Alternative to xprivacy if I go to 5.0 LP ROM


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Jun 17, 2008
Milford, PA
personally i prefered xprivacy and recmended for everyone .
You obviously missed the point of this discussion.

Until both Xposed and Xprivacy are ready for Lollipop, we need a solution. This is not a voting thread, I'm sure we would all be thankful if you would please confine your replies to recommendations that will work under an LP system.

I'm going to refer to my previous post and inquire if anyone has experience with Cydia Substrate and Protect My Privacy?


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Nov 2, 2008
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Lollipop doesn't work

I'm also awaiting an updated version of Xposed and Xprivacy for my incoming M9, but it seems a 64bit version is a long way off.

What do you guys know about this? Looks to be developed by faculty and students at Carnegie Mellon University.
Protect My Privacy (PMP)

In the Google Play store here:
One of the components, Cydia Substrate wouldn't work in Lollipop on my G3.


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Apr 1, 2015
On their website only up to android 4.3 is supported by cydia ..
Appops won't work on every device & there are lots of them on the market " which one to use?? " ..

Until now , LBE is the only resort .. + a firewall + a VPN
With no trusted open source alternative to Xprivacy ever ..

Thanks for the thread .. please keep it updated ..
I am constantly looking for privacy apps , I'll post here what I could find ..

I am still on 4.4.4 .. and will be just for Xprivacy ..
Thank you @marcel
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