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Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3

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New member
Jan 4, 2016
Hello all, I am new and this is my first post. So to start off proper, let me say thanks to DCZ, famewolf, and unjustified dev for working so hard to getting this working root, and to anyone else whos had a hand in it or in improving its functionality. I sincerely and deeply appreciate it.

I own this phone (6045X) & has been rooted and is using twrp recovery In any event, upon its being rooted it was discovered that the mms was not working. I notice that it had been brought up but had not noticed a fix for this posted.

Fear not, for I am here to help. (If possible) Or hopefully to get some of you pointed in the right direction. A friend who went and got the same phone as I, (hybrid) & I figured out that it was as simple as changing a few things in the APN. Not everything. In fact for those new to this please do research. That involves going to your carriers website, selecting support and somewhere in there you should find the apn settings. Another thing you should do is goto Android A-Z and search for apn.

They will explain to you what it is as well as tell you not everything need be changed & they will go so far as to tell you that everything has to be typed precise down to the spacing and all. They will also explain how to get to your apn.

I hope someone finds this helpful. Other than that all i can say is, Whew! I feel like I just wrote a thesus