Amazon App Store saves the day

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Oct 17, 2009
Been using a rooted NC for a while and love it.
One of my problems was that I couldnt get certain apps from the Android Market, like Evernote and Yelp. Not sure of the reason.
Anyway, I've found that by using the Amazon App store, I've been able to download and install some apps that I couldn't find previously through Android Market.
Just wanted to let people know that Amazon's a great addition to the rooted NC.


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May 7, 2008
Amazon appstore

I haven't been able to install the Amazon AppStore app....keep getting a FILE UNSUPPORTED error.

Nook Color 1.1 rooted.


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Jul 14, 2010
Yes, I have allowed non-market apps. You have to download the apk file directly from amazon, but then when i try to install it from the device it says that installing apk files is not allowed. Can someone tell me the easiest way to install an apk file to rooted 1.1?

EDIT - nvm By going into NookColorTools, checking and unchecking Allow Non-Market Apps, I was able to install the Amazon Appstore with Apps Installer.
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Jan 6, 2011
well, amazon app store is nice thing however as i understand works only in US. so its quite limited :)


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Feb 2, 2011
Had the same issue. Here is what I found that works.

The relevant portion is under Activity 4:

Activity 4: Install apk packages directly from the Nook Color
If you get Install blocked and Installation of download apks is not supported messages when you try to install an apk package directly from your Nook Color, you’ll need to perform the following steps to enable it
1. Download SQLLite 3.7.4 or later and install it under the Android SDK \ Tools folder. From the SQl Lite page you can download Inside there is a sqllite3.exe that has to go in the Tools folder inside your Android SDK installation.
2. Open a command line windows (Activity 2, Step 4) and type the following commands: (replace android-sdk-windows with your path to where Android SDK is stored on your computer. The main ideea is to get to the tools folder where you have both adb.exe and sqllite3.exe)
C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>adb pull /data/data/ settings.db
C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>sqlite3 settings.db
sqlite> update secure set value=1 where name='install_non_market_apps';
sqlite> .q
C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>adb push settings.db /data/data/​

I downloaded and used ADB Wireless from the market, which is easier than getting ADB working through USB.
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