or OverClock more than 1728 Mhz*
    #Modifications on how Input Boost applies, so fewer errors are shown
    #Updates on FusionB/P
    *for more details on them visit their posts*
    #Add FusionC (Battery Oriented)
    #Some visual Improvements

    ** Update to v1.4 BETA **

    #Now supporting OP3T / SD821
    #Updates on all Profiles for 3T / SD821 (Except for Nameless)
    #Updates on X.A.N.A *beta* and Burnout
    #Bug Corrections and Fixes

    ** Update to v1.6 FINAL**
    #Changes on how the script works
    #Now the zip and app shares directories
    #The script will auto remove sleeps after the first installation
    #Reapply option, Reapplies the current profile (instantly)
    #Updates on all Zhana and X.A.N.A Profile (4.3)
    #Updates on Burnout and Fusion Reborn
    #Some minor corrections


    • Do I have to reapply the tweaks ever time I reboot my device?
      - Yes and No. A·K·T supports both init.d and su.d, so as long as your kernel supports init.d or su.d (go ask on its thread not here) or you use init.d emulation via KA or similar, you should not need to reapply them on boot.
      Although I recommend manually reapplying it because, sometimes, they might nor get applied correctly because how both init.d and su.d works.
      Also, you can use Tasker by following this
    • I'm getting X error in X line
      - Okay, I'll need a screenshot of the error shown on the terminal app as well as your current ROM and Kernel
    • I'm getting errors in the whole script
      - Make sure you have given root permissions by typing "su" in the terminal
    • I have further questions
      - Check the FAQs on the OP
      - Read this whole post

    === DOWNLOADS ===

    ~ [A·K·T] Profiles ~
    ~ v1.6 FINAL ~

    # [A·K·T] Profiles APK #

    Old Downloads:

    ~ [A·K·T] Profiles v1.4 Beta 5 ~
    ~ [A·K·T] Profiles v1.3 Stable ~
    ~ [A·K·T] Profiles v1.2 Stable ~
    ~ [A·K·T] Profiles v1.0 Stable ~



    Make sure to check our Slack Channel for all the BETA updates and staying tune with the latest news!!
    And make sure to give a BIG Thanks to this post

    The Profiles:


    Introducing Advanced Kernel Tweaks [A·K·T] | All-in-one Project
    All the profiles will be featured there, some make sure to check it out!

    Over here


    Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.2: (Everybody should try it!!)

    Go to this post for the full lenght explanation.
    This tweak has all the new discovery voltages and some other new techniques, giving us great battery life without losing performance

    The battery could be even better than FairPark *14 h SOT*


    Uses a quantized, frequency-aligned parametric curve to influence low core clock rates while providing extremely smooth transitions from each clock rate and exceptional battery life
    Really well-defined clock speed escalation for a good battery and performance.


    There have been a lot of controversy about this tweak lately. So after you complain, this will NOT work for all of you guys.
    For me, it works perfectly and it accomplished all that I'm going to state, but maybe you guys will experiment lags.
    This tweak is not for everyone.
    Probably the most battery efficient tweak ever created, fantastic battery with extremely smooth performance even playing games as Clash Royale or Pok?mon GO.
    You can easily get 10 hours SOT or even more (If you don't play any games) just texting, browsing and so on could give you even 12 hours SOT.


    As you might notice by the name is the union of the 2 tweaks above, GhostPepper for the Big cluster and HawkTail for the Little cluster, as GhoostPepper is highly optimized for the Big cluster and HawkTail for the Little.
    Performance wise should be as good as GhostPepper but in terms of battery should be considerably better.

    EOL Profiles:
    You can still use them, but I won't give further support for them


    An advanced, modern profile that is both battery efficient and highly performant
    It should be as battery efficient as GhostPepper but giving that extra performance for "high-end" games, as that was the only complaint on GhostPepper


    Really battery efficient tweak but only for light usage, when comes to playing games and some heavy multitasking the battery drain will increase exponentially


    ~ [AKT] Profiles ~

    Old profiles:

    27/10/16: Updated all the profiles. Applying the new discoveries about voltages and so on.
    02/11/16: Adding Project Zhana v3.0  
    15/11/16: Adding Project X.A.N.A v3.1 | Updating to Project Zhana to version 3.1 
    10/12/16: Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v3.3
    02/01/17: [A·K·T] + Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.0 + EOL Profiles
    22/01/17: [A·K·T]  v1.2 + Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.2
    Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.3

    Well guys, finally, after tons of test and tweaking I come out with Project Zhana in his version 3.0
    I hope you guys find it smooth and battery efficient as it's the main goal. Keep in mind that I might release some hotfixes
    and other little optimizations since it has only been tested among few people over the Official Slack Channel
    With all this been said, let's get into the tweak!!

    Update!! So after some weeks months of testing and coding scripts I'm glad to present Project X.A.N.A!!
    (and Project Zhana v3.1 v4.2)
    Errr what? Project X.A.N.A is the twin sister of Project Zhana but more optimized in terms of battery.
    · Project Zhana = Balanced
    · Project X.A.N.A = Battery *yes, even more than FairPark*

    Project Zhana & X.A.N.A was made for trying to be as efficient as possible without compromising the performance.
    Thanks to the discovery on Voltages used by our SD820 I could make a profile that utilizes more the BIG cluster.
    My first attempt was to move ALL the load to the BIG cluster, it was against anything that I have learned
    about little.BIG CPU but I tried, it turned really good at first, low usage was just amazing...
    But on more usage things didn't go that good.
    So what I did it was to give a twist to things, but not such twist.
    It kind of works like Nameless and Shotgun, @Mostafa Wael and I worked the same idea.
    #LITTLE cluster will be running on low-mid frequencies but delivers full performance when is needed.
    # BIG Cluster will help LITTLE ease Load, but in a great way than before.
    Things can be done faster and more efficient giving us profit in form of battery.
    It should run smooth on all scenarios, but you guys tell me.
    In addition the script will detect whether you're overclocked and your ROM for applying the right values
    You can easily get around 7~9 hours SOT for 24 hours even more If you don't play game
    This will, of course, may vary, but it will definitely be better.

    Update!! The strategy behind Project X.A.N.A is the same as Project Zhana, so all said above gets applied too.
    The main feature of Project X.A.N.A is the HMP Tweaks, this time we not only take advantage of them
    but also we modify them for "correcting" the BIG cluster utilization and therefore making the whole tweak much more efficient.
    Expect even more SOT


    Disclaimer: This was build on RR (CM based ROM) using EX Kernel and test on a variety on different ROMs and Kernels.
    None of my testers complaint about stutters or lags, but there is always a first time

    Old changes:
    **Release of version 3.0**
    #Too many changes for them to be said.
    #But for the following version I'll give you guys the changelog

    **Update to version 3.1 | Zhana **
    #Updating target_loads values for a better escalation. This will also help to avoid certain inefficient freq ( I'm talking about you 1036MHz )
    #Updating above_hispeed_delay so the CPU thinks twice are bumping into high-freq when is not needed
    #Some corrections on typos
    #Removing Sleepers

    **Release of Project X.A.N.A**
    #HMP Usage

    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v3.1.1**
    #Minor bug fixed (Noop not getting applied)
    #Adding init.d support, so you guys just have to apply the profile and forget about everything

    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v3.2**
    #BUG Fixing
    #Android Nougat support

    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v3.3**
    # Few changes over target_loads
    # Modifications over HMP values. Providing more performance and possibly more battery
    # Improved performance and battery.
    # BUG Fixes:
    · I/O Settings
    · Typos
    # Disable Adaptive LMK
    # 2 new options:
    · Disable Tweaks
    · Delete Tweaks
    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.0**


    #Now Project Zhana used custom HMP values for giving more performance and battery
    #Slightly reworked target_loads
    #Ditching on go_hispeed_onload for BIG cluster too
    #Rework on HMP values
    #Adjust the profiles for the increment of load found on Nougat
    Changes over almost every tuneable​
    #Some changes for the I/O settings, LMK
    #Now using msm-adreno-tz as GPU governor for better performance and battery life

    #Fixed all BUGs from the previous version
    #Rework on how I/O settings get applied, so no matter you are encrypted or decrypted, using OBs or CM build, they will get applied
    Huge thanks to @Senthil360 for that​

    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.2**

    #Touches on target_loads @ high frequencies
    #Rework on HMP values on X.A.N.A (I ****ed up and BIG cluster was getting too much load for no reason)
    #Keep adjusting for the load increase on N
    Changes over almost every tuneable
    #Some changes for the I/O settings, LMK
    Now back at 512Kb read-ahead

    #Fixed all BUGs from the previous version
    #Now supporting su.d
    #Changing the ROM detection from CM to Lineage OS

    **Update to Project Zhana & X.A.N.A v4.4**

    #Now the X.A.N.A. and Zhana are less similar
    #Zhana will be more balanced and X.A.N.A. more battery efficient
    #Changes over target_loads and pretty much all tuneables
    #Some corrections for OP3T
    #Skiping 1036 Mhz as is not efficient
    #Adjusted loads distribution

    It won't be a HUGE change from the last version to this one, but I think you guys will find it better :D

    This update aims to Nougat, after all, we all going to end using Nougat
    If you are still on MM and you feel like version 3.3 works better, let me know. But all my testers say that 4.0 4.2 works much better ( battery and performance wise)

    And on Nougat there is no way 3.3 works better than 4.0-4.2 as I have personally tried a ****ing lot!

    What this tweak does??.

    # Interactive governor tweaking, as usual. You shouldn't modify this values unless you know what you are doing
    # Input boost tweaking. The script detects If you are not using a CM-Based ROM an applied higher values, but you may modify this following the instructions from the OP.
    # Disable Touchboost and BCL
    # Enable Core Control and Disable MSM Thermal Throttling allowing for longer sustained performance
    # Tweaks for other various Settings. You may change all of them, but they are really optimized.
       · I/O Values
       · TCP Values
       · Memory
       [STRIKE]· Disable Sleepers[/STRIKE]
    # GPU Tweaking. You might change this If you suffer lag in games
    #HMP Values This will "correct" the BIG Cluster utilization and take full advantage of it

    This tweak DOES NOT EXKM profile as it's impossible for some tweaks to work using them.
    It used init.d script or BASH script It now uses a flashable zip file with init.d support
    Therefore it's install and execute like any other init.d or BASH script, If you don't know how to do it Google it
    Since I care about you I have made 2 videos on how to do it, you what people say "If a Picture is worth a thousand words, then a Video worth a Million"

    Update!! I have unified both profiles into a simple flashable .zip file, so everything is easier and cleaner!
    Also, it provides you with more options which are bound to satisfy your usage.


    1. Download the tweak
    2. Enter into Recovery and flash the tweak
    3. Boot to system
    4. Open your terminal app and introduce:
    5. Select Balanced or Battery section as Project Zhana & X.A.N.A will be found there
    6. Select the profile you prefer
    7. Done!

    Update!! Now the profile has init.d support. UPDATE! Now it also have su.d emulation
    This means that the profile WILL be applied after every boot (As long as you use a init.d emulator like KA) So you don't have to do anything extra, just apply and enjoy

    In case you want to use the previous version.
    This might come handy as well for know to apply the init.d profiles that come with the file The profiles will automatically apply to the init.d folder.

    • You may use only 1 of the method explained ahead, there is no need for using both of them.
    • Init.d can be applied on every boot by using apps as KA or Init.d enabler
      there is no way to applied the BASH on boot, but it only takes 10 seconds to execute it.

    Therefore, use the method you like the most.



    In case you cannot see the videos:

    Keep in mind that I recorded this some time ago, so what is shown won't be exactly the same, but it's just so you guys get the concept.

    Explanation for each variant:
    • Project Zhana Balanced (Default): The Project Zhana that you know and love.
    • Project Zhana Battery: Same as above, but with lower Input boost values and some tweak on target_loads, above_hispeed_delay and GPU
    • Project X.A.N.A Battery (Default): This is default version of X.A.N.A
    • Project X.A.N.A Balanced: The same as above but with higher Input boost and some tweaks for I/O and GPU, for a better performance.
    • Project X.A.N.A Extrem Battery: If you are using this profile and you suffer lag don't even think on complaining since I won't listen. This is made for really light usage. No Input Boost, Battery saving I/O and GPU ...


    Make sure that all the settings have been properly applied, there is no longer a problem with resetting target_loads, but make sure that all have been applied.
    And then check this:
    First of all, it's a "normal" thing, as I have stated before, all these tweaks have been done for fit my usage or certain usage which is most likely not the same as yours. Because this, when the are put on a certain scenario the might stutter or lag just a bit (If you are experimenting huge lags, you have done something wrong)
    And yes, this can be fixed. We have a couple of ways of fixing it:
    • Try another tweak, for example;
      If you are using Project X.A.N.A Battery, try using Balanced option...
    • Our first one is modifying the Input boost (not touchboost) most of our tweaks have an already established Input boost clock speeds and time, you can incise does too a bit. For example, we have 960(Mhz) for all the CPU at 40ms you could bump it up to ~1036(Mhz) and 42ms, don't modify too much this values since it will potentially increase your battery drain.
    • Our second tool for fixing lags is min_sample_time, my recommendation is to increase the value by 5000 each time till you no longer suffer any stutter or lag.
    Still having lag?
    • Get rid of unnecessary (background-)apps
    • Try a different IO-Scheduler
    • Try another profile

    My phone still uses too much battery
    • Make sure that you have disabled touchboost.
    • Set brightness to a lower level.
    • Use a dark / black theme
    • Don't play games all day
    • Try other tweak, for example;
      If you are using Project Zhana Balanced, try using Battery option...

    Here are some results that me and other tester have gotten:


    And here is a full cycle that I got.

    I need to give a little explanation on this.
    The cycle latest for 3 days with 5 hours SOT
    This was during a week of exams so I didn't have time to play with my phone.
    You WON'T achieve this just with the tweak, since it also involves a lot of Deep Sleep optimization, but for that screen, on time the profile will do miracles.
    This could have been even better, around 4 days or usage or maybe 7 hours SOT, since I lost 14% during the first night due to a failure on my WiFi, which caused huge wakelock during that time.
    During this test I was running BJRR 08/11 with EX Kernel 0.36, this doesn't mean that either of those is the best in terms of battery.
    The battery drain:
    · Light usage ~7%/h
    · Medium usage ~9%/h
    · Light Gaming (Clash Royale) ~12.5%/h
    · Heavy Gaming (I haven't test this for too much) ~ 15%/h

    14 hours SOT!!