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Feb 15, 2008
Æ e NordNorsk.
A simple list of the available Windows Mobile 6.5 Titanium plugins.
Updated Frequently. This thread is for easier finding and searching the available titanium plugins.
Please post new links here and I'll add them to the first posts.
Keep the thread clean. Questions about the plugins should be asked in the developers thread only!

The newest additions to the list are added at the bottom of this post. Have fun with your Titanium homescreen! :)

Titanium resources:
WM 6.5 Skins thread

CHomeEditor by showaco
Titanizer by twolf



COffice By JukEboXAuDiO [All Resolutions?]
"COffice is a Titanium plugin which allows you to get to your Microsoft Office tools quickly and easily.
Office tools include: Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Powerpoint, Microsoft Office OneNote and Microsoft Office Communicator......"

CTwitter By JukEboXAuDiO [WVGA, VGA]
"CTwitter is a Titanium plugin which allows you to get to open your TweetDeck for Mobile devices using PockeTwit.
You can also Update your status using this program....."

CFacebook By JukEboXAuDiO
"Facebook is a Titanium plugin which allows you to continue your Facebook Addiction using Facebook Mobile and Facebook Instant Messenger....."

Titanium System Panel by dgaud007 [QVGA]
"1. Shows RAM, STORAGE and SD CARD free available memory.
2. Updated every 10 seconds.
3. CAB Installation. (Thanks to AppStar for the Plugin Installer and showaco for CHome Editor!)....."

Favorite People Plugin by AppStar [All Resolutions]
"This plug-in allows you to add your favorite contacts to the WM 6.5 CHome (aka Titanium) homescreen....."

Twitter Panel By derekwilkinson [QVGA]
"I have created a Twitter Panel for Titanium. It links to a quick status update and a list of updates.
It uses PockeTwit (http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-...pocketwit.html).
I don't know how to distrubute it... but I have info from the Titanium_240x320.cpr and registry....."

Titanium Weather By Mnemonique [QVGA, WQVGA]
"Weather info on your todayscreen. QVGA and Omnia......"

Titanium Weather (and more) by showaco [All Resolutions]
"Cab will install weather plugin to homescreen. Install to main memory.
Radar--press "Refresh" to redownload an image, tap screen to zoom in, 3 levels of zoom(none, 200%,300%), fullscreen,
first radar image displays in weather panel of homescreen......"

Opera panel & TitaniumWeather for 6.5 21501 by showaco [WVGA]
"Here's a new panel for testing. I added a mortscript to handle the import of your bookmarks from opera 9.5.
I don't know if it works with all versions of opera or not. The script reads the opera6.adr file located in \Windows\Opera9 folder to get bookmark list.
It launches links by calling on opera at \Windows\OperaL.exe. Test it out, and I can add more features if it works...... "

Program Tab by sector [VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA]
The program tab is included in the themepack.

Titanium Quick Launcher by gullum [VGA, QVGA]
"maybe it's wrong to lable this as an APP anyway this adds a program launcher tab to the titanium...!"
Quick Launcher Editor by gullum and twolf
"Still beta, but all appears to be working...

Analog Clock by rpereira [In development]
"You heard that right, fully functional, skinable analog clock coming soon to a post near you (actually, this very same thread)....."

Titanium Artesea Twitter by artesea [In development] [WVGA]
"Having self taught myself MortScript in the last 24 hours I've decided to try and create a Titanium Twitter app.
Unlike those already there, this one actually displays the 10 most recent tweets from your friends...."

Titanium Plugin CVolume [All resolutions!]
"little plugin which give the opportunity to change the level of the sound easy and sound profiles...."

Titanium Notifications [QVGA + VGA]
"QVGA by Larbke666 - VGA by megapinkycolor...."

Titanium CommManager [v0.22] test for All Resolution
"You need install the Mortscript First ...."

AudioManager Titanium Panel
"This is a installer for AudioManager plugin for Titanium..."

JMLCac40 Stock plugin - 3rd party link. Not on XDA...
"A french stock monitoring plugin...Here is a google translate of that same page :)"

CLauncher v0.2 [Script Test Version]
"another Titanium Application launcher - easy to add and remove application...."

Titanium Plugin: Taskanium
"Taskanium is a simple Titanium (WM 6.5) plugin which displays the list of active tasks within the titaniun plugin
and allows you to 1. add a new task 2. open the active task by clicking 3. mark the task as complete (right soft-key)...."

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Nov 24, 2008
Actually a great thread to start now with all the new plugins.

I would just update the system panel, maybe just put 'QVGA' in brackets so us vga users dont get our hopes up seeing this thread.


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Nov 17, 2008
Great idea thedaniel!
I'm bookmarking this thread :)

Should be stickied!


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Feb 15, 2008
Æ e NordNorsk.
@ All: Thank you for the bookmarks and subscriptions! I will update it frequently. I got tired of searching them all the time. This is way easier.

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