[Alexis Rom 3.4_FVG4][23/08/2022][03/2022 Patches][G96xF/FD OneUI3.0 Apps Ported]

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Aug 21, 2008
Hello, how do you update Magisk ? I understood you have to patch boot.img in Magisk app but I cannot find anything about this in the app. Thanks
OK found it, so you have to extract boot.img from rom zip then open Magisk app and tap the blue update/install button, select method "select a blah file" and select boot.img. After that reboot in recovery and install patched boot.img in boot.


Dec 24, 2014
hello , i try dirty and clean installs,
my phone is in bootloop, tried to download the rom again but the result is the same.
I installed several times using different option and evertything goes fine until reboot, then i get stuck on loop.
Twrp updated to last version Starlte, coming from custom rom based on android 9. Any help will be appreciated

Edit: ok i answer myself, i had to pass through odin to install a stock updated rom, reinstalled twrp and the rom again, i took a while but it's working, let's try it!
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