{All 2011}[DEV][Marshmallow 6.0.1][LegacyXperia] unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 builds

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    [COLOR="Purple"]#include <std_disclaimer.h>[/COLOR]
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
     * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
     * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
     * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    This is an unofficial build of CM13.0.
    This is an attempt to stay close to official cm13.0 and not make crazy hacks to make things working.

    This is a pure CM build, only contains official CM features. I will not add any other external feature/app/etc.

    For an up-to date working/not working list, bug tracker, useful guides & FAQ, visit our website:

    Want to contribute? Submit your changes to msm7x30 gerrit:

    WARNING: This ROM uses a modified internal memory layout.
    Our /system partition is originally 400MB but this space is not enough for a fluid experience and a full installation with proper google apps.
    The internal storage has been repartitioned to give the whole space to /system & /cache. Your SD card will be used as the /data partition and emulated media storage like all modern devices.

    Partition your SD card with exactly 1 partition. ALL DATA WILL BE LOST. Backup anything you need.
    Basically, you need a normal SD card; if you repartitioned for Lollipop, you must revert that.
    Format to F2FS or ext4 (F2FS is the new standard), or
    if the partition is unformatted or FAT32, then it will automatically be formatted with F2FS later.
    You can use Partition Wizard (Win) or GParted (Linux).

    If you want to use this ROM you will always have to use the included kernel or use a kernel that includes the layour changes. Bug reports with non-standard kernels will be ignored.
    You will have to wipe the device and make a clean install.
    You cannot restore nandroid backups from previous android versions or restore backups from this ROM to other ROMs that don't use the new partition layout since you risk corrupting the data.
    I suggest to use Titanium Backup, Helium or any other similar app to backup your data if you really need to.

    * Have the stock ICS 4.1.B.0.587 full ftf flashed (doesn't matter if you have flashed it in the past or if you flash it before installing cm13.0, it will work both ways)
    * LT15i (Arc) users need to flash LT18i (Arc S) ftf
    * MT15i (Neo) users need to flash MT11i (Neo V) ftf
    * You need a fast SD card with good random read/write (usually class 10 or higher).

    Steps required for correct installation (order is important):
    1: Flash boot.img in fastboot & reboot into recovery
    2 (optional): If the device is not booting, reboot to bootloader again and run:
    fastboot erase system
    3: Enter recovery
    4: Format /system, then /data and then /cache (Important step!)
    5: Flash update zip
    6: Flash gapps

    You need to flash gapps before booting into the ROM for the first time, else critical permissions will not be granted and you will have constant crashes, requiring a factory reset.

    Steps 2, 4, 6 are not needed when you install new LX build on top of an older one in the future

    If you want to return to a ROM that doesn't use the new partition layout, you need to follow the above steps again (only replace boot.img & update zip with the ones you want to use).

    More detailed instructions can be found in LX wiki

    FAQ/Q&A/Discussion thread:
    There's no longer a separate thread for discussion, to minimize fragmentation. You can use this thread.

    How to make your own test builds:
    This older guide works for cm-13.0 as well:
    {All 2011}[GUIDE][DEV] How to build CyanogenMod 12.1

    Release changes

    Working/Non-working list
    Marshmallow status


    Recommended Google Apps:
    Google Apps packaged by Mardon

    Following xda's rule #12 spirit: If you are developing something that is based on my work, you MUST first seek my permission, you must add proper credits and you must add links pointing to my original thread and to my github sources.
    Breaking this rule will lead me to report the thread to the moderators.

    BUG Tracker
    If you want to help fixing those bugs, please report the bugs in the bug tracker. Thanks!
    Logs are needed (logcat/dmesg/last_kmsg), not just "got FC" or "+1" useless replies.
    For more detailed instructions check the bug reporting guide in the FAQ.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LegacyXperia , ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    mikeioannina, Mardon, Rrreutel, Adrian DC, cajhin and many others
    Source Code: http://github.com/LegacyXperia

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest version of official ICS firmware: 4.1.B.0.587 or the latest supported baseband: 8x55A-AAABQOAZM-203028G-77
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 20161109
    Beta Release Date: 2016-11-09

    Created 2016-02-26
    Last Updated 2016-11-09
    ## Nightly build 20160227 - cm-13.0
    * Latest cm13.0 changes
    * Initial public build
    * Included Google's security bulletins up to February 1
    * WARNING: Switched to emulated storage. More info [here](https://github.com/LegacyXperia/Wiki/wiki/Installing-Marshmallow)
    * Marked SD as nonremovable in kernel: Reduces time spent in mmc1_detect wakelock
    * Removed SD eject option from settings
    * Fixed charger led staying always on
    * Replaced aosp Camera2 with Snap camera app
    * Changed to half-resolution boot animation to reduce boot time
    * Actually using lz4 to compress zRAM
    * Updated yaffs to latest upstream code
    * Added workaround for urushi flash. More info [here](http://review.msm7x30.org/1119)
    * Added low resource fake material progress spinner to improve dex2oat time

    First builds will roll based on device popularity in the next 2 days.
    Special thanks to LX team and everyone who helped so far with testing and bug fixing! Functionality should be the same as cm-12.1 or better, but let us know of any issues.

    Bluetooth is reported as not quite stable yet (some devices not reconnecting, turning BT on/off through settings not working reliably)
    LegacyXperia test release : For building test purposes and for those interested
    in a preview of LineageOS on the 11 supported 2011 Xperia devices,

    here are builds of all devices that you can try and report back on :

    I hold included work-in-progress patches here (0117+ builds done at PS5) :

    These are here for testing purposes and no guarantee of usability,
    stability or else will be given until further work is done on our side.

    Also please do not rehost the builds as they are meant to be removed once the next build batch is ready to start.
    LegacyXperia cm-13.0 20161109 release

    On behalf of Mike and the other LegacyXperia devs I'm posting a new release of LegacyXperia cm-13.0. Mike will be mostly offline during the coming months due to military training.

    ## Nightly build 20161109 - cm-13.0
    * Latest cm13.0 changes
    * Included Google's security bulletins up to October 1st 2016
    * Fixed CVE-2014-4655, CVE-2015-2686, CVE-2015-4177, CVE-2015-7515, CVE-2015-8830, CVE-2015-8839, CVE-2016-0819, CVE-2016-2059, CVE-2016-2384, CVE-2016-2468, CVE-2016-2475, CVE-2016-2504, CVE-2016-2545, CVE-2016-2546, CVE-2016-2547, CVE-2016-2549, CVE-2016-2847, CVE-2016-3134, CVE-2016-3135, CVE-2016-3138, CVE-2016-3156, CVE-2016-3768, CVE-2016-3809, CVE-2016-3951, CVE-2016-4470, CVE-2016-4482, CVE-2016-4486, CVE-2016-4569, CVE-2016-4578, CVE-2016-4805, CVE-2016-4998, CVE-2016-5342, CVE-2016-5829, CVE-2016-6683, CVE-2016-6828, CVE-2016-7042, CVE-2016-7117, CVE-2016-7910, CVE-2016-7911, CVE-2015-8962, CVE-2016-2184, CVE-2015-8963, CVE-2016-6136, CVE-2016-6738, CVE-2015-8964, CVE-2016-7915
    * Updated f2fs to latest f2fs-stable linux-3.4.y code
    * Added lzma compression for kernel and ramdisk, possibly allowing devices with bad blocks to flash the smaller boot.img
    * disabled signature checking in recovery to allow flashing the ever growing CM-13.0 zips more reliably

    Builds are available from basketbuild.

    For gapps we recommend @Mardon 's miniGAPPS (the Std. version is probably too large) from Google Apps 6.0.1 [HDPI][MDPI] - (upd.20161024)

    After the recent 20161025 CM-11.0 release some donations have come in to support the VPS server. (It's hosting Gerrit to manage changes and future releases for LegacyXperia).

    These donations are much appreciated, thanks everyone who donated! If you haven't yet, but would still like to materialize a 'thanks' to Mike and LegacyXperia, please feel free to donate here :good: