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Sep 27, 2011
Lovely app! Took me ~10 Minutes to set up and now my notch pulses slowly when I have a missed call (red), whatsapp message (green), Mail (white) or HomeAssistant Notification (Blue). Bought it just because its so good, even tho I use none of the premium features

(Redmi Note 10 Pro / Sweet)


New member
Apr 19, 2011
Legyen szép napod ! Azt szeretném kérdezni, hogy az egyes programok színét hogyan kell beállítani, hogy megjelenjen?

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    So I thought I would start a thread since this seems to be the best app out there to replace our missing notifications LED. This seems to be the best solution at the moment but I'm having some issues.

    1. I can't seem to get the colors to change on a per-app basis.
    2. The edge lighting around the notch doesn't seem to work.

    Has anyone else figured this out or have any other suggestions?

    Here is a link to the app for those that haven't tried it yet.
    Is it me or does this app have an archaic setup process? It just looks so dated and hard to use.

    First off, the app posted in the original post isn't the OP's app. Secondly, it isn't garbage. While it does take some effort to figure out, it's working fine for me. You'll get a lot more help on this forum with a more positive attitude....
    Unfortunately it drains 10% battery...sorry..will uninstall soon
    Unfortunately app does work, but far from great unfortunately.