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Amazon App Market

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Senior Member
Oct 15, 2010
If you are running HC or another ROM and can't seem to get the standard Market to work, I had it working in the past but on my last attempt to reflash i can't get it to work. The Appstore from Amazon seems to work and install on my HC Nook, However just because it install doesn't mean the app you download off of it will run properly. I am having trouble with angry birds rio for example.

I'm not sure if there are any legal things against this like with the market on CM7 or some of the other roms that don't include the market. But after a quick glance and the legal bit in the app there doesn't seem to be. Hope this eases some of the issues with getting apps.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2010
yea i just installed this on my rooted NC and tired to install angery birds Rio and it told me i need an SD card inserted :/

Do you have an SD card inserted?

Because if you don't, that's just an annoyance. If you do, then it's a serious problem.

In any case, I expect that's an app issue, not a store issue, unless the store doesn't allow refunds for defective products.
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Jul 21, 2010
It won't install for me (angry birds rio). I can download the app store, and download the app, but installation never seems to work. Boy what does this remind me of...


Mar 9, 2011
I got the Amazon app store to install and I was able to download Angry Birds Rio onto my Honeycomb v4 Nook Color, but it does nothing but crash when I try to play the first level. Not sure what the issue is. Anyone else got this working?


New member
Nov 16, 2010
The Amazon App Market installs all apps on the sd card. I am not entirely sure why this is just yet.

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