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Amazfit GTS 2: Chinese rom flash on global device

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Senior Member
Jul 30, 2010
hello, can someone explain me the process, I'm interested in installing a chinese rom as well, although it's not clear to me if it's possible.
In any case, I use the GTS 2e.

Thank you.


Mar 5, 2011
I have gtr2e Chinese version,I tried everything to install global but no luck.
I am looking for a swap!
Is anybody interested to get mine which is in Chinese and to send me yours which is in global!


New member
Aug 1, 2021
Hello friends
Today, when I turned it off my Amazfit GTS 2 Global , it did not turn on anymore. All repairmen do not know the cause and only know the flash, but they do not have the file of this model. Please, if you have any information about this, I look forward to it.
Today was the second day I used a smartwatch and it happened bitterly
Thank you so much

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    I would love to try doing this on my gtr 2. I know how to do it, by using the 'Notifications for Amazfit' app but I can't find any firmwares to download.
    Bro I have attached Latest China Firmware for GTR 2..u can try it
    OK cool. I will do that. So you just need to install the app I mentioned, then you can select the file from your phone and it will update the watch.