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    Connect Using ADB:

    Install APKS:

    APPS Working:
    Adobe Flash with Firefox *Thanks destinal*
    Allcast - Reported
    CBS - Reported
    Charter TV - Reported by Me
    DirectTV App Tablet/Phone - Reported
    Dish Anywhere - Reported
    Dropbox - Works but you cant install apk this way
    Firefox *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    Remote. Media Center TV *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    ES File Explorer *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    MLB TV Premium *FireTv Version* Bypass Restrictions
    MX Player *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    AirReceiver *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    HBO GO *Thanks PHAMOS1*
    TimeWarner App *Thanks georgieff*
    WWE Network - Works
    Xbox Music - Reported
    Xfinity TV Go - Works - Reported
    Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client- Reported

    XBMC Versions that work
    Frodo XBMC
    SPMC 12.4.2 *Thanks Koying from XBMC* Download
    SPMC 12.4.2 Launcher Edition *Thank to mastafunk* Download
    XBMC for Ouya 12.3.2 - Download
    Gotham XBMC
    XBMC 13.1 *Thanks Koying from XBMC* - Download

    APPS NOT Working:
    Popcorn Time - Reported - Needs Mouse, video very choppy

    Live TV with HomeRun Prime:

    Ouya Store on Fire TV: Instructions

    IPTV Server Setup on Fire TV: Instructions

    ePSXe for Android - Reported
    FPse for Android - Installs but reports that the controllers arent registering correctly - Reported
    Snes9x EX+ - Reported

    Hardware Working:
    Logitech K320 - Reported
    Logitech K400r - Reported
    Logitech K520 - Reported
    Logitech K750 - Reported
    Logitech K800 - Reported
    Logitech MX5500 - Reported
    Lenovo Mulitimedia Remote N5902 - Reported
    Hausbell Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad for PC
    Mele Pro F10 - *Thanks MejDam*
    DiNovo mini - Keyboard works but no mouse *Thanks DealLQ* - Reported
    FAVI Entertainment SmartStick Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse - Reported

    Xbox 360 Wired - Reported
    Xbox 360 Wireless with Dongle - Reported
    PS4 Wired - Buttons map incorretly FIX
    Ouya Controller - I have tested
    Madcatz Mojo (with dongle) - I have tested
    Moga Controller - Reported

    MCE Remote Contro
    ARtec VRC-1100 - Reported

    Video Formats:
    720p - Works - SPMC, XBMC for Ouya, gotham release
    1080i - Works - SPMC, XBMC for Ouya, gotham release
    1080p - Works - SPMC, XBMC for Ouya, gotham release

    My SPMC Audio Settings:

    DTS: Works (SPMC and XBMC FireTv Version through HDMI and through optical audio)
    Dolby Digital: Works (SPMC and XBMC FireTv Version through HDMI and through optical audio)

    Loseless Audio: have these options disabled under system - audio - disable DTS-HD and TrueHD else you'll get nothing but static. DTS-MA files will passthrough as DTS and TrueHD files will be in stereo

    Custom Splashscreen

    Custom Splashscreen by elmerohueso

    Full Picture
    authors link:

    Custom Splashscreen by reaven

    Full Picture
    authors link:

    How to Install splash screen:
    move splash.png to platform-tools folder then run the command for your version of XBMC

    For XBMC on Ouya Version:
    adb push splash.png /sdcard/Android/data/tv.ouya.xbmc/files/.xbmc/media/splash.png

    For SPMC Version:
    adb push splash.png /sdcard/Android/data/com.semperpax.spmc/files/.xbmc/media/splash.png

    For Regular XBMC (gotham v13) Version:
    adb push splash.png /sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/files/.xbmc/media/splash.png

    Different Launcher

    Modifications on FIre TV
    Root - HERE

    Auto boot to XBMC
    AutoPilot - Download
    Once Installed, launch Application and select your XBMC version from the list of apps. Reboot and done.

    Block Updates
    You Need to have a Router that is capable of URL Blocking and block the following address.

    Spoof Installed location - Thanks to Koying
    adb install -r -i <apk file>

    What Doesnt Work
    VC1 decoding - Amazon Doesn't support it
    HD audio (DTSMA and TrueHD) - Android Limitation
    24fps - Android Limitation

    Take A ScreenShot Credit to htpcforall
    adb shell screencap -p /storage/emulated/legacy/Pictures/Picture.png
    Why are you even posting that if your sig says you wont help ppl root? because you think you're cool? LMFAO

    I wish reading comprehension was focused on more in today's educational establishments. Let me help you with that.

    Do NOT email me asking for help rooting your device.

    The "Do Not email me" part indicates I don't wish to receive email on the subject.

    I posted an image, because I am preparing the package for release right now.

    I see you edited your original rude comment,

    Why post that if your sig says you wont help ppl root =/ its a slap in the face!

    No, slap in the face is the entitlement and rudeness I get from people like you, simply because I don't want personal emails on a subject that could be handled with a PM, or a public forum post.

    Instead of waiting for me to finish a releasable, easy to use exploit for it (which I am working on from my hotel room right now), you decide to jump on me for a simple request regarding email in my signature.

    Please use SPMC 12.4.2 ( ) instead of 12.3.3 if a Frodo build is preferred for XBMC.
    12.4.x is based on Frodo 12.3 and fixes a nasty video decoding bug.

    Also, to avoid confusion, it's probably best to remove the reference to "XBMC on Ouya". It's basically the same as SPMC 12.3.3 (which was created because Ouya had to remove DTS/AC3 decoding due to licensing), so superseded by SPMC 12.4.2, too.
    :good: Looks like it has its own section to me: