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Sep 20, 2014
How to do that? I Have a CWM on my computer but when i click boot it says waiting for device. the phone is not recognised by computer. i updated drivers 10x and nothing happens. its still unknown device.
here you will find all the information u need.
if your phone is rooted just install cwm and flash a rom compatible with the versiin of the cwm u installed.


Feb 16, 2015
paranoid 4.6 beta installed


first, thanks to all people who works here and there on customs ROM :)

few days ago, i was still with ICS rom stock,and i was searching something less slow
i found the paranoid 4.6 beta6, and install it this morning, and first feelings are good. Thanks !

there was a bug : i couldn't remove anything from launher screen
many searchs later and a simple reboot : it was solved :)
Time to find how to launch cardstackview (double tap on home button) and voilà ;)

i'll can give my opnion about comportment battery, maybye next week

about lightbulb issue :
i ll give flashable zip for lihhtbulb fix i know i forgot it i dnt any idea for battery for ex my battery when fully charge it %100 and reboot battery going %86 all time it must be rip 2 years old mý battery
where can i find this flashable zip, or maybe, informations to fix this ?

about scroll bug, i don't know what's this :confused:
i've installed chrome navigator, and it's not bad :)

PS : sorry for my poor language (i will not improve french reputation :D )


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Dec 15, 2011
How much screen time do you have. Check in settings battery meny and screen!

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Sep 20, 2014
is there a flashale version of the new kernel for pa4.4? the one without scrollbug?
i dont understand why someone would make a new kernel and not update a rom, cuz that kernel will fix the bigest annoyenc with this hone...


Feb 16, 2015
battery life - paranoid 4.6 beta6

for second discharge, 38 hours and 40% of battery remaining.
Android Platform : 30%
Phone call : 20% :( (40 min )
GSM sleep : 15%
Screen : 10% (50 min)
Phone unused : 8%
Android system : 8%
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    So, here you go, an ICS backup flashable using CWM - works on any bootloader version.

    1. Flash or boot CWM
    2. Backup your existing firmware (important)
    3. Download: CWM-flashable ICS FR
    4. Store the alcatel_ics_fr directory on SD as /clockworkmod/backup/alcatel_ics_fr/
    5. Use CWM's backup and restore -> restore -> alcatel_ics_fr to restore the image
    6. Choose data/factory reset to clear your data partition

    Edit: the old warning about WiFi nvram is not an issue.

    Rooting hint: the zip also contains boot_root.img, boot it using fastboot (fastboot boot boot_root.img) to get an easy adb root shell.

    Many thanks to Lymnoreia for the clean backup.
    So Scrolling Issue fixed? M confused thanx all efforts ı hope battery life fixed too

    Everything is fixed.
    ICS+ V1.3:

    removed gallery and added quickpic (faster and has .MOV support)
    removed shutdown in reboot menu (does'nt belong there)
    removed Google now and added stock quick search bar
    removed JB voice search and added ICS voice search
    added lots of languages:
    Bahasa Indonesia
    Norsk bokmal
    Tieng Viet
    Several others

    - copy the zip to sdcard
    - boot cwm V6 (get it HERE)
    - flash the .zip

    - once rebooted remember that this rom is stripped down to the MAX
    - there is no bootanimation // u will see the black blinking android screen (that is not a bootloop)
    - just wait for 2 minutes

    DOWNLOAD: - 164.50 MB - 164.50 MB

    - H1N1 team for a few files and kernel
    - Iuss for the recovery

    - Dont install Seeder.apk // it already runs on boot via init.d
    - while installing the rom it flashes cwm to make sure it's not rebooting into stock recovery when u choose reboot recovery
    - in trebuchet launcher orientation is disabled by default // u can enable it at trebuchet menu
    After some silence, I'm here to give you something, guys. Jinxxed did it, again. A brand new build of CM-11.0, fresh from the oven, with his own kernel (version was stuck at 3.0.101 for some reason, but it is actually 3.5, contains updated drivers, no more outdated legacy stuff), reworked most of the stuff, etc.

    Pretty good scores on Antutu (6321 on first try).

    CM11 | Mirror
    GApps | Mirror

    Please note that this is still in Alpha, and a lot of changes will come in the future. If you find any bugs, please report!
    H1N1 Reloaded ROM with Kernel V3 (for ICS/GB bootloader)

    H1N1 ROM official topic - everywhere inside!
    H1N1 Reloaded ROM & Kernel V3 released (with Aroma™ installer*)
    *if you updated your phone to ICS with OTU, you have ICS bootloader, follow Aroma™ installer instructions

    H1N1 Reloaded changelog:

    - corrected symlinks inside boot.img
    - added crt off animation
    - fully deodexed & merged & optimized apks for the optimized speed & better stability
    - removed bloatware stuff
    - custpack is only functioning for storing gapps
    - prerooted

    Kernel V3 changelog:

    - boot with stock 1,4GHz but able to up to 1,8GHz at your own risk!
    - AXI/GPU OC removed because of battery/overheat problems
    - voltage table revised/optimalisations (UV for more battery life)
    - ArmV7 kernel optimalisations
    - added zRam (continously 100-180MB free RAM)
    - Audio buffer set to 64k instead default 16k (no more crackling)
    - removed unnecessary kernel moduls (for debug)
    - added governors: SmartassV2 / Smartass / interactiveX / Lagfree
    - added new I/O schedulers: SIO / VR
    - touch optimalisation (Smoothness...)

    Installation instructions:

    1., Download CWM recovery and ROM file from here:
    2., Copy to SDcard
    3.a, Reboot phone to CWM recovery (turn on phone in fastboot mode - power on+volume down + connect USB cable - then in command prompt run fastboot boot recovery_machfix-2012.06.09.img )
    3.b, If you dont like push buttons, type to command prompt, simply download this package, extract it then connect USB cable to phone and run recovery.bat
    4., MAKE BACKUP if needed.
    5., run Wipe data/factory reset
    6., under advanced run Wipe dalvik-cache
    7., Install zip from sd card menu then select and follow instructions

    No mirrors allowed, and please, post your build.prop mods/file delete lists instead more hipertweaked versions and everyone able to modify own system! All credits to bagyusz & Heimdallr75 & qltsar (from pH!). :highfive: