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Aug 6, 2011
New firmware from the Netherlands with a new changelist: 12246902. Any visual changes here?
I've installed it yesterday. Nothing new on the surface except the fact of that the phone now boots when encryption was broken (by installing a custom recovery) but it prompts you to factory reset the device . It seems to be a little faster and doesn't drain as much battery as the August Security Patch roms.
One warning: do not attempt to flash the rom with an older CSC. If you are going to flash it you need to flash all the files altogether (bl, ap, cp, and csc). any attempt of changing the csc with an older one results in the stock recovery not being able to pass the 25% of progress (in the progress bar) and failing to install the update. It doesn't matter if you used HOME_CSC or CSC, older cscs seem to require a command that the new recovery doesn't support and that causes the recovery to fail to complete the update. All of this lead to the dissappearance of the keyboard in my case. I've tested this with 3 roms and different csc's and the result was always the same so beaware, maybe you are lucky though.

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Apr 25, 2017
Does anyone know what is going on with s7 edge from Vodafone Italy. It is still on May security patch... That is ridiculous!!!

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Oct 17, 2013
Cape Town
November Patch for S7 edge in Netherlands PHN OTA is out.


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Jan 6, 2012
San Jose
Funny how y'all think battery will improve on a almost 2 years old phone. Non sense. Lol. Want battery? Get a Razer Phone or an oneplus 5T.
Am pretty sure we are all power users here. I had an LG4 before this one and I gave it to my wife, for me battery was terrible, had to plug it at least twice a day and now she runs it almost 2 days in one single charge... The most **** you install on your s7 pretending un have an s8 the less battery u will have. Simple facts.

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    HERE IS THE VIDEO THAT SHOWS HOW TO CHANGE CSC CODE WITHOUT LOSING THE KNOX WARRANTY (dont forget to subscribe to my channel and comment for any help)

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    Android 7.1.1

    Hi guys
    Good news!we will get 7.1.1 on official release!!!
    Proof ??
    All these people commenting saying they're going back to MM is breaking my heart... You opted IN to test this firmware and report back to Samsung on any issues and provide logs etc to aid them in polishing nougat, yet you all jump in and post about how you got the OTA then 2 hours later cry that it's too leggy and missing features and not performing as you'd expect...

    If you didn't want to have an unstable software on your phone, don't opt in to things like this.

    Inb4, yes I am on the nougat beta
    FAQ - Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Beta 1/2/3


    Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Nougat Beta

    :confused:Who can update to Beta 2/3 etc?
    Currently only officially registered via the Samsung Beta Program Users are able to upgrade OTA to the newest betas

    :(Can I register for the Samsung Beta Program?
    No. Currently the beta program is full and no new users are allowed into the program

    :angel:Will Samsung extend the Beta Program?
    Only Samsung knows. There are rumours that Samsung might extend the Beta Program to more countries. But this is a big maybe. So only time will tell.

    :(Can someone share a link for Beta 3 so I can update my leaked Beta that I flashed via ODIN?
    No. Since Beta 3 is not a full firmware, but an update, there is no single Download available.

    :(Can someone provide the Update File?
    It seems that it would be possible, but with a lot of work including downgrading, ADB, fastboot commands etc etc so this seems unlikely to happen. Also it is important to have TWO Update Files one from Beta 1 to Beta 2 and then from Beta 2 to Beta 3. Just an Update from Beta 2 to Beta 3 will not work.

    :(Can I use a Samsung Account from a friend/stranger to upgrade my device?
    No. Officially registered Accounts are also connected to the IMEI of the device. So its of no use.

    :cool:Can I use a custom ROM and get Beta 3
    Of course you can install a Custom ROM which includes Beta 3. But be aware that it will trip KNOX and void warranty of your device.

    :good:Can I downgrade to Marshmallow?
    Yes. Just use Smartswitch on your PC/Mac and do a Recovery

    :eek:Will I be able to use Beta 1 until the official Nougat Update comes?
    Probably. Currently there seems no expiration date on the betas.

    :fingers-crossed:Can I update from Beta 1 to the final Version once it is released?
    Yes. It might work via OTA, but for sure you are able to upgrade via SmartSwitch on your PC/Mac.
    All you guys registered in Beta posting pics and etc. none of you could save the OTA file before updating?!?!

    No one saved beta-2, now no one save beta-3. I am getting seriously frustrated now. What are we even doing here?

    You are so happy to get the OTAs and didn't even think for a moment about the thousands of people who are not registered and could use your help. Sad...

    Sorry, just feeling bad for being stuck at beta-1.

    Stop whining, ok?

    It's your own fault, you didn't register in time for the beta and not everyone wants to root their device for your laziness! :eek: