AlphaRevX - HTC Sensation HBOOT 1.17.0011 S-OFF coming soon

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Apr 8, 2011
Awesome :)



its not released yet so nobody can try yet. its just a video of them demonstrating it working but it should be coming son according to them cant wait. :)

did you watch the YouTube video? the guy is clearly on a sensation

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    AlphaRevX - HTC Sensation (Pyramid) HBOOT 1.17.0011 S-OFF [COMING SOON]

    GOOD NEWS !!

    Hope to see the sensation on this list, soon

    (version 0.2pre5)

    IRC channel - #alpharev
    Or just to get cred?
    They have it all sorted out and will soon releas it? What does soon mean in Holland?
    If we had not had this info, maybe we would have had a ready solution from agrabren?

    We've been working with agrabren, and although a talented developer, I don't believe he was nearing any solution. He does things differently.

    I agree. he should continue although I think he is upset with Alpharevx team.

    Our differences are settled. We are grown ups, we can handle this stuff by ourselves, don't worry about it.

    I do wholeheartedly agree with the post about AlphaRev being too secretive... XDA was set up to get things moving as a community. For a laugh the other day, I popped into their IRC chat, posed the simple question of what it would take to get the Sensation S-off released, the response was "about 20 coders, and an unlimited supply of cola" certainly good for a laugh, but I guarantee that those 20 coders, are here, and ready to help, if they would help support our COMMUNITY.

    What is your point, exactly? "Too secretive?" The video posted was not supposed to be public, and leaked. Apart from that, we very well decide for our damn selves what we want to expose or not in terms of information, tyvm.

    I really don't think this is for the general public. And I dont want to start a flame threat or anything.

    Their approach to openness, sharing and community largely differs from mine. Let's leave it at that.

    You're implying, however. Remind us: when was the last time you released an exploit?


    That said, it would be nice for people to stop dreaming up their own conclusions and theories.

    Yes, it's being developed for shooter/pyramid, perhaps more.
    Yes, across a number of HBOOTs.
    No, we are not trying to trump anyone.
    No, it's not done.
    Yes, it will be soon and available for general consumption.
    No, it will not be the same as HTC's 'supposed' unlock, as bootloader unlocking != S-OFF, nor do we have *any* details whatsoever what HTC's unlock entails.
    S-OFF is almost out of the question (because of the way it ties in with simlocking)
    Really? Complete with background music and you commenting/replying?

    I commented as soon as it was public for everyone. There was no point in holding back at that point.

    The background music I already chose for it ages ago.

    Guess I have no choice but to repeat: get over it.
    And with that, I'm closing this thread. I'm sure we'll soon have more pop up when it's released :)
    I have no real idea about this, but isn't it possible that the 08 bootloader was released with the device (locked bootloader) and the 0011 update unlocked the bootloader? HTC may have been working at this from the beginning, since it seems that markets that got the Sensation later (eg canada) ended up with the 1.17.0011 hboot, where other areas started with the 1.17.0008 hboot. the 08 hboot would have been developed prior to the bootloader unlocking announcement, and the 0011 hboot would have been developed after.

    Makes sense to me... not sure why HTC wouldn't tell us about it though... or I could be completely wrong.

    I'm just speculating.

    Just to prevent more FUD being spread: We tested on both 0008 / 0011. And no, it has nothing to do with HTC unlocking.

    We will be working to make this work on all the generally available bootloaders, perhaps with the exception of old-as-**** ones (like 0005).
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