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Alignment Issue Facts !! Pls vote if you have it or not

Do you having or had SA ?

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Oct 25, 2006
Has anyone encountered SA issues with a HT636xx ?

Is it known when HTC started to ship Hermes with new screens?


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Mar 30, 2007
Mine is 648 and have problems

Mine is serial 648 and i am having the phantom tap problem closing my programs.

Has anyone with this serial have this problem also?



May 24, 2007
moody banks of whiskey.
10 days and started screen problems.

My device is only 10 days old, it's a HT711 sold by orange spain. And today it has started with problems with the touchscreen.

It was working 10 minutes ago perfectly... now the touchscreen is dead. But the buttons and the keyboard works perfectly.

Let's see if orange will not say "warranty broken" now that I've reflashed with the last standard wm5 firmware from HTC, and unlocked with pof unlocker ... :mad:
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Nov 22, 2006
Got my tytn replaced a month ago because of problems with screen alignment. Seem to be some bad contruction, still have the first iPaq modell and touchscreen works perfectly. Haven't had this problem on any other PDA/Smartphone either.

I think you need to not put in you pant pockets, keep in the case that came with it to prevent getting these problems.


Jun 17, 2007
Bought Tytn in july 06, directly to an online shop (materiel.net for my french collegues), so independently from an operator.

Alignment problems started in october 2006.. :mad:

S/N HT627F201683

Quite happy with it apart from this, specially with the excellent schaps ROM..


SA Issue!

Got the SA issue on my third Orange SPV m3100 - on the day I received it - today!

They're replacing it tomorrow - without charge!

s/n: HT652!



Jul 6, 2006
Somerset West
Received my HT649F in March.
Worked fine untill month ago when SA started.
After installing Schaps 3.30 it went mad and the touch screen works only 1-2 minutes after turning on.
Downgraded to WM5 and returned it.
Still waiting for replacement unit


New member
Jun 6, 2007
Never spent so much Money on trash

My serial # is HT650, I can not beleive that this problem is so common and that they dont do a recall. I bought mine through an e-bay type auction and no one will take care of this for me. The phone lasted about 45 days without this showing up, just long enough for the guarantee to end.


Dec 9, 2007
Thought I'd let you know of a easy way to fix your screen allignment problems in just 10 seconds.

My Vario 2 was fine for around 6 weeks before it started going out of allignment. It got progressively worse and recently it would need redoing 10 - 15 times a day.

So, how did i fix it. Simple, with a business card. Here's how. Take the business card (preferably a thin one with sharp corners. Insert it under the edge of the screen and run it along all four edges. As you do this you'll feel the bond of the gasket breaking. Thats it. I did this 5 days ago and have had no issues since.

Thanx dude. IT really worked for me too....... I was about to replace the Touch Panel. Thanx a lot for this.....


New member
Jan 26, 2008
Orange SPV m3100 / HERM100
s/n: HT709F221988

Screen was fine when i got the phone (this was my 4th replacement), but when I had to have a new screen & digitizer fitted it developed the alignment fault.

I can't get any more info off the fone as it's 'bricked' now. I picked it up yesterday, 2 minutes after making a call, and it was completely dead. No charging lights when i plug it in, nothing. I've tried everything to get it running again but it's completely dead (i've not flashed it or anything, it was just used normally).

If anyone can help with this problem PLEASE get in touch!!! (it's out of warranty!)


Senior Member
Jun 11, 2008
LCD or Flex cable?

is this problem from LCD or its flex cable?
try to move your sliding keyboard in and out, and c the screen alignement issue...it could be worse than before....i think while moving the keyboard the flex cable also move along with, so....my conclution is, it may be the flex cable have developed some loos contact inside the flex cable (this is possible in all flex cables)

comments are welcome.


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May 24, 2009
**** fix for screen alignment problem ****


What I found from reading several threads from this forum in regards to Screen Alignment issue is due to poor choice in the "GASKET MATERIAL" that goes around the inner lip of the top and both sides of the screen. That is why some people have success with sticking a business card along the cracks of the screen. It worked for me, too, but not to my satisfaction as there was a small portion in the middle lower right of the screen that would go haywire when I put the pen there. So I used a piece of plastic cutout of packageing that was hard, but flexible, and thin. I made it in a shape of a triangle and used the sharp point to get in there and run it up and down the cracks and managed to pull out some of that "GASKET MATERIAL" and new I had to take it apart.

So I searched around and found a picture of the "GASKET MATERIAL" around the screen, in the following link. It is the 10th picture down of a series that show the breakdown of an 8525:


Then I used the following video tuturial to disassemble the 8525:


There is a missing scene from the video right before the motherboard is removed. It should show a black screw just like the 1st 4 you removed with your number T6 torque screw driver. It is at the top of the phone and is shown in the pictures of the first link from howardforums.com.

My "Gasket" was in rough shape. Seemed to be made out of some type of foam that disinegrates easily. I used small strips of the furry side of some velcro, cut to about the width of the preivous "Gasket". Had some very fine scissors to do it with. I also cut as much of the furry hairs as I could, off each strip. I took my time and it took me about 2 hours, as I was winging it.

I NO LONGER HAVE THE SCREEN ALIGNMENT ISSUE. Good luck in your endevours!!!