Amazfit GTR can't fix GPS

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Jan 12, 2012
yes, first of all, they should remove all damaged ones from the market because it only spoiled their reputation.

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yes, first of all, they should remove all damaged ones from the market because it only spoiled their reputation. I do not know where it comes from that one GPS works very well and others do not work well, even though they claim that they have an improved version. And I noticed that there are plenty of watches on sale before the gps improvement and people on the offers write that the versions with the improved gps.


Nov 23, 2020
Oh, so it is possible that they changed something on the hardware for the most recent production line? If so that changes a lot, at least for me that Im waiting until friday to pick one smartwatch and had already remove GTR from my list


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Nov 15, 2008
hello, my wife GTR 42mm suddenly cannot detect GPS (it happened about 2 weeks before), i tried to update, but always failed in GPS update mode, when i tried using amazfit notify app, it shows her GTR GPS with (?) question mark, and after downloading the firmware, no option to update GPS, please tell me what should i do next?
thank you in advance


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Jan 25, 2021
The worst GPS reception you can imagine.
See picture, red track is GTR watch.
Sep 8, 2008
Espirito Santo
just to inform, after a lot of pain and rage, I sold my GTR and purchased a Stratos 2.

I'm in the heaven... singing with the birds in paradise.

From this evil, I don't suffer anymore.

I got 2 moments of happiness with GTR, 1st when I purchased, 2nd when I sold.
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Oct 31, 2021
Εχω αγοράσει κι εγώ το συγκεκριμένο ρολόι. Όταν πηγαίνω για τρέξιμο πολλές φορές χάνει το gps. Υπάρχει κάτι που μπορούμε να κανουμε για αναβάθμιση του gps;

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    In other discussion, isn't the CXD5603 Sony chip also used in Pace and Stratos?
    Is it just the antenna that's badly designed or missing altogether?

    According to , shouldn't it support Galileo & BeiDou also?

    The Sony CXD5603GF is used in all their products, from Pace to Stratos 3. This makes sense, as Sony manufactures the only GPS chip with 6mW. They integrate it with external RAM and "antenna".
    All the models with their own OS share the same GPS firmware "18344,eb2f43f,126_gps.bin", that has not changed since months (May I think). So the software part, that directly controls the GPS hardware has not changed for months (although amazfit claims otherwise), just the interpretation of the GPS module output changed with the watch firmware update (e.g. outlier removal, averaging...)

    GPS uses L1, L2 and L5 frequency. However, only one frequency is used in not so recent hardware. This is L1=1575.42 MHz

    Now the usage of multiconstellation is limited to several factors
    Is the chip supporting besides GPS also Glonass, Beidou, Galileo? Yes, definitely
    Is the firmware supporting it? Do they pay Sony for the alogorithm? Probably not
    Is there an antenna design, with a wide enough bandwidth and amplifiers for the full range, to get signal above the noise level for the different bands? No.
    As I and other already demonstrated in this thread, Amazfit decided to not include a dedicated external GPS antenna for the watches with metalic bezel, but to use the bezel and housing itself as a kind of antenna. And this turned out to be a very bad decision. Amazfit "fixed" it by more A-GPS updates, so basically the chip has a better assumption of satelite ephemeric data. The chip can get this information itself from the GPS signal, as it is encoded within. However, this assumes the device has a good enough antenna to decode the data without error.
    After a successful all-day test of catching fixes on the GTR (on average 20-40sec each time - but in a steady position when determining) I did a test today on GTR and old Bip at the same time on the same hand :eek:

    View attachment 4893211

    As you can see, the GTR catches the fix more slowly than the Bip, and has a worse signal quality that does not improve with time ... As for the battery, I had about 90%, what is worse, on the way back I wanted to turn on the registration and GTR will not get through these 6 min fixa already on the way, bip caught fix after 20 seconds of walking.
    In the GTR either the battery below 90% or the temperature -2'C caused that he stopped catching the fix ...
    hey guys, I'm about to buy this watch (or the verge), but this GPS fix problem is a problem, the updates have fixed this problem? Can someone confirm? thanks
    If you want a beautiful watch and don't care about GPS, buy a gtr, but if you want a real smartwatch, with GPS working, buy an stratos 3.
    The gtr GPS is very inaccurate (even after last update my 9km walk is being measured with 5% inaccuracy, and maps shows bizarre movements. So gtr GPS is more a toy than a real useful resource.
    Does anyone know something of what happened with Amazfit app??? I search in web but no success, does anyone knows if in IOS the app is still available? I sent a email to amazfit support, but they stopped answering me a long time ago
    Today the app has been update and now the compatibility turned ok

    New App dated 19/09/2019
    In the new version they have removed the "button" for check update in the watch

    Like the feedback in the next posts, with the new APP, HUAMI have reenabled the compatibility between APP and most smartphone.
    But the app crashes when trying to open one of the recorded workouts

    Please note that somebody told me in a italian amazit related facebook group!
    I would never take a look at the worouts in amazfit app, because most of all I share them into Strava, and check them in the Strava web portal!

    The only times i opened them were when I have to check how many times my GTR looses the GPS signal during workouts
    Because in Amazfit app this bug show some blanks between the tracked routes (bad thing... but correct), instead Strava connect the 2 stop-start point with a STRAIGHT LINE (mmmh, not so useful)

    Every GTR model made before October 2019 seems to have a defective GPS.
    Some users write on FB that they bought the GTR in October and that their GPS fixes within 10 seconds and the accuracy is perfect