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Feb 27, 2016
Huawei U8300

Your links are not working.

I'm looking for stock rom for huawei U8300 OPTIMUS PORTUGAL

I've searched a lot and all links I find are dead.

Can you help me?


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Feb 16, 2012
Wilkes Barre
Hello any chance of getting the Huawei Honor Note 8 EDI-AL10 firmware or the Huawei P8 max firmware. I can't seem to find them anywhere, thanks in advance if possible


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Jul 31, 2013
Mexico City
Hello and thanks for making such a great post. I have Gx8 RIO-L03C69B004 bought in Mexico. Tried to put a Stock Rom MM for "all GX8" which was not true! My screen flickers and there is a fix by extracting modem from original stock rom. Huawei service told me that there is no online download for my version, only at a service center. A guy in my country managed to adapt a Spain ROM so it fits my model and it works, kind of! No finger print! LOL, I guess it will be great to find that 5.1 stock rom again. Thanks again!


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Sep 26, 2016
I need help plz. Huawei Raven stock rom/framework. I used KingRoot, then exposed, and GPS and some other apps stopped working. I then uprooted with KingRoot, it says my phone isn't rooted, but certain apps wont work.?? Can you help me?


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Dec 9, 2016
Huawei Y5 ii CUN-L22

Hii ... can any body give me link for stock rom Huawei Y5 II CUN-L22
Thanks be4


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Dec 28, 2013
OnePlus 8
Hi guy's I have problem, I have huavei G620s-L01 but I can't do it nothing. I have messege "app setting has been stop" something like that. I train hard reset by this is nothing change when creator start I have same massage. Developer option switch off and I can't switch on. Thank you.


Oct 11, 2016
Gr5 2017 BLL-L22

I need the stock firmware flash file for Huawei GR5 2017 BLL-L22
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Mar 3, 2017
Any of you guys that are posting about this in 2016 and 2017. Have you been able to root the Huawei u8800 recently?

I've tried towelroot, kingoroot, superboot, and z4root unsuccessfully.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


May 1, 2017
does anyone know where i can find this:
HUAWEI_Ascend_Y200_firmware(U8655,Android_2.3,V100R001C00B897CUSTC373D001,Bosnian-BH Telekom,05011DVG)
Thanks in advance


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Jul 27, 2017
these links no longer work

Does anyone have the first in the list for Mediapad s7-301u i.e. Ornage tahiti firmware please?

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    Please note:
    All links are to the
    relevant pages on my blogs. This is for two reasons:

    One - I didn't want to
    spam the forum with hundreds of mediafire links (yes all my files are
    hosted with mediafire :)
    Two - Perhaps more
    importantly, I update my blogs first so there may be firmware on the
    blog page that is not yet listed here (I am a busy man after all

    • C8150-1 V100R001C126B837(Indonesia AHA)
    Page link - C8150 Firmware or here

    • C8500 V100R001C92B282
    Page link - C8500 Firmware or here

    • C8500S V100R001C92B633SP01
    • C8500S V100R001C92B656 (China Telecom)
    Page link - C8500S Firmware or here

    • C8511 V100R001C96B638
    Page link - C8511 Firmware or here

    • C8550 V100R001C92B675(05010TUL)
    Page link - C8550 Firmware or here

    • C8600 V100R001C92B225SP15
    • C8600 V100R001C92B280
    Page link - C8600 Firmware or here

    • C8650 V100R001C92B867(05010MHJ)
    • C8650 V100R001C92B879(05010MHJ)
    • C8650 V100R001C92B862(China Telecom)(05010MHJ)*new 07/06/12
    Page link - C8650 Firmware or here

    • C8650E V100R001C92B866SP01(05010UBA)
    • C8650E V100R001C92B866SP02(05010UBA)
    • C8650E V100R001C92B875(05010UBA)
    Page link - C8650Plus Firmware or here

    • C8800 V100R001C298B851(05010RRT)
    Page link - C8800 Firmware or here

    C8810 - Ascend G300C
    • C8810 V100R001C92B862(General Version)(05010TJJ)
    Page link - C8810 Firmware or here

    C8812 - Ascend
    • C8812 V100R001C92B918(05010XDJ)
    • C8812 V100R001C92B921(China Telecom) *New 29/05/12
    • C8812 V100R001C92B925(China Telecom) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - C8812 Firmware or here

    • C8850 V100R001C92B245SP13
    Page link - C8850 Firmware or here

    • C8860E V100R001C92B871(05010UKD)
    • C8860E V100R001C92B878(05010UKD)
    • C8860E V100R001C92B892(China Telecom) *New 28/06/12
    • C8860E V100R001C92B925(China Telecom) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - C8860E Firmware or here

    M835 - HWM835
    • M835 V100R001C177B666 (Normal)(05010KKE)
    Page link - M835 Firmware or here

    M860 - Ascend
    • M860 V100R001C153B251SP03(USA Cricket)
    • M860 V100R001C177B261(USA MetroPCS)
    • M860 V100R001C177B617(America MetroPcs)
    • M860 V100R001C177B652(USA MetroPCS)(05010MLU)
    Page link - M860 Firmware or here

    M865 - Ascend II
    • M865 V100R001C153B826b (US Cricket)
    Page link - M865 Firmware or here

    Mediapad S7-301c
    • S7-301c V100R001C142B023(China Telecom)(05010AGD)
    Page link - Mediapad 301c Firmware or here

    Mediapad (S7-301u)
    • S7-301u V100R001C237B017 (UK Orange)(05010UYB)
    • S7-301u V100R001C232B016 (General Version)( 05010SJR)
    • S7-301u V100R001C161B012 (Singapore Channel)(05010TEW)
    • S7-301u V100R001C002B032SP08
    • S7-301u V100R001C002B032SP06
    • S7-301u V100R001C002B032SP01(General version)
    • S7-301u V00R001C284B011 (General Channel)(05010XEW)
    • S7-301u V00R002C232B002 (General Channel )(05010YBX)
    • S7-301u V00R002C246B003 (MiddleEast Channel)( 05010YPT)
    • S7-301u V100R001C232B011SP02(General version)
    • S7-301u V100R002C233B015 (Chinese Channel)(05010XRH)
    • S7-301u V100R002C170B008(Russia Channel)(05010XUM)*New 28/05/12
    • S7-301u V100R001C250B011(Taiwan)*New 07/06/12
    • S7-301u V100R001C170B015(Russia Channel)(05010SXP)*New 07/06/12
    • S7-301u V100R001C233B021(China)(05010SJS)*New 07/06/12
    • S7-301u V100R001C262B010(China)*New 07/06/12
    • S7-301u Android4.0 C232B005(General Channel)(05010YBX) *New 28/06/12
    • S7-301u Android4.0 C233B016(Chinese Channel)(05010XRH) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - Mediapad 301u Firmware or here

    Mediapad S7-301w
    • S7-301W V100R002C233B002(China Channel)(05011ASC)
    • S7-301w V100R001C233B019(China Channels)
    • S7-301w Android4.0 C232B001(General Channel)(05010BDG) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - Mediapad 301w Firmware or here

    S7 Tablet
    • S7 V100R001C08B016(U.K. Dataselect)
    • S7 V100R001C13B020SP01(Australia)
    • S7 V100R001C13B021(Australia)
    • S7 V100R001C15B023(Spain Orange)
    • S7 V100R001C28B015(USA BestBuy)
    • S7 V100R001C28B112(USA BestBuy)
    • S7 V100R001C32B015(Italy GIVI)
    • S7 V100R001C56B012(Indonesia XL)
    • S7 V100R001C57B113(Norway Telenor)
    • S7 V100R001C62B113(Chinese)
    • S7 V100R001C63B013(Sweden Expert)
    • S7 V100R001C63B110(Sweden)
    • S7 V100R001C70B112(Russia Channel)
    • S7 V100R001C13B115 (Australian Telstra) *New 28/05/12

    • S7-201u V100R001C225B011(Taiwan)
    • S7-201w V100R001C128B011(USA BestBuy)
    • S7-201u V100R001C106B013(South Africa MTN)
    • S7-201u V100R001C173B019(Chinese)(05010PTX)
    • S7-201u V100R001C178B021(22)(Hungary T-Mobile)
    • S7-201u V100R001C197B012(Indonesia Telkomsel)
    • S7-201u V100R001C203B013(Indonesia Channel)
    • S7-201u V100R001C206B012 (Poland AB)
    • S7-201u V100R001C207B015(Hungary Invitel)
    • S7-201w V100R001C207B013(Hungary Invitel)
    Page link - S7 Firmware or here

    • S8520 V100R001C92B011SP022 (China Telecom)
    Page link - S8250 Firmware or here

    • S8600 V100R001C92B133(05010RBP)
    • S8600 V100R001C92B140 (China Telecom)*New 25/05/12
    Page link - S8600 Firmware or here

    • T8500 V100R001ENGC01B104
    Page link - T8500 Firmware or here

    • T8600 V100R001C01B016SP10 (Simplified Chinese)
    Page link - T8600 Firmware or here

    T8828 - Ascend G305T
    • T8828 V100R001CHNC01B818SP06
    • T8828 V100R001CHNC01B819SP03*New 07/06/12
    • T8828 V100R001CHNC01B823(China Mobile) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - T8828 Firmware or here

    • U8100-5 V100R001ARGC27B235(Argentina Movistar)
    • U8100-9 V100R001C98B239(Canada wind)
    • U8100-9 V100R001C141B238(USA CincinnatiBell)
    • U8100 V100R001C42B223SP01(Indonesia EXCELCOM)
    • U8100 V100R001C109B220(France Orange)
    • U8100 V100R001C138B220SP01(Austria H3G)
    Page link - U8100 Firmware or here

    U8110 - T-Mobile Pulse Mini
    • U8110 V100R001ARBC200B278(Arabic Etisalat)
    • U8110 V100R001C00B223SP02(Normal)
    • U8110 V100R001C19B221(H3G HongKong)
    • U8110 V100R001C85B215SP02(TMO Holand)
    • U8110 V100R001C85B215SP02(TMO UK)
    • U8110 V100R001C86B219SP01(Spain Yoigo)
    • U8110 V100R001C157B229SP01(Hungary Redbull)
    • U8110 V100R001C188B253(Germany E-PLUS)
    • U8110 V100R001C17B239(China Unicom)(05010EJA)
    Page link - U8110 Firmware or here

    U8120 - Vodafone 845 - V845 - Joy
    • U8120 V100R001C02B264SP02(Greece Vodafone)
    • U8120 V100R001NZLC02B233SP02(New Zealand Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001C02B221(Spain Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001C02B223(Czech Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001DEUC02B220(Vodafone German)
    • V845 V100R001GBRC02B226SP02(UK Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001IRLC02B220SP02(Eire Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001NLDC02B220(Holand Vodafone)
    • V845 V100R001NZLC02B233SP01(New Zealand Vodafone)
    Page link - U8120 Firmware or here

    U8150 - Ideos
    • U8150 V100R001C18B842(Kenya Safaricom)
    • U8150 V100R001C85B823SP01(USA TMO-Postpay)
    • U8150 V100R001C126B829(Normal)
    • U8150 V100R001C126B832SP04(India Tata)
    • U8150 V100R001C127B818SP05 (Hong Kong SmarTone)
    • U8150 V100R001C127B818SP05 (Pakistan Zong)
    • U8150 V100R001C197B828SP02(Taiwan)
    • U8150 V100R001C203B823SP02(Belarus Velcom)
    • U8150 V100R001C206B823(Australia BP CJ)
    • U8150 V100R001C212B826SP03(Mexico Iusacell)
    • U8150 V100R001C238B832SP04(Indian TATA)
    • U8150 V100R001ITAC113B833SP02(Italy WIND)
    • U8150 V100R001TZAC112B845SP01(Tanzania Tigo)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C290B855(UK Tesco)(05010TDH)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C364B856(UK P4U)(05010TQN)
    • U8150 V100R001ARGC27B826(Argentina Movistar) *New 26/05/12
    • U8150 V100R001MEXC27B838SP02(Mexico movistar) *New 26/05/12
    • U8150 V100R001C02B827SP02(Italy Vodafone)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C02B827SP03(Italy Vodafone)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C126B832SP01(India Aircel)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C191B822(Australia channel sales)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C215B847(Thailand CAT)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C10B839SP03(Russia Channel)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C126B831SP03(Japanese)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C126B833(Italy WIND)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C185B825(Bulgaria Vivacom)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C253B836(Germany retail 2020)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150-92 V100R001C26B830(Japan Emobile)*New 07/06/12
    • U8150 V100R001C183B825(New zealand 2degrees) *New 08/06/12 Courtesy of Daniel M via MadModder:)
    Page link - U8150 Firmware or here

    U8160 - Vodafone 858 Smart
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(GB Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Germany Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Ireland Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Italia Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Spain Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Greece Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B617(Hungary Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B620(South Africa Vodafone)
    • U8160-U V100R001C02B617SP01 (Romania Vodafone)
    • U8160 V100R001C02B650 (UK Vodafone)(05010PTW)
    Page link - U8160 Firmware or here

    U8180 - Orange Stockholm - T-Mobile Rapport - Ideos X1 - Gaga
    • U8180 V100R001C00B680CUSTSVKC150D001(Telekom)
    • U8180 V100R001C34B621(Australia Optus)
    • U8180 V100R001C85B631(UK TMO)
    • U8180 V100R001C102B625(Sweden Tele2)
    • U8180 V100R001C197B631SP01(Taiwan)
    • U8180 V100R001C356B658(India Idea)(05010TWA)
    • U8180 V100R001GBRC224B630 (UK Orange)
    • U8180 V100R001PRTC224B620 (Portugal Optimus)
    • U8180 V100R001DNKC00B653(Normal)
    • U8180 V100R001C00B678CUSTC150D001(Telekom)
    • U8180 V100R001C193B661 (Megafon Russian)
    Page link - U8180 Firmware or here

    U8220 - Pulse
    • U8220 V100R001ARBC165B829(Morocco Meditel)
    • U8220 V100R001C05B820(Taiwan CHT)
    • U8220 V100R001C104B825(HongKong PCCW)
    • U8220 V100R001C32B820b(Venezuela Movilnet)
    • U8220 V100R001C85B826SP01 (T-Mobile UK)
    • U8220 V100R001GBRC85B116SP01 (UK T-Mobile)
    • U8220 V100R001GBRC85B118SP01(UK T-Mobile)
    • U8220-6 V100R001CHNC00B857(Chinese Channel)(05010HDP) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - U8220 Firmware or here

    • U8230 V100R001ARBC144B836(Oman Omantel)
    • U8230 V100R001C00B831(Malaysia TENTEN)
    • U8230 V100R001C00B837(Normal)
    • U8230 V100R001C152B820(White Russia BeST)
    • U8230 V100R001C157B820(Austria MOBIKOM)
    • U8230 V100R001C191B839(Australia channel sales)
    • U8230 V100R001C191B839(Australia Roadhound)
    • U8230 V100R001C62B857(Zambia Airtel)
    Page link - U8230 Firmware or here

    • U8300 V100R001AUSC34B271(Austrilia optus)
    • U8300 V100R001C09B261SP01(Poland P4)
    • U8300 V100R001C151B287(India Channel)
    • U8300 V100R001C15B278(Portugal OPTIMUS)
    • U8300 V100R001ITAC113B259(Italy Wind)
    • U8300 V100R001SWEC125B258(Sweden HI3G)
    • U8300 V100R001THAC208B263(Thailand TOT)
    Page link - U8300 Firmware or here

    U8350 - Boulder - Orange Barcelona
    • U8350 V100R001C00B625(Malaysia Only)
    • U8350 V100R001C00B626SP01(Kenya Normal)
    • U8350 V100R001GBRC224B623SP02(England Orange)
    Page link - U8350 Firmware or here

    • U8500 V100R001C17B281(China Unicom) (05010GHR)
    • U8500 V100R001C187B288(China Unicom) HiQQ generic version no camera)
    • U8500 V100R001C00B273(Oversea normal)
    • U8500 V100R001C05B713(TW Senao International v2.2)
    • U8500 V100R001C151B719(India Trench)
    • U8500 V100R001C191B269(Australia Brightpoint)
    • U8500 V100R001C230B259(Pakistan ufone)
    • U8500 V100R001C253B269SP02(Germany 2020)
    • U8500 V100R001C267B713SP01(Froyo)(Sudan I CONNECT)
    • U8500 V100R001C285B720(Spain Mundo-R)
    • U8500 V100R001C319B298(Shandong Unicom)(05010SEH)
    • U8500 V100R001C336B736_VIBO
    • U8500 V100R001C55B277(Italy TIM)
    • U8500 V100R001C00B761(Normal)(05010NRX)
    • U8500 V100R001C151B719 (India)
    Page link - U8500 Firmware or here

    U8510 - Ideos X3 - Blaze
    • U8510-0 V100R001C197B877(Taiwan FarEasTone)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C169B855(Germany O2)(05010RYN)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C00B822(Malaysia General)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C151B859(India)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C290B855(UK Tesco)(05010TDH)
    • U8510-1 V100R001C364B856(UK P4U)(05010TQN)
    Page link - U8510 Firmware or here

    U8520 Duplex - Huawei Deuce
    • U8520 V100R001C17B138(China Unicom)
    • U8520 V100R001C363B140
    Page link - U8520 Firmware or here

    U8650 - Sonic - Turkcell T20
    • U8650 V100R001C00B828SP03(general)
    • U8650 V100R001C05B859(Taiwan)
    • U8650 V100R001C151B859(India)
    • U8650 V100R001C151B863SP02(India Trench)
    • U8650 V100R001C17B856(China Unicom) (05010TKR)
    • U8650 V100R001C223B826(Malaysia General)
    • U8650 V100R001C257B823SP03(Australia Channel)
    • U8650 V100R001C86B857(Spain Yoigo 2.3.5)
    • U8650 V100R001C96B852(Russia)
    • U8650-1 V100R001C121B828SP01(Turkey General)
    • U8650-1 V100R001C169B865 (Germany)
    • U8650-1 V100R001C86B823SP05(Spain Yoigo)
    Page link - U8650 Firmware or here

    U8655 - Ascend Y200
    • U8655-1 V100R001C169B880SP02(Germany O2)
    Page link - U8655 Firmware or here

    • U8660 V100R001C17B861(China)(05010TBV)
    Page link - U8660 Firmware or here

    U8661 Sonic Plus
    • U8661 V100R001C17B819SP01
    Page link - U8661 Firmware or here
    Huawei Stock Firmware - part 2

    U8800 - Ideos X5 - Huawei Titan - U8800H
    • U8800 V100R001C00B138SP04CUSTESTC205D001(Esthonia Elisa)
    • U8800 V100R001AREC00B135SP01(oman Omantel)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B133SP15(UK Carphone)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B135SP01 (Germany)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B135SP01CUSTC183D001(New Zealand 2degrees)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B135SP01CUSTC230D001(Pakistan Ufone)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B135SP01CUSTC240D001(UK Carphone)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B135SP01CUSTC257D001(Australia Roadhound)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B136(Overseas General version)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B136SP02CUSTC205D001(Finland Elisa)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B136SP02CUSTC264D001(Turkey Channel)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B136SP03CUSTC151D002(India Channel)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B138SP04(Normal)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B517G001 (Beta1.0)(Overseas Normal)(Gingerbread)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B518G001 (Beta1.0)(Overseas Normal)(Gingerbread)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B522G001(Normal)(Gingerbread)
    • U8800 V100R001C01B163CUSTC01D001(Unknown)
    • U8800 V100R001C17B160CUSTC17D002 (China Unicom)
    • U8800 V100R001C17B162CUSTC17D001 (China Unicom)
    • U8800 V100R001C17B517G001 (Gingerbread Experience Edition)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B526G001(Normal)
    • U8800 V100R001C00B528G001 (Universal)
    • U8800H V100R001AREC00B135SP01 CUSTC213D001(Kuwait VIVA)
    • U8800H V100R001C00B138SP01CUSTC38D001(Malaysia Maxis)
    • U8800H V100R001HKGC104B153(HongKong PCCW)
    • U8800-51 V100R001C00B035CUSTC32D001 (Venezuela Movilnet)
    Page link - U8800 Firmware or here

    U8800Pro - Ideos X5 Pro
    • U8800Pro V100R001C00B026CUSTC102D001(Lithuania Tele2)
    • U8800Pro V100R001C00B512G001(Gingerbread)
    • U8800Pro V100R001C00B540G001 (Universal) (Gingerbread)
    • U8800Pro V100R001C00B552CUSTC10D001(Russia)
    • U8800Pro V100R001C00B572G001 (Universal)(Gingerbread)
    Page link - U8800Pro Firmware or here

    U8815 - G300
    • U8815 V100R001C02B882(England Vodafone)(05010XJM)
    • U8815 V100R001C66B886 (Serb Vip mobile(05010YEE)
    Page link - U8815 Firmware or here
    U8818 - G300
    • U8818 V100R001C17B890 (China Unicom)
    • U8818 V100R001C17B892(China Unicom)*New 08/06/12
    Page link - U8818 Firmware or here

    U8850 - Vision
    • U8850 V100R001CHNC00B307SP16 (female subject Customised)
    • U8850 V100R001C10B244SP22(Russia Channel)
    • U8850 V100R001C223B244SP15(Malaysia Only)
    • U8850 V100R001CHNC00B244SP22 (Chinese channels)
    • U8850 - SFC-244F-0-8019-A03
    • U8850-91 V100R001C111B236SP16(Japan softbank)
    • U8850 V100R001CHNC00B307SP20(Chinese Channel)
    • U8850 - SFC-244M-0-8021-A03
    • U8850 V100R001CHNC00B243SP25(China channels) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - U8850 Firmware or here

    U8860 - Honor
    • U8860 V100R001C00B909SP02 (female subject Customised)
    • U8860 V100R001C17B866b(China Unicom)
    • U8860 V100R001C00B977(China)
    • U8860 V100R001C00B866SP01(Normal)05010PUU
    • U8860 V100R001C394B865SP01(Malaysia Only)
    • U8860 V100R001CHNC00B876 (Chinese channels)
    • U8860 ICS 4.0 Cambodia Demo version
    • U8860 V100R001C379B860(General Version)
    • U8860 V100R001C379B875(Chinese Version)
    • U8860 V100R001C00B913SP01
    • U8860 V100R001CHNC00B919
    • Huawei Honor Ice-Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) firmware (Malaysia Version) (TRIAL VERSION) *New 28/06/12
    • U8860 V100R001C17B923SP03(China Unicom customized version) *New 28/06/12
    • U8860 V100R001CHNC00B923SP03 (Chinese channels) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - U8860 Firmware or here

    U9000 - Ideos X6 - Ascend X - Spice Mi410 - Cherrymobile Magnum HD - Motorola Triumph - WellcoM A99
    • FB0-318D-0-5012-A03
    • MAGNUM_softwareupdate3 FB0-318D-0-5019-A03
    • U9000 V100R001C00B244SP00(normal)
    • U9000 V100R001C322B259SP00(China Channel)
    • U9000-81 V100R001C258B245SP10(USA CBW)
    • WellcoM-A99(2.3)-V318E
    Page link - U9000 Firmware or here

    U9200 - Ascend P1
    • U9200 V100R001CHNC00B110
    • U9200-1 V100R001CHNC00B113(China General)*New 07/06/12
    • Ascend P1 U9200-1 V100R001C00B213(Normal)(05010XWP) *New 28/06/12 Thanks to Master94ga for informing me of this update :)
    • Ascend P1 U9200-1 V100R001CHNC00B115(China General) *New 28/06/12
    Page link - U9200 Firmware or here

    • UM840 V100R001C32B251
    • UM840 V100R001C32B766SP02
    Page link - UM840 Firmware or here

    If the firmware you need isn't listed here, please check the relevant
    blog page first incase I already have it but haven't had time to
    update this list.

    Then either comment on the blog page or post your request here and I'll do
    my best to find it for you :)

    Thank you very much for your collection

    No problem.

    Also I've just added two more:

    Mediapad - S7-301u V100R002C170B008(Russia Channel)(05010XUM)
    S7 Tablet - S7 V100R001C13B115 (Australian Telstra)

    They are on the list above and available now if anyone needs them :)
    Update 07/06/12 - Added Models

    C8150 *Model Added 07/06/12
    • C8150-1 V100R001C126B837(Indonesia AHA)
    Page link - C8150 Firmware or here

    Mediapad S7-301c *Model Added 07/06/12
    • S7-301c V100R001C142B023(China Telecom)(05010AGD)
    Page link - Mediapad 301c Firmware or here

    Mediapad S7-301w *Model Added 07/06/12
    • S7-301W V100R002C233B002(China Channel)(05011ASC)
    • S7-301w V100R001C233B019(China Channels)
    Page link - Mediapad 301w Firmware or here

    hi johnny. thanks for this thread you make, can you upload a firmware of my u8150 from philippines?or a firmware that did not support for multitouch screen.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sent from my Ideos using Tapatalk 2

    Hi sorry for the delay, been a busy week :)

    I cannot find a copy of the U8150 Philippines firmware at present but these versions might be of use to you -

    None Multi-touch Firmware

    U8150 V100R001C85B823SP01(USA TMO-Postpay)
    U8150 V100R001C126B833(Italy WIND)
    U8150 V100R001C253B836(Germany retail 2020)

    I believe some of the others are also none multi-touch but can't be sure. Maybe someone can post here which versions are and are not (I don't have this phone so can only go by what others say lol)
    Official ROMs Huawei U8180. (ROM/Firmware/Update)

    Huawei U8180 V100R001C00B680 CUSTSVKC150D001 Slovak DT - Download

    Huawei U8180 V100R001C171B680 Malaysia DiGi - Download

    Huawei U8180 V100R001C00B678 CUSTC150D001 Telekom - Download

    Huawei U8180 V100R001C224B673 Tunis Orange - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C00B665 Normal - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C193B661 Megafon Russia - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C85B631 UK TMO - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C197B631SP01 Taiwan Fet - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C253B658 Germany - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C356B658 India Idea - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C00B653 Normal - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C27B636 Columbia Movistar - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C27B635 Mexico Movistar - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C224B630 UK Orange - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C102B625 Sweden Tele2 - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C34B621 Australia Optus - Download
    Huawei U8180 V100R001C224B620 Portugal Optimus - Download