AlphaRevX & Unrevoked have come together to build something Revolutionary


Jul 14, 2009
multitouch fix for Nexus One and Desire? :>
or sending-file-via-wifi-module?
or android market full hack and killing license check?
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Jan 24, 2011
People in anoher thread seem to think it is a Sensation s-off

A picture sugests that a dev has a custom kernel flashed to it

maybe maybe. . . :) :cool:

Just been doing a little investigating ;) and. . .

I think they have ported Android to the iPhone

That is all.
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Apr 6, 2006
unrevoked and AlphaRev present Revolutionary.
Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool

At last, the time has come -- unrevoked and AlphaRev have come together to join our strengths and build an S-OFF tool for the next wave of phones. We're very excited about this, and we hope that you will be too! We've been working on this for a while, and we'd like you, our fellow developers, to get early access, so you can build awesome applications and amazing ROMs for everyone to use. So, today, we're releasing for you a developer preview of something that we call Revolutionary.

Revolutionary? Why the name? Well, this tool is revolutionary in a couple of ways. It's the first major collaboration between two development groups that we know of -- and in honesty, we've stood on the shoulders of other giants, too, in building this! It's revolutionary in some of the mechanisms by which we gain S-OFF; we have worked quite a while to build this, and we think that we've come up with a robust solution. And, we'd like to think of it not just as a revolutionary tool, but as a revolutionary itself! Over the past few months, our community has successfully convinced HTC and other vendors of the need to provide unlocked bootloaders for their phones. As we build this tool out to work with the unlocked updates, we're excited about the next wave of innovation that this tool can help spark.
Let's get started!

This software is a developer preview. We still haven't made it perfectly easy to use for everyone, but we want power users and developers to be able to get started. If you're not a developer, feel free to try it out anyway; but you'll have to be patient with us while we iron out the wrinkles.

All devices included in this release have been pretested. Please note, however, that bugs could still be present! If you're willing to accept the risks anyway, download the binary for your OS below, and generate a beta key through the application form that appears. In case we need to make changes to the tool, every phone has a unique beta key, so in this developer preview, you'll have to get a key for each phone you wish to unlock.

Before you begin, please carefully read our documentation page for this tool; that page also lists which devices (and which versions of those devices) are supported.

Okay. Ready?

Download for Linux • Download for Windows

(The beta key form will appear once you cilck on a download link -- if it doesn't, make sure that you have JavaScript enabled.)

Revolutionary was brought to you by (in no particular order):

Matt Mastracci • Matthew Fogle • Sen Verbrugge • Adam Glasgall • Eric Smaxwill • Koush Dutta • Joshua Wise • Michael Sullivan • Kenny Millington • Ryan Pearl

Special thanks also to (in no particular order):

toastcfh for early testing on EVO 3D.
attn1 for all-round amusement and building recoveries.
Sebastian Krahmer, for his GingerBreak exploit.
Kevin Bruckert and #teamwin, for their fre3vo exploit.
Scott Walker, for his psneuter exploit.
BumbleDroid, for assisting with early eMMC device support.



Oct 24, 2010
I installed the revolutionary software, plugged in my phone and it says waiting for device. Do I need to be in recovery for the program to recognize my phone. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to be in the disk drive mode.

HTC Sensation