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Sep 5, 2010
This Is An OFFICIAL Thread Meant For The Discussion And Development Of Gionee M2
Gionee M2 Also Rebranded As Walton Primo HM

Updated To KITKAT!!!!!
Audio Mods Added! Luk Below!
Enabling ART On KITKAT
Follow this And Enjoy Super Fast M2

YouTube Freeze While Watching Fix..

Gionee 8GB Owners Must Replace Boot.IMG in custom Roms using ur 8gb Boot.IMG!

KITKAT Update!! Guide (Both 4gb &8gb versions)

Rooting Methods:- Framaroot(For JB Only) Thnx To NandaKalyan (For KitKat)
##Best working Root
Just Flash this via Custom Recovery

Stock Rom:- (Thanks To Akash6448 & This Is Flashable From CWM) This Is For 4gb Ppl only (via SPTools)
Custom Recovery:- To Shivam Bhalla)
##For KitKat Users##
It Can be flashed via sp tools..
Just make a new folder and put this recovery file and scatter file.. Open this scatter file in new folder and press download option

KitKat Stock Roms Can Be Found In KitKat Update Guide!
Custom ROM Based On KK(4gb Owners Only) :-
1) Axer ROM (Beta) By Arnab

2)##NewUpdatedCleanKat 4.1 By Umangleekha Port By ARGN

3) DarkL (Themed Dark Android L Ui)

4)##New BloomKat By Divya Shah

1)HiveUI Of Xolo!

2)AOSP KitKat Bug free

3)Android L Ui Rom (VeryGood)

4)Themed AOSP..

5)Samsung Ui V2....It's complete touchwiz interface..

6)ColorOs Port

7)Xperia ROM
Auto Rotation Fix And Other Fixes(Xperia)

8)Touch OS

9)##NewRom FreeMeOs

10)##NewRom LG G3 Luk Like AOSP

11)#NewRom PopKatV2

12)##NewRom Material ROM(Quite Good)

13)Finally! Color Os Proper Port

14)Xperia E4

15)L Ui Reborn

16)Yun Os

17)Lewa Os Kk

18)Su Droid Rom

19)iOcean ROM

20)Xperia Z3

Custom Rom Based On JB(4gb Owners Only):-
1) Lewa Os 5:- (Thanks To Shivam Bhalla)

2)4.2.2 Unofficial:- (Thanks To Shivam Bhalla)

3)AOSP Rom:- (Thanks To Shivam Bhalla)

4)Canvas 2.2 Rom:- (Thanks To Arnab Gharay)

5)Xperia UI Rom:- (Thanks To Arnab Gharay)

6)FLY UI Rom:- (Thanks To Arnab Gharay)

7)Miui Rom:- (Thanks To Arnab Gharay)
OTA Updates

8)Axer 3.0:- To Arnab Gharay)
Don't forget to hit thanks for continued support!!!
##Camera Fix (Thanks To sinha500)
1)Gionee themes by diparthshah

1)Dolby Audio Mod(Thanks To aki_007)
Just Wipe Cache And Dalvik Cache And flash.. Do Take Backup Before doing anything..
FOR Material+ Rom :

For Aosp gesture Rom :
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Nov 24, 2013
Got a problem

Hey, I encountered a problem in my gionee m2... Whenever I try to add widget on a 3rd party launcher such as go launcher or Nova launcher, the settings crashes...Plz help me solve this problem!!!


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Apr 26, 2014
Exactly, you'll not be able to add Widgets because of Amigo UI. Solution is if your phone is rooted, install busybox and an application named "system app mover" or any application which can do that work. Once this is done, you can install Nova launcher and then open system app mover, granting root permission. Push Nova launcher into system and reboot. Now, Nova launcher will be into your system and you can add any Widgets onto you home screen..:);)
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Nov 24, 2013

I was checking out many launchers to see if the widget problem existed in all the Launchers..... But as I saw, the settings didn't crash in Launchers Like nemus launcher or MIUI home.


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Apr 26, 2014
Hi! Is there anyone who can port "Color OS" for our Gionee M2? System which comes inbuilt with "Oppo" phones.

Anand Ban

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May 27, 2014
Great work of putting information in one place

great work bro.
The idea of bringing all customization info for Gionee m2 in one place is highly appreciable.

By the way its a great phone, I will just charge it every 3 days (with 3G on for 24/7 & WIFI for 2 hours. I do not play music that frequently. But I browse a lot. With 4 Gmail accounts + 7 LIVE accounts + 2 Exchange accounts + Weather widgets)

Just thinking about my old WP7 phone (HTC HD7) which I had to charge every day (mostly twice) & holding this phone now.....its heaven.

I was searching for days to find information for rooting, flashing.....finally came here.
1. I have rooted using framaroot (third option in exploit list worked for me)
2. Before that rooted it using VRoot tool from XIAOMI site
3. Installed Mobile uncle tools from Play store
4. Downloaded and kept the recovery.img in SD card (make sure you keep it in the root directory - meaning not in sub folders of SD card)
5. Installed the recovery using MTK Mobile uncle tools
6. Then installed ROM manager
7. Went into recovery mode
8. The Touch based recovery was good (compared to old button based where I had problems in my old device where the volume buttons were not working)
9. Remember that the touch recovery there will be no back button. (you have to swipe LEFt & RIGHT for drilling)
10. Downloaded & kept the pure AOSP rom in my SD card
11. Took a complete BACKUP of current ROM (prebuilt AMIGO UI based rom that comes with Gionee M2)
12. Copied the backup to my computer (safe side)
13. Went to ROM manager & installed the custom rom (that i downloaded in step 10). Using ROM manager is easier because you do not have to remember stuff like wipe/reset/dalvik......& what order to perform them

14. Finally had a fresh new OS.
15. Installed themer & my phone now rocks.

Stock AMIGO UI: When I bought it: Free RAM: 430
Stock AMIGO UI: After installing apps: Free RAM : 140

Custom AOSP: After installing apps: Free RAM : 500+ :)


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Sep 5, 2010
Thnx! Credit the developer for the AOSP ROM! And hoping for more development :D

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Apr 26, 2014
Yes, Shivam made this nice rom and we're really thankful to him but I think there's a minor bug in this rom with it's tethering. Check this out if you have not got this problem? Try connecting your phone's Wi-Fi 4-5 times and then start Wi-Fi tethering if it gets active? And if it's not then you won't be able to open your phone's Wi-Fi bro..
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Sep 5, 2010
We can only help if we have the device with us.. And there are many roms released for g2.. Do check it out at XDA

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Nov 24, 2013
Samsung's keyboard

Guys can anyone upload the samsung's keyboard as a apk file for m2??


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Jan 4, 2014
New delhi
Change 3g sim option included

which of the above roms include change 3g sim option in settings as i downloaded lewa but it doesn't have it .
are there any mods to to do the same for any custom rom and also i am not able to flash lenovo super camera in stock amigo , does someone know why?


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Feb 23, 2014
Xiaomi Poco F3
Axer, Xperia, canvas 2.2 these roms will allow you to change 3g Sim, and you can also install Lenovo super camera in these rom

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