Amazfit GTR 3 Pro - ios16 BT calling issue

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Oct 1, 2022
Owensboro, KY (USA)
I just checked the App Store and it's finally showing updated for me (7.1.5):


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Oct 13, 2022
Hi I just bought my gtr 3 pro watch and I have the same problem with Bluetooth calls does anyone has an answer??

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    I am waiting for the answer from the support team about the new Zepp release.

    I use iPhone 13 mini with the Amazfit GTR3 Pro watch. I've update the phone for the new iOS16 just now. After update, on the watch the Bluetooth calling isn't working. The notification is working flawlessly. I've tried everything, but no sucess. Factory reset, BT connection delete, BT re-pair.... The two BT connection between the phone and the clock are exist, but the phone calling and recieving aren't working. "Bluetooth calling disabled." I am alone with this problem? Is there any solution for work the BT call on watch again? Thanks!
    Following here. I’m waiting just this solution to buy my gtr4. I’m suspecting that it could be Apple blocking some functionality, as they made with others wear os products (ticwatch for example)
    I hope you are not right. :) If this feature worked before, maybe it will work after this! 2 days and we will find out.
    any news? the new version has already been released and it doesn't work? Or has it not been released yet?
    It has not been released yet.
    Yep! And seems the bt calling works again! Great!