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All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

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Senior Member
Mar 21, 2009
Is update out official? I have manually installed and when I try "Download latest package" option from updater I get "Can't download update Wait a minute or two and try again" message. Also Chrome keep changing my color scheme of display. And my preinstalled wallpapers are gone (in Themes app the folder is just empty). Plus on super wallpapers The red planet have update but I can't download it, no such problem on Home super wallpaper at the same time. Factory reset didn't sort any of this problems.


Senior Member
May 20, 2008
Still on v11.0.5.0 here - is it worth upgrading manually to Miui 12 ? It seems people are complaining about increased battery drain which is already not that great...Thanks !

EDIT - I see it's that could have increased the battery drain but people seem happy with vs as far as battery life goes so I guess it's a go ? ;-)
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Oct 23, 2019
Xiaomi Mi 11
Updated to miui 12 some time and I think that is no big difference for me. I think I have about 3 SOT hours when gaming, without game it can be about 4,5-5 hours. AccuBattery shows 73% battery condition.
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Senior Member
Oct 25, 2012
any chance to see the miui 12.5 official on this phone?

From the photo its said yes MI8/ Mix2S and Mix3 will get stable 12.5 MIUI but its might be late or last batch for us
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Senior Member
Dec 23, 2010
I have been on global stable for a while and it has a bug with the fingerprint reader on first read. This causes certain banking apps like Halifax to not work with fingerprint because they won't request twice.

Does anyone know if this issue is fixed in I would prefer to wait for OTA updates but this issue has been bugging me now for months.

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