Question American Xperia Flashed with European firmware is slower than unflashed phone. Is there another region where this is not a problem?

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Mar 25, 2023

I have two American Sony Xperia 5 IVs. The reason I have two is because I quickly noticed a pretty serious problem in the first one: I could not use data while on a phone call. Thinking I may have had a faulty model, I decided to order another one and same deal. I did everything I could think of to try to troubleshoot this matter. The only resolution, it seemed, was to flash software onto the phone. I have never personally flashed, but found someone online nice enough to be willing to do it for me, although they told me that they tried this before and that their phone had no signal and that was a logical concern to me, since it was foreign firmware. However, that did not happen. I'm trying this message right now on data on the device that was flashed. It also helped me with my problem. I can now use data while on a phone call. Hooray!!! However, I noticed that the data appeared to be slower. It wasn't a drastic shift; it was subtle enough that I thought I could just be paranoia, but I decided to do a test and sure enough, the flashed phone is slower. The photograph is the unflashed phone and the screenshot is the flashed phone.

The question is, is the a firmware that will make my phone as fast as or faster than the unflashed version? If so, which one is it?

I'm grateful that having European firmware resolved my issue, but I would of course prefer for there to be no compromise.

Thank you!


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