All stars VS. MS Windows

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Mar 27, 2008
Wrocław / Zurich
I'm starting to collect all fact's about MS and other software developers.
It's something in the air lately.

1. MS want to release PDA with their brand
2. MS don't wont to update to WM7 other devices.
3. When I look at newest wm7 I see that its first try to tie client with one
brand , like apple did with appstore and secured software.
4. WinMo Market place it's a pathetic fake of appstore, Yesterday day I
check that I need a 120 sec. to check all software their offer, against
millions of application in appstore its shame to release something like that.
( I'm not fan of apple, and it's not a commercial )

on second hand :

5. A lot of software developers withdraw their support for WinMo ( skype -
we know that it's not bugged like their claim, abby mobile reader, google
goggles, and a lot more... there is plenty of good application for symbian
or android or... but no support for WM )
6. MS respond with their stupid ( it's very very kind word ) policy about 3
buttons phone for upgrade. ( wm7 )

I think that's all politic and economy war. But we are victims.
HTC make good move to use Android OS and make business with google - I thing it will be small revolution in mobile market. There is possibility that MS will stand alone as a brand for mobile and software.

What do You guys think about it ?